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"Hey, Fuyumi..."

:: Hey, Shido...::

Fuyumi and Shido looked at each other affectionately through the screen.

It has only been one day of separation, but the expression they were giving each other was like they were separated for years. After saying hello, there was no other thing said. They just continued to look at each other.

:: Hello, Papa!! ::

Fuyumi and Shido's affectionate moment came to a halt when an overexcited Himiko jumped from behind Fuyumi and entered the frame.

"Hello, Himiko. How've you been?"

:: Good!:: Replied Himiko, Excited and Cheery as usual.

"Where is Eri?" Shido asked as he couldn't find his eldest daughter in Fuyumi's room.

:: She is getting ready...:: Fuyumi told Shido.

"Getting ready? This is just a video call. What is she getting ready for?"

:: We prepared a little performance for you. And here it is...::

Setting the phone on a tripod, Fuyumi sat on a stool and picked up a guitar. Himiko took her place near her. Eri then came into the room, wearing her usual dress, but she had her hair tied in two pigtails this time. She looked adorable in the outfit, and the pigtails increased her innocent look.

Eri stood near Himiko and grasped her own hands. Seeing that everyone had taken their place, Fuyumi started playing the guitar's strings. Fuyumi then nodded at Eri, who took the cue and started singing.

Eri -:: "♪ Set fire to your hair,
Poke a stick at a Grizzly Bear
Eat medicines that are out of date
Use your private parts as Piranha bait. ♪"

♪ Dumb ways to die
So many dumb ways to die
Dumb ways to die-ie-ie
So many dumb ways to die. ♪

Fuyumi then nodded at Himiko. Himiko nodded in response and started singing,

Himiko -:: "♪ I-I-Invite a psycho-killer inside
Scratch a drug dealer's brand-new ride
Take yo-ur...helm.. helmet off in outer space
U-Use a clothes dryer... as a hiding place. ♪"

Himiko sang, slightly bopping her upper body while standing at the same place.

♪ Dumb ways to die
So many dumb ways to die
Dumb ways to die-ie-ie
So many dumb ways to die. ♪

Eri -:: ♪ Dress up like a moose during hunting season
Disturb a nest of wasps for no good reason
Stand on the edge of a train station platform
Drive around the boom gates at a level crossing
Run across the tracks between the platforms
They may not rhyme, but they're quite possibly ♪

Himiko held Eri's hand, and then they started singing together,

Eri and Himiko -:: ♪ The dumbest ways to die
The dumbest ways to die
Dumbest ways to die-ie-ie
So many dumb
So many dumb ways to die ♪

The sisters bowed down a little, signifying the end of their performance.

Fuyumi placed the guitar down and started clapping for them. Shido as well started clapping at his daughters' beautiful performance. Maybe the song was a bit weird to sing, but it was cute nonetheless. Shido was content with what his daughters had planned for him, and they delivered it so smoothly despite their young age, which was appreciable.

Seeing their parents applauding for them, Eri and Himiko had wide smiles on their faces. Eri looked at the smiling Himiko, who was still holding her hand. She had fun doing this little performance with her little sister, but she turned her face around as she didn't want to look at her and then snatched her hand back.

Eri may have fun while doing this performance, but the sense of rivalry - which was birthed when she saw Shido feeding Himiko and receiving so much attention from their parents - is still there. Eri might not let it show on her face, but she was saddened when she saw Shido and Fuyumi investing most of their time on Himiko when she newly joined their family.

After seeing that, she realized that she spent most of her time watching cartoons instead of spending time with Shido or Fuyumi, and now, when they found Himiko to pay their attention to, she feels terrible that they are not giving much time to her.

Although it was her fault, Eri has accepted it and is determined to prove that she was better and deserved more love from her parents than Himiko. She is proactively trying to increase her interactions with her parents. She earlier wanted to go to America with Shido to spend time with him when Himiko was not near them, but this idea flopped as Shido rejected it.

Eri also presented the idea of the song. If this idea succeeded, it would show how good she is than Himiko, and she deserves more attention. Initially, the idea was that only Eri would be singing, but Fuyumi insisted on letting Himiko enter the performance.

