The Implock – Chapter 93 – “Fabled”
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∼ Fabled ∼

Chapter - 93

In the dark but shallow depths of a cave, its crooked winding nature shielding it from the morning light outside, Nyx sat, attempting to center himself. The demon, for one, has had enough of strange old men on these godsforsaken mountains. So when he was making the final preparations for his upcoming evolution, he made damn sure to find some remote and isolated place to do so. A place free from any more complications or disturbances. Ergo, the cave.

Nyx had found it nearly by the foot of the mountain, towards a ridge dropping down to a huge valley of sorts. The area was rather undisturbed by wildlife and monsters, so after ridding the cave of its only occupant, a snake that barely gave any experience, Nyx closed off the entrance with branches, rocks, and whatever he could find, cocooning himself in the pitch-dark.

He pulled up his status.

Name Nyx Health 140/140 STR 33 ⇒ 36 END 5
Race Imp (Prideborn) Stamina 24/24 DEX 16 ⇒ 19 INT 46 ⇒ 52
Level 25 - (0%) Mana 18/18 (20*) VIT 14 CHR 2
Main-Class Warlock Rank Apprentice Grade Rare
Sub-Class None Rank None Grade None
Demonhide - (Racial), Fire Resistance - (Racial), Mark of Pride - (Demonism)
Bearer of Pride - (Demonism), Slayer of Humans (Slayer)
Demonbolt - [Peak], Drain - [Moderate], Inspect - [Inferior], Impfire - [Moderate], Summon Familiar - [Moderate], Wither - [Moderate]
Demonology - [Superior], Hand-to-Hand Combat - [Peak], Mana Manipulation - [Superior], Riding - [Inferior], Words of Power - [Moderate] None

Looking it over; his stats, in particular, he paused on charisma. It sat at a measly two points, easily his lowest stat. Though, endurance wasn't so far behind. But, so far, he hasn't found any use for charisma, believing it to be a rather useless attribute after an admittedly less than extensive exploration of it. Still, no use had presented itself.

So... why would he invest in something that did nothing for his ability to kill?

However, before he completely discarded any consideration for it, Nyx frowned. He stopped for a moment to genuinely ponder why exactly that stat even existed and what it did. For it must do something, right? Recalling now old memories of Aria's lectures, he remembered her speaking of charisma as something that affected his influence on other creatures - be it in negative or positive ways. From inducing fear to inspiring awe, it would subtly impress his presence upon others. It also changed how others perceived Nyx and how they interacted with... him...


Nyx's frown deepened.

Could it possibly be... that due to just how low his stat was in that attribute... it actually had a negative effect on his interactions with others?! It explained too much for Nyx to ever admit. Embarrassment painted the demon's cheeks even redder than they already were. But managing to dash those flustering thoughts away, he really took time to reflect on this revelation of his. If his low stat truly had that much of a negative effect, affecting the impression of both others and theirs of him, wouldn't it mean that they would be naturally disposed to be disagreeable and combative to his every word and mere presence alone? Such as humans not even giving him the time of day, respect, or consideration - and generally just treating him with annoyance and irritation.

He sighed deeply. Maybe - just maybe, he should invest in charisma. He knows - he knows. Non-combat stat and all. But as much as Nyx loathed to waste points on a seemingly useless stat, he had to bring it up to at least a minimum, and he had the points to spare. If it'd stop humans incessantly nagging at him - it would be worth it, even to Nyx.

[Six points have been assigned to Charisma]

That notification was as if a cut to his very soul, his greed. It might as well have been a red damage notification. But he endured it nonetheless. Nyx tried to look at himself as if he almost expected some difference. But of course, there was none. Very unsatisfying. But as much as he swore to never prioritize that attribute anymore, excitement returned to him the very next moment. For it was time.


[Evolution will forcibly take place within one day]

[Evolve now?]


∼ [Yes] ∼

The world faded to black.


Nyx came to in a familiar place. The endless gray expanse of... wherever this place was - or wasn't.

Once more, five pedestals were presented in a half-circle in front of him, already rising from the grey matter of the ground itself. He had expected something grand beforehand, but the creatures he saw raised upon them truly had Nyx gaping in awe. Each one looked more opposing than the other - two shadowed figures slowly unveiling themselves as he watched. All five choices had been presented to him. Yet again.

