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[Mini Gladiator Tournament]

Wow.. Just Wow... Who was the idiot that chose the name. Mini gladiators... mini fighting slaves...

Really.. You couldn't pick anything else, Mini- champions, mini-tournament.

Someone is getting fired after this. It might be hyped now. But when kids start getting broken bones and start to bleed then the public will probably wake up

As I enter the venue i cant help but notice that there are a lot more people here than i expected.

People came to watch children fight. That's it, its not some sort of festival like UA where there are obstacle courses and similar games. This is just straight up martial arts with kids. If i were to be invited in this as an adult there is no way i would show up, I'd die of boredom.

My family sends me off to go with the other contestants, this tournament is invite only so I might allow myself a little hope that there will be interesting kids here to fight. I like the handicap i have, all older taller and more muscular than me. That makes me rely and polish my skills, I'm hoping that i K.O All Might one day. That would be funny to see.

"Be careful son" my dad just puts his hand on my shoulder as support

"Good luck Shin~CHAN~!!" We turn around to see my mother waving a big flag with the words 'Shin-chan is the best'

Both of us facepalm when we saw her. Then I look closer I see Eri and Ran next to her. Eri has her hand on her face, and Ran is waving small hand flags with my name on them.

"I'll be going now" my father nods and mentalis prepares himself to the attention he will receive by sitting next to my mother

(scene change)

Hmmm there are a lot more kids here, and the ages are all 9-13, I'm the only one here, that's under 9. I guess i should be flattered. Though it might be an attempt to slow down my fame, teach the new kid a lesson and some humility i guess.

Oh this will be so embarrassing for the tournament creators, usually there are 3 people picked that are almost a sure win, and one those will get all the attention and be used for promotions and stuff like that once he wins. Well that's not going to happen.

"Yo Tetsuya how have you been?" I wave to him

"Shinichi. I have been fine. You?" he says with a stoic face, but i know him well enough to spot the smile there

"I'm good, this is much better than what I expected, bigger crowd and contestants."

"Hmm" he nods

"My first opponent is a boxer. Yours?"

"Karate" a man of few words, one of the reasons I like this kid, sucks at Shogi though

"Contestants its time to take the pictures and to 'pick lots' "

Hahahah pick lots, they informed us who we are going to fight months ago, no one wants to watch a boring match, it's also stated in the contract not to tell anyone.

They weren't sure about me since I'm 'too young' and I might tell somebody. One conversation with me and I made the team that was responsible for this fell like idiots.

We go out side and line up. The crowd was cheering and pictures were being taken

"Just Smile and wave boys, smile and wave" I say to the rest, some look at me weirdly but did as I said

After a few minutes they announced that the drawing of the lots will happen. The box was already on the table.

They went one after another and pulled out a ball with a number (DBZ style xD)

When it was my turn i put my hand in the box only to find it empty, then through pipes and air, the ball was shot in my hand through the hole in the bottom. I picked up the ball and it showed number 7. That means the boxing kid will be number 8.

I go to the side and the 'lots' continue, and the boxing kid did pull out number 8. when contestant 16 pulled out the last ball with the number 4, we were done.

"Ladies and gentlemen now that the lots are done, the tournament can begin. Can number 1 and 2 please enter the fighting arena."

I look at the fight for a few seconds to check on what level they are, if its worth copying I'll watch, If not I'm just watching videos on the internet in my head. I love this part about my quirk, i can cheat and slack off all i want.

I came back to reality when it was Tetsuya's turn. He is 10 right now and was up against a 12-year old kid who practices 'full contact' karate. They forgot to mention that detail to him, faking morons, they are corrupt or just plain stupid. Full contact karate as the name suggests focuses mostly all their attacks at closer range than regular karate, and its a lot more violent.

Whatever it will be a challenge for Tetsuya a year or 2 makes a big difference when your a child, because they grow at a fast rate, a year is easily noticeable, usually by height.

This fight was actually interesting this kid is good for his age, he must be one of the 'sure win' contestants that people bet on behind the scenes. Yuuki is having a tough time. Full contact karate has a less range than most marital arts, its just about the range of a fist, but sometimes that's all you need. But since this guy is older than Tetsuya by 2 years he doesn't have to worry about that.

Now lets see what will happen. The fight actually went on for 5 minutes, until Tetsuya did something totally unexpected, the little shit switched to boxing and laid out a lot of hard strikes to the face, his opponent was caught off guard and got K.O'ed .

That little shit kept it a secret during our spars, and now he has a small shit-eating grin while looking at me. He just pulled a 'Gaolong'. I'm going to smack the little twerp later.

Word Count 1050

(A/N Gaolong Wongsawat first Mastered Muay Thai then switched to Boxing, he is one of the stronger people in the Kengan-Verse

MC wont get the attention of the League of Villain's this early, the reason is simple, its because he doesn't have a strong quirk. And he belongs in the 'light', usually desperate people join them or people with dark pasts that want revenge. They forcefully recruit people with large potential for destruction 'Bakugo'. MC is just a protege at marital arts, one with a 'weak' quirk, hence he is useless in their fight against lots of Hero's. All of the fights up to now have been one on one.)