Eri was discouraged before the performance, but now she is excited as Himiko messed up a bit in her lyrics. This shows that Eri is better than Himiko, indicating that Himiko sucks. She broke the flow and sometimes pronounced words wrong. Eri's English was way too good when compared to Himiko. Watching those American Classic Cartoons finally came to some use.

Now Eri was waiting for her father's judgment of the song.


"You two did great. Eri did a great job remembering the lyrics and delivering them; her pronunciation was also good. You sang well. Considering your karaoke performance at La Brava's birthday party, it seems you have a talent for singing. Don't you think Fuyumi?"

:: Yeah... But don't even think of putting her into a music school from this age. Let her enjoy her childhood and this hobby she has. Later, if she wants to go into this field, we will think about this: Fuyumi hugged Eri and caressed her head as she didn't want her daughter to be put under pressure to meet her parents' expectations of her.

"Yeah, Yeah, I am not suggesting that. I was pointing out her talent. I also think the same as you. There is no rush for us to put her into a music school."

Eri smiled as she received her parents' praise and a hug from Fuyumi. She looked at Himiko with a smug smile.

'Initially, the plot was against me as you too had the chance to shine but even after giving you all, you messed it all. Was that all you got? I thought I would get a worthy opponent, but it seems I expected a bit much from you,' Eri's internal thoughts were like dialogues of a generic villain in a shonen anime. It seems watching too many cartoons has affected her mind a bit.

'Now, Now, Newcomer... Victory is mine.' Eri thought inwardly.

Himiko stood there waiting for her turn to be judged. She fidgeted as she messed up the lyrics a little and pronounced some wrong words.

"Now, Himiko..." Shido called Himiko.

Himiko started getting more nervous as her turn finally came. She readied herself to listen to scolding from Shido and Fuyumi as she messed up her onee-san's performance. It was only her onee-san's performance, but she requested Fuyumi to be a part of this, and now she ruined it. She lowered her head and waited for the scolding.

"What Himiko did was... Cute!!" Shido complemented.

'Huh?' * 2. Two 'huh?'s sounded in two minds at the same time. Eri and Himiko were confused as they thought Himiko would be scolded or at least be told some words to improve, but instead, Shido complimented her.

"Himiko added the element of cuteness into the song with her natural mishaps like wrong pronunciation... But those mishaps were too adorable and increased the charm. Thus I would say, I loved the overall performance."

Fuyumi nodded,:: Yeah, Himiko may have made some mistakes, but it was too adorable to consider them as mistakes::

She then took Himiko into her arms as well. Now the sisters were in Fuyumi's embrace, and both of them received praise from their father. Himiko, who was sad a moment ago, had her smile back on her face as she received praise from her parents. Meanwhile, Eri's smug smile returned to normal.

Eri's expectations failed her as she didn't know that Adults consider such mistakes of children as cute.

'Next time... Victory shall be mine,' Eri thought as her determination to prove that she deserves more attention from Shido and Fuyumi didn't waver, instead, it increased.


"...And then the President of the United States shook hands with me and said, "It is great to know a hero like you, without you, Genesis might have destroyed the US. Thanks for sharing this very, very important news with us. Now we can save the world, Together." After that, he discussed some things about Genesis, leaving the base. Now we are resting in our temporary base."

Shido told his 'slightly' exaggerated story of what happened. Himiko and Eri kept pestering about it as they wanted to know about their father's world-saving mission. They listened to whatever he said attentively. Although there is some distance between the sisters regarding the story their father was telling them, they are on the same page.

:: But meeting the President of the US on the very first day. Is the matter that big?:: Fuyumi asked as she worried Shido was entering something way, way bigger than them, which may be more harmful to him.

"The issue is big... as it is a villain who wants to destroy the US off the map. So many villains have the same ambition, but Genesis has the tool to do what he claims he wants to do. So that's why the matter is so serious," Shido explained.

:: So... What are you going to do next?:: Fuyumi asked. She looked down and saw faces of Eri and Himiko, with their gazes, fixed on the screen, waiting for Shido's answer to the question.

:: Yeah... Beat Genesis. You are super, super strong. Punch Genesis in the face and save the US from this disaster. Papa, The people there need your help:: Eri encouraged Shido.

