Chapter 69
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Chapter 69

The Fastest Man Alive

By: BigToFu

Benjamin Blake

Emperor of the Pandoran Empire

Letting out a slow breath, I leaned back onto the headrest of the bed as I surveyed the moon below the space station. Currently, the ladies and I were on a quick deployment on the space station positioned over Titan as a waypoint. This would work as an active buffer to keep any of the nasty little space bugs off the planet or any little bio-plague.

Paranoid? Sure! But the name of the game was the survival of my people as we spread out amongst the stars. Anyone that decided not to dock at the space station was going to get one warning before a missile got rammed up their ass from behind or an orbital satellite taking them out by a tachyon laser.

I was not playing with the safety of any planets that would be under my control. There are just far too many science fiction movies and animes out in the wild, would just let any little shit enter and exit the atmosphere, and then it all goes wrong.

The shifting of the warm body at my side pulled me out of my thoughts, dismissing the reports on Vodan. The planet had successfully transferred out of that pocket-like dimension allowing us to close the connection to the cosmic train. Honestly, the fact that a dimensional portal on earth led directly to a Celestial's area of influence really had me wanting to shit a brick.

There were some beings alive that just transcended all and I honestly did not want to tangle with any of them. Yet, I knew that it was only time until I met one of the galaxy's big assholes and got into a fight for my life. The fact that Attuma a two-bit Namor bottom feeder had gotten his hands on a cosmic weapon just meant there were enough variables around to drop on my head and fuck up the situation plenty.

Smiling at myