16- A generous ‘Gift’ by a mysterious ‘Helper’
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Serafall Sitri, now known as Serafall leviathan. One of the four Satan.... the one who is preventing the devil race from experiencing a war against those who hate or just don't like devils...

And with their long-lasting history of stealing promising childs and even some of the adults' talents to turn them into servants... into devils...

She almost failed... and by no other than the own race she is trying to protect...

She made a gigantic mistake...

She believed that the devil race changed... that they realized how fragile they were in between all that strength and they would stop acting as if they were above everyone else...

She almost failed, not because some other faction was plotting something on the back, a thing that they for sure are doing.

No!, ¡it was due to her own race doings!

But who could fault her? Everything was going so well

And a human was mostly the reason for all this!

Ahmya Genji is the reason for all this, with the amount of mangas and movies that came from that come out of that little head of his

I went as far as negotiating to get into my rule, the town where he lives, a way to secure one of the greatest piece for her plans...

And... for what?

Again devils trying to find something of great value in there... a desperate measure taken... by desperate people

While working she came to realize a lot of things about the devil race... she knows the problems of the devil race, a strength base system where every devils could strive and progress, as long as they work hard and get stronger, they would be rewarded so

It sounds amazing!

but... that's just on paper.

In reality... where whatever devil coming from the remaining pillars could become a high-class just by awakening their family power... and normal devils or those who didn't awaken theirs have to climb through with sheer effort and achievements...

It makes some take desperate measures to climb a little higher than the rest...

And combined with the natural greed, lust, envy, pride that every devil carries with them...?

That is the reason she didn't even bother to ask Ah-Chan to join her peerage...

What if he changes? She is depending on that little great mind of his...

Who would have thought that using anime and other forms of entertainment could help all the factions to be united...

No one even suspects anything or at least doesn't care...

Who would have thought that kids, childs and even adults love this kind of thing

And what does every race from devils to vampires have?


As long as I made the center of all anime related events organized by the devil race...

I can slowly and subtly put devils in a good light

When the event is aired, all I need to do is put Devils who act nice and that's it

In this year more and more childs from every race and faction came to watch it

And having Devils interacting with everyone... having devils act nice for one... and contracting people from other races to work there as well...

For satan!, she even felt some dragons coming to watch the shows while in a disguise...

While everyone thinks this is a waste of time, slowly but surely this place became a common ground for all races...

And all that effort were almost wasted by the now named 'Nekomata Incident'

"Dusk-chan... what are you here for... again? "

This... dragon looking girl, with green antlers like horns, and grey tail, both colored cyan... is the form that the started of this mess took to talk with me about this case...

I would be thankful for 'Her' if...

And only if she didn't have that mocking smile on her face every time she sees how stressed I'm about this...

"Hmm. 'Ive picked my poison so I will drink it to the bitter end'. Since im the one who started this, I want to know how it ends "

"I would believe you... If you didn't have that smug smile on your face! "

"Well... maybe i'm a little mad, thanks to someone not preventing some devils from entering into her territory... and hurting one of my friends "

"That is also your fault!. Those idiots thought that there was a great secret in there since every scout they sent to investigate disappeared... "

"Well... it was also a good thing since You found out about the old faction... "

"Ghh. Don't remind me! I couldn't even talk with my cute Sou-tan because of them. I want my cute little sister for some energy recharge. Moo. I will freeze those bastards when I find them "

"How can someone change from cute to scary so fast... anyway how is the case going? "

"We already raided their laboratories, the Nekomatas are fine and the Naberius is in a trial, with little to no hope of getting out of it. But... we don't know what to do with them... one wrong step and the Yokai faction may retaliate... "

"Have you ever tried being truthful? I know Yasaka is an understanding leader, you can ask her daughter and the guards with her for a meeting, or at least a message. I know she goes to watch some shows... especially Naruto, Inuyasha and Nararihyon no mago... I heard she had a crush on Nurarihyon... and got shocked when she saw the real one... "

"I guess that would be for the best... we might need to give some compensation... "

"Just keep Sirzechs in mind... "

"uh...? Why, what has that sis-con to do with all this? "

"... you really don't know... do you?... I see, let me give you some examples of why... Kiba, Rebirth of the Holy gear sword, Rias casually found him just after he escaped from an experiment from the church... "

"No way... right...? "

"Gasper... Dampir, sacred gear, another casually found peerage member after escaping the vampires... "

"... "

"Akeno, Half-fallen angel, daughter o- "

"I get it, I get it. Vulnerable and rare variant of a nekomata, a Nekoshou, without home... "

"And the best part is why He is helping her so much... "

"... Phenex... ? "

"Bingo!, to fight a completely beneficial marriage thrown away because he values his little sister too much... not that they didn't make good use of it already... but. Yeah, would you let your sister marry a playboy like riser? "

"If Sou-tan.. Ugh!... How do you even know these things?! " she slammed the table with enough strength to make everything over it jump a little bit...

A magical reinforcement...

"Some...- "

[Ink] appeared in my hand, transforming into a little bird, slowly gaining all details to pass as the real thing...

"  Bird! Once told me... "

"The world is gonna roll-... "

"Haha "

"Stop this is not funny... woo, I want my cute Sou-tan... I want to dress her like a magical girl... "

"A ninja suit from Naruto would look great on her with that stoic face... "

"No, no. A demon slayer corp... a bodysuit from Evangelion or... or a sailor moon... superhero..."

Poor sona... I would give a prayer for her but... she is a Devil...

Does it work if the prayer is towards a goddess who is not in this world? Does the goddess who sended me here even count?