:: Yeah, Papa, What are you going to do next? You will save the US people, right? They need a Hero:: Himiko also encouraged him.

Shido had a smile looking at his daughters encouraging him but,

"You are right Himiko; The people need a Hero... Not a Vigilante." Shido said with a smile still on his face.

"I will be coming back home after a week. We are not going to be involved in this case anymore. This case falls under the US and its jurisdiction. The President doesn't want us interfering in it. I have contributed more than enough by informing them of Genesis, and now it's their duty to save their citizens."

Eri and Himiko were shocked when they heard what their father had said.

:: But what about the people? They will not be safe...:: Himiko muttered.

:: Yeah. The Government is incompetent. That's why you are Vigilante, right? That's why Danjuro-Nii uploads his videos, right? To show how inept the heroes and the Government are. How can you leave them in their hands?...:: Eri started speaking against the heroes and Government.

She didn't believe the heroes or the Government an ounce as when she was suffering; it was not the heroes who came to her help; it was Shido who came to rescue her from her torment and give her the normal life she always desired. In her eyes, Shido was the epitome of a hero, and Night Raid was the best hero team for her, even if it was full of Vigilantes.

:: Papa, Please defeat that nutjob Genesis and save the people..:: Eri requested her father.

:: Yes, Please, Papa...:: Himiko joined the fray.

The kids pleading with Shido to defeat the Villain was not wrong as Eri and Himiko always saw Shido as a Hero instead of a Criminal Vigilante. So it was natural for them to think that Shido would defeat the Villain and save the people. And from what Shido told them, Genesis seemed annoying. That's another reason they wanted Shido to beat Genesis.

Shido was perplexed as to what to answer his daughters. He never thought he would be pleaded by his daughters to defeat Genesis.

While he was struggling to find an answer, Fuyumi came to his rescue,

:: Look at the time. It's already past your afternoon nap time. Come on, Come on, Let's go... Shido won't go anywhere. You can talk to him tomorrow, okay? Now come on... ::

:: But--:: * 2

:: No but's. Your dad isn't here; that doesn't mean you won't be going to bed on time. He has left me in charge, and just to let you know, I am a teacher, so making you follow the rules is not a big problem for me. Come on... don't waste time and get a good afternoon nap. Or else...::

Fuyumi, without saying more about the 'else,' picked up both of them and went to the bedroom.

:: Forget it. I will make you sleep. Shido, please hold on for a minute. I will come back after putting these girls to bed::

The kids struggled in her grasp as they flailed their legs and arms to protest, but it did nothing to Fuyumi, who has the strength of a Super Soldier. And like that, Mama Super Soldier took both of her daughters to bed.


Fuyumi came back in front of the phone.

:: You don't need to pay attention to what they say. You do like you just said, Return home. The case is way bigger and messy; it is better not to put yourself into it...::

"I know. The plan is still the same. I am coming back home after a week. That's it. But I am still a bit confused."

:: What is it?::

"Why did Eri and Himiko request me to defeat Genesis and save the people? Do they think I am some kind of Hero? They know I am a Vigilante, but still, they asked me to do it."

:: They do see you as a hero... It's natural for them to ask you to save people. Because that's what heroes do. Well, putting that aside, Shido, I wanted to talk about a few things::

"Yeah, Go on"

:: First is that I wanted to ask something. After two weeks, Iiyamakita High School will organize a reunion of my batch, and I am invited. So, umm, will you come with me?:: Fuyumi asked Shido.

"B-But... The reunion will be filled with rich people and me, a small Noodle Shop Owner, being with you as your partner for the party, will be an element of embarrassment for you. I don't think me going with you will be a good idea." Shido knew about Fuyumi's alma mater and knew which type of people went there. Rich, Prideful, and Arrogant. Most of them are heirs of major businesses and industries or Children of Top Heroes. Fuyumi was an exception among those kids.

:: No! It doesn't matter that you are not rich like them. ::

"It doesn't matter to you that I am not rich, but that doesn't mean everybody there won't care. You don't know; there is less reunion and more flexing 'Look how rich and successful I am' in reunion parties. So the moment they find out I am a 'not rich' person. They will sneer and mock you behind your back, and I don't want that. It's just an evening. Go and have fun." Shido tried to convince Fuyumi, but she was stubborn as a rock.

