Chapter 38: And so time moves on…
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We’re back!

As for the war situation in the Forest of Mortality… Well Violet is leading the charge so I think we all know how it’s going yet here is a reminder for those that don’t understand the might of the sadistic little oni!

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Anyways, enjoy~♥

An old man and young beautiful lady sat across from each other somewhere inside {The Forest of Mortality} in what was once a camp for the orthodox alliance.

After they received huge damage during the first two attacks of the oni they had decided to become more unified thus combining their powers together. This was also forced due to many of the sects leaving them behind due to disagreements with how the leadership handled the hostage situation. Not to mention quite a few of those ‘hostages’ were rather publicly ‘making love’ with various yakuza members as well as each other.

To say that was bad for morale was an understatement.

Worse yet were the almost daily update of every girl's bellies slowly increasing in volume as they continued to record themselves doing explicit acts. A total of six months later all of them except Jingye Dai were obviously pregnant and loving it. In fact the famous {Wind Pixie} was currently in a skin tight outfit that completely covered her - even her eyes were hidden though her black hair was allowed out of the back of her head. A gag forced the girl's mouth open (tongue hanging out) while heart shaped holes revealed her well used pussy, large bruised butt and milk bloated breasts which massaged the back of the very woman who caused her to fall this far.

Luckily the old man didn’t particularly care.

“As things stand everything is going how you likely planned it all to go, Matriarch Ebony. The humans have spent most of the time during these six months retreating further and further yet in their point of view the {Asura Yakuza} are becoming more scarce. This has led the orthodox alliance to conclude that their ‘scorched earth’, as your little matriarch called it, tactic having major success. If I dare talk about my own opinion I believe the little ladies plan is working as intended hahaha~!” <Ying Jiaho>

With a jolly smile on his face he leaned across the table with a porcelain bottle within his grasp as he slowly poured out a liquid that seemed more akin to liquid fire. Of course it was alcohol which was generously poured into the outstretched ‘cup’ of Ebony’s. He had even presented her with a beautiful ornate drinking bowl which was made from a dark wood with golden inlaid - just enough to be expensive yet not gaudy.

Being who she was, the oni matriarch did not care for formalities, she quickly downed the alcohol with a single motion. A spicy heat came from the tip of her tongue to her stomach while a refreshing taste of fruit sated her. Closing her eyes and shaking her head before letting out a satisfied sigh as a toothy grin appeared on her face.

“This is some good stuff, where’d you say this was from?” <Ebony>

“I believe this bottle was from an underground Drow empire which had built their plantations under an active volcano leading to their grapes gaining a natural volcanic essence. That combined with the fact they let the thing ferment under a bed of magma in stone caskets lets the alcohol gain it’s powerful yet unique presence. Of course, that combined with that fact it comes from the illusive Drow makes it quite the costly wine.” <Ying Jiaho>

“Oh, well I’ll have you remind lil’Bag to get me some more slut.” <Ebony>

“Gauhg!” <Pixie>

Ebony casually moved her other hand to directly send three of her fingers over her shoulder and into the salivating mouth of the unfortunate Pixie. The matriarch didn’t leave the gagging girl along as her knuckles hit her swollen lips before those three fingers pistoned her throat. At one point in time something like that would be difficult but by now she’d be trained up to swallow Ebony’s full girth let alone three little fingers. In fact her naughty pussy excited twitched while milk oozed from those erect nipples as she continued to use her breasts to massage the oni.

Even as Pixie was made to do both she happily nodded along while a floating Jade recorded it all for her growing fans.

“So what do you think makes it work so well Ying?” <Ebony>

“Hahaha well it’s obviously the fact she’s made them believe that you suffer from the same problems as them. By reducing the mouths to feed it will make it appear like you're forced to focus on your slowly drying supply lines due to you seemingly focusing on stealing their supplies so in return they burn down their own camps while retreating. They believe this is slowly weakening you as they suffer from the exact same issue though believing they have it better…

Though this is merely a facade since how could people who've lived in the forest all their lives struggle with getting supplies in it? Still with your forces ‘becoming more scarce’ the cultivators are growing more sure that ‘the next attack will be the one’ thus keep holding on no matter how many battles in a row they’ve lost. I suppose this is called ‘sunk cost fallacy’ in action - how I wish my son had half the brains of your daughter hahaha~!” <Ying Jiaho>

Ebony nodded with understanding; her daughter was indeed amazing.

“Any information on their side I should know of?” <Ebony>

With how they were literally throwing away their supplies like idiots in hopes to hurt the family she didn’t expect much from them.

