Chapter 18 – Blast VS Dark Monarch
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Blast POV

I'm on my way back to base after I just finished the mission they gave me a few minutes ago.

But on my way back, I saw a giant centipede rampaging and destroying every building that crossed its eyes.

I immediately teleported outside the window of headquarters and see that everyone is busy looking for a way to deal with that giant centipede monster. I immediately teleported back.

"Hmm... let me call them!" I connected my phone to headquarters.



They immediately answered the call.

"Yo Sitch, seems like you're in pinch," I said while looking at the giant monster.

"Blast, glad you called! We need someone to handle the giant monster that rampaging in L City right now. The other S class Heroes are on their respective missions right now, so they can't go" Sitch said from the call.

"Ah, this giant centipede? yeah, I'm looking at it now. It's quite big but no problem" I answered.

"Then I'll leave it to you," Sitch said.

"Yeah, leave it to me," I say as I end the call.

I placed my phone back in my pocket and looked at the giant centipede once more.

"Alright," I teleported to the ground under it.

After I teleported, I immediately jumped and threw a punch to the bottom of its head. Then, I teleported again to its left and threw a heavy kick.

Then it tried to flee despite have gotten 2 heavy blows from each side of its head.

But I immediately stop it by grabbing its giant body and thrown it into the sky. Followed by consecutive punches on its body until it fell to the ground. The weight of its body sent debris into the air, eventually settling back on its frame.

Then I waited until the dust cleared and it showed its giant body. But, after all the dust cleared the area, the monster disappeared.

"It managed to flee, huh..." I sighed.

Shortly after, I could sense a strong aura not too far from where I was standing

'What?!' I was shocked at the aura it carries.

I immediately turned to the area.

I could see the silhouette of a humanoid figure walking towards me. She approached slowly, carrying an aura that I had never seen before.

The faint smoke from the aftermath of the battle between me and the giant monster lingered, obscuring my vision of her.

After the dust had settled, I could see her properly.

Long black hair with two horns circling her head. The striking red and gold of her eyes that revealed her demonic heritage could surely cause her enemies to falter. Fully plated black armor covered her torso and legs, big red gems on her chest area, and sharp claws as her gauntlets. From behind her, a long sweeping black tail that could act as a third hand. Is truly... demonic.

And the way she looks at me... like seeing someone who will meet his death soon. And I know I don't like that very much.

"Who... are you..." I asked.

She smiled.




"Ah... should we, introduce ourselves first?" She said as she tilted her head.

"Nice to meet you, S Class Hero Blast. I'm the one the Hero Association called 'Dark Monarch'," She said whilst giving a little bow.

'Should I try to hit her while she still gives her speech?' I pondered.

"I'm here to-"

I immediately teleported behind her and threw a heavy kick.


She blocked it with her left hand.

“Rude! I’ve not finished my speech yet!” She said while pouting.

I jumped to gain distance then dashed towards her.

I tried to throw a punch, but it clashed into her punch causing a big surge of wind. It made the rocks and the nearby ruins scattered around the place.

I struggled to keep my stance due to the clash, so I teleported away from the spot as quickly as I could.

“Teleportation, huh...” She muttered.

She straightened her right hand.

Suddenly, her body was coated with a black aura - and so did I.

She then withdrew her hand.

I was immediately being pulled by her action.

She took on a punching stance and prepared to punch me.

I quickly folded my hands to act as if I was defending myself.

And before she landed a hit, I immediately teleported behind her and punch her.


She got blasted away by my punch and hit the boulder.


"Indeed you're strong... but you're still lacking in battle experience," I said to her.

"Then I will gain that experience from you" She whispered from my behind.

'WHAT?' I shocked and quickly turned back.


I vomited blood and got blasted away by the punch she gave.

But before my body hit the wall, she instantly appeared at my back and launched me into the sky by her kick.

'Was that, my teleportation?!' I pondered.

She then instantly appeared again on my front and trying to punch me down but I immediately teleported away to the ground.

She followed by instantly appearing to the ground far away from my spot.

*huff* *huff*

'I've used teleportation too much for today. I can't risk my body more than this' My thought.

From this distance, I can saw her clenched her fist and muttering about something.

'Is it... the time I should sacrifice myself here to defeat her? She's too dangerous to be let alive. For a better future, should I...' My thought.

"Hey!" I screamed.

Her attention immediately focussed on me.

"Can I ask-"

She suddenly appeared in front of me and bend me down with her psychic power.

"KUGH!" I managed to only fell with one knee.

"Speak," She said with her glowing eyes.

'What with this psychic power! even Tatsumaki wasn't this strong' My thought.

"Wh-whats, your goal, KUGH!" I said as I struggling to look at her face.

"Ah, my goals..." She said. 

Suddenly, the power output she gave on her psychic power is getting lowered.

Because of that, I managed to look at her face.

"Nothing specials, I just want to enjoy my new life in this world with my friends," She said while giving a faint smile on her face.

"Do you, not, planning... to conquering the earth?" I strugglingly said.

She tilted her head.

"Why do I need to do something as troublesome as that?" She said

"I... see..." I feel relieved.

'It seems like my life wasn't meant to be ended here yet' I pondered.

It suddenly reminds me of something I should take care of.

'Ah, that little black square thingy...' I pondered and Immediately teleported to my room then fainted.

1st POV


"he... teleported away..." I said in a low tone.





Hero Association HQ (A City)

"Sir, a report" The man in glasses went to state his report.

"Ah, Was it blast taking down that giant monster? Don't worry, I already know he will win" Sitch said while sipping his tea.

"Ah yes, that's one of the reports sir," The man in glasses said.

"Whats? do you mean, the report wasn't only that?" Sitch placed his tea on the table.

"Yes sir, the sudden appearance of Dark Monarch is also in the report sir," The man in glasses said with his sweat all over his face.

"Continue," Sitch said.

"Yes sir, Dark Monarch and Blast have engaged in battle," The man in glasses said.

"And Blast won the fight, right?. Even someone as Dark Monarch can't win against-"

"That's... sadly... Blast... have lost... sir..." The man in glasses said with a paled face.

"What... did you say?" Sitch asked for a confirmation.

"Blast, have lost the fight, sir," The man in glasses said while looking down.

Sitch immediately falls from his chair.

"Is that... true?" Sitch tried to confirm it once again.

"We, have the recording... sir," The man in glasses answered.

"No... way..." Sitch can't help but shocked by the fact.



The silence once again has descent the room.

Soon after that, Sitch quickly stood up.

"Quickly request a meeting to the higher-ups. Tell them it's an emergency" Sitch states his order.

"YES SIR!" The man in glasses answered and immediately left the toom.

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