∼Wretcher∼ (Greater Demon - Rare)
[Attribute Gain] [Skills and Traits]
Dexterity (+3) Intelligence (+2) Unallocated Attributes (+2) Cursed Screech - (Racial Skill), Demonic Miasma - (Racial Trait)
[Health and Stamina Ratio] [Prerequisites]
Health per Vitality +15 Any Mark of Sin, Small Curse-based Accomplishment
Stamina per Vitality/Endurance +2/+4
Wretchers, feared creatures of the Netherworld. As swift as they are deadly - they impair their prey with their cursed voices and suffocate with the fear-inducing miasma. A foul predator. But a predator nonetheless. Wretchers sport an agile build focused on the debilitating magic of curses and ailments. Widdling down their enemies until they go in for the certain kill.
∼Imp Lord∼ (Greater Demon - Epic)
[Attribute Gain] [Skills and Traits]
Strength (+1)  Dexterity (+2) Intelligence (+3) Unallocated Attributes (+2) Firethread Lash - (Racial Skill), Demonic Spirit - (Racial Trait)
[Health and Stamina Ratio] [Prerequisites]
Health per Vitality +20 Any Mark of Sin, Medium Attribute Accumulation
Stamina per Vitality/Endurance +3/+6
The height of imp supremacy; the Imp Lords stand high above the rabble of mischief that is imps and implings as they wield powerful magics, command legions of casters to rain hellfire down upon their foes, and lord over monsters. Imp Lords are strong, dexterous, and equipped with an intelligent mind rivaling that of humans. From powerful conjurations in the destructive fields of fire magic - to their cunning nature, this demon is capable of carving out a portion of the Netherworld itself for themselves. A territory where even the enlightened Daemons have to show respect to their rule. Lest they wish for a swift, and fiery death.
∼Pit Fiend∼ (Greater Demon - Grand)
[Attribute Gain] [Skills and Traits]
Strength (+4) Dexterity (+1) Vitality (+2) Endurance (+2) Unallocated Attributes (+1) Blazing Rage - (Racial Skill), Batter - (Racial Skill), Impetus - (Racial Trait)
[Health and Stamina Ratio] [Prerequisites]
Health per Vitality +40 Any Cardinal Mark of Sin, High Strength Accumulation, High Fighting-based Accomplishment
Stamina per Vitality/Endurance +5/+10
Gladiatorial beasts, Pit Fiends are hardly ever mistaken for their monstrous nature despite being so similar to the enlightened daemons in both form and figure. From their untamed savagery to their unquenchable thirst for battle, they cannot be recognized as anything but monsters. Wielding strength unmatched and a ferocity unbridled, Pit Fiends are a hazard best avoided lest you become just another opponent to be defeated.
∼Vainlord∼ (Greater Demon - Fabled)
[Attribute Gain] [Skills and Traits]
Strength (+2) Intelligence (+2) Charisma (+2) Unallocated Attributes (+4) Demonic Halo - (Racial Skill), Arcanic Rake - (Racial Trait), Monstrous Subjugation - (Racial Trait)
[Health and Stamina Ratio] [Prerequisites]
Health per Vitality +25 Cardinal Mark of Sin (Pride), Extreme Attribute Accumulation, High Fighting-based Accomplishment, High Demonic-based Accomplishment
Stamina per Vitality/Endurance +3/+6
A creature of fables. The Vainlord is a unique existence within the wastes of the Netherworld. Commanding vast swathes of the infernal hellscape and monstrous hordes within, these prideful creatures possess magical capabilities and physical might in equal measure. However, as much influence and authority as they wield over their subjects, to be a Vainlord, is to never stand in the rear. For none is more worthy to fight their battles than themselves. For none stand as peers. For all is rightfully theirs to conquer. The Vainlord is supreme. A king of kings.
∼Infernal Keeper∼ (Greater Demon - Fabled)
[Attribute Gain] [Skills and Traits]
Intelligence (+5) Unallocated Attributes (+5) Conflagration - (Racial Skill), Firestorm - (Racial Skill), Living Inferno - (Racial Trait)
[Health and Stamina Ratio] [Prerequisites]
Health per Vitality +20 Cardinal Mark of Sin (Pride), Extreme Intelligence Accumulation, High Fire-based Accomplishment
Stamina per Vitality/Endurance +3/+3
A creature of fables. Half demon, half elemental. Infernal Keepers hold dominion over the very flames spewing from the pits of the underworld. The utter destruction these creatures bring in their wake makes them one of the most feared and avoided within the fiery hellscape of their birth. Best to give up and steer well clear of them. For if they appear, nothing is worth the horror they will bring - be you powerful or cunning. For none can escape the flames of an Infernal Keeper.

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