“Well, speaking of your little Yakuza leader, she seems to have made some waves in the world outside. Unsurprisingly they’ve guessed your relationship however as things stand they have more people believing she’s run on sight. Rumours seem to believe she’s using the treasure they’re seeking called {Destruction of Immortality} as she destroys all those along her way with her group of shadow guards. They seem to have given the group the name {Orchid} since they’ve heard her name while also having {The Nomadic Dryad} capturing those who they don’t want escaping with roots from the qi sapping plants.” <Ying Jiaho>

“As expected of my Violet gahaha~!” <Ebony>

With that she took another swig from her bowl.


Violet tilted her head as a rage filled fist flew past her head.

It contained enough force to make a normal man's head to pop yet it didn’t even so much as rustle the oni girls head. On the contrary her casual punch caused the muscular cultivator to throw up blood as his insides turned to literal mush - his insides so thoroughly destroyed with her base martial intent that blood dripped down from his rear. Despite the overwhelming pain he was going through his neck creaky turned to look towards his terrified companions.

Other than him most of the other males had been slaughtered by her shadow guards while the few that were left were the ones they felt were most visually appealing. Those that ‘managed’ to survive this far all had their eyes trained on their leader. He once again threw up another mouth full of blood before he let out a strained voice as he fell to the ground.

“Run…” <Cultivator>

That was all the remaining people needed to throw away all their pride and fellows to turn around to sprint as fast as their legs could take them.

Unfortunately for them they stood no chance of escaping as Violet wasn’t the only scary individual around. Before they even ran out of sight Slate in her full Shadow Guard outfit stood in front of them - though a new violet flower bud was upon the back - as she rose the long curved blade up at her hips perpendicular to her own spine. The cultivators didn’t have time to wonder about her actions.

Something they instantly would regret as the oni girl spread her legs before giving a powerful slice which caused what could only be described as a wall of tiny blades. The cultivators were unable to do anything but defend themselves as those who didn’t ended up as mince; all of their qi was used to withstand the attack even then. This left the poor cultivators feeling as if they were being strangled which soon came to be true as roots burst out the ground to wrap around the few who managed to remain standing.

A tiny voluptuous figure stood in full nude behind the cultivators as a figure all the men at least knew very well by now.

Those that knew her shivered with fear at the amazingly untouchable {Daughter of Heaven} who managed to overpower the {Absolute Divine Truth Sect Master} even if just for a moment. Such awesome power meant with no uncertain doubt that she was one of the top 10 strongest cultivators publicly known (this ranking didn’t include the hidden sect ancestors or old monsters who had been forgotten about). Everybody knew about this fact by now thanks to the yakuza literally playing large scale recordings of their ‘trophies’ wherever they had branches - this included new trophies but obviously the reveal of the ‘hostage situation’ was revealed.

Yet those that ‘knew her’ did have a slightly more ‘heated’ reaction in their pants. Since the {Network Jade} had long become popular during these six months so had all of the available sections been used. While many of the {Asura Section Elders} who managed the different matters of the organisation remained unknown… Well just about everyone of age had at least seen a picture of {Asura Elder of Pornograthy} in all her glory.

To say she was famous was an understatement whether it was for her talents or ‘talents’ it didn’t change the fact she had become a household name.

“We’ve captured all the remaining cultivators, Violet.” <Jingye Dai>

Violet watched as Dai turned around - the girl's focus wasn’t on the older one's voice though. She instead was loving the sight of those massive milk juggs bouncing around freely while that attractive fleshly ‘slap’ as they shook assured all they were the real deal. Nobody could really blame the young oni for being distracted by those massive breasts. Even the owner of them just smiled with a faint blush while shaking them slightly to please her Ojou-sama who at some point found herself sitting on the back of an Ashue on all fours.

“You really should have gotten clothes already… Elder.” <Slate>

“I just don’t want to go back to wearing those stuffy robes and haven’t had the chance to think about what else I’d wear… Sorry…” <Jingye Dai>

Seeing the pout form on Dai’s face Slate almost instantly felt bad due to her rather ‘bent’ sexuality, certainly allowing her to see the appeal in the midget. With that she could only let out a sigh as she sheathed her blade once more while shaking her head. Her hands held her head with a frown as she spoke.

“It’s fine; it’s not your fault your body is so distracting.” <Slate>

Violet nodded softly before Qin stepped forward with a soft cough.

“So I’m guessing Ojou-sama intends to send the women to become war trophies with the ‘donations’ of the elders while the men will be butchered?” <Qin>

Violet just nodded once more; ignoring the outcry of fearful women who seemed far louder than any of the men. Then again, when they end up in the hands of the sex depraved hands of the yakuza, she was sure they’d scream louder. She just hoped that they gave birth to some healthy young members of their family - with all the (now pregnant) women they had captured they would be coming out with a far larger population.

Thinking of the face of fear of those female cultivators which turned to pleasure, lust then finally regret as they became mothers Violet couldn’t help but form a sadistic little smile.