:: I don't know, You have to come with me to the party and If you don't, I won't be going to the reunion and won't talk to you as well:: Fuyumi who couldn't find a way to convince Shido resorted to childish tactics.

"What is this behavior, Fuyumi? You just put two kids to sleep, and now you are acting like a kid yourself."

:: If you don't say yes, I won't talk to you:: Fuyumi pouted and turned her back, showing her back to Shido's screen.

"Welp, Since my girlfriend isn't talking to me anymore, I might find myself a busty, beautiful new girlfriend in this Land of the Free," Shido said with a sadistic smile on his face.

This made Fuyumi panic. She quickly turned back:: NO!!!!::

"Hahaha, I was kidding..." Listening to this, Fuyumi breathed a sigh of relief,

"Or Was I?" Panic again assaulted Fuyumi's face, but then she saw Shido's laughing face, which meant he was playing with her the whole time.

:: Stop messing with me and answer the question. Will you come or not?::

Shido's smile turned into a thoughtful look when it came to answering Fuyumi, " I will go with you if you insist so badly." Shido gave in to Fuyumi's request. He thought how bad it could go. Even if there will be ultra-rich people at the party, they won't find it worth their time to humiliate Shido who is just a Noodle Shop Owner.

But he didn't know that he is so wrong. When those rich kids would find that the Goddess they admired all their high school life and some admired her even after school ended, has a poor boyfriend. They won't leave a chance to rip Shido to shreds.

:: Yay, Now I will be taking Eri and Himiko shopping tomorrow. I will buy some dresses for you, Eri and Himiko::

This confused Shido a bit, "Do you know my sizes? I mean how are you going to buy clothes for me?"

:: I do remember your sizes. height: 181cm, weight: 93kg, neck: 45.8cm, chest: 125cm, biceps: 49cm , forearm: 43cm, wrist: 20cm, waist: 76cm, hips: 106.5cm, leg: 66cm, calf: 45.5cm. I will go to a tailor to make a good tuxedo for you:: Fuyumi like a recorded tape started telling the actual sizes of Shido, which dumbfounded him. The other thing which further added to his shock was that Fuyumi had a blush and was breathing heavily while she was reciting his sizes.

'She being normal most of the time makes me forget that she is a yandere,' Shido thought.

"Well since you are going shopping, you can use the card of my other account. I left it in my drawer."

:: Really? But--::

"Don't think I am that poor. I am not rich in the eyes of others but I do have some other ways of Income," Shido said. The other account he mentioned was made by Giran, it had his {HESOYAM} money but it was legal. Giran took 25% of the money to legitimize the {HESOYAM} money.

:: Oh! Okay then, I will video call you when we will be choosing the dresses, is it okay?::

"Yeah, you can call whenever you want, I will be free most of the time."

:: Then... Bye::

"Bye," Saying that Shido hung up the call. Although he found that stuff cliche, he was still expecting Fuyumi to give a goodbye kiss on the screen. But the expectations were expectations and reality was reality. He was about to put his phone aside and sleep but then he received a message.

Fuyumi -:: Good Night *Two Kissing Emoji*::

(A/N: I am not going to put actual emojis in there because it felt too cringe to write it and read it)

Shido smiled as his expectations were met. He then put his phone aside and finally went to sleep.


"Fuyumi... Eri... Himiko. Fascinating... Hahaha, Our Hero has a family in Japan. A beautiful wife and two cute daughters. Quite a Family... Makes me feel Nostalgic... and Jealous, but whatever. It seems I got closer to you by knowing something about your personal life, Hero.

Today you rejected my proposal of playing the game and You told that to the President and didn't even bother to call me to tell me about it. I mean, arguments are solved with conversations whether in a love relationship or Hero-Villain relationship. You just had to give me a call. I was only a call away. But no! You didn't even bother to do that.

I know my incentives to play the game were pretty lame.
But now I know what to do that will make you eager to play this game of Hero and Villain with me, my hero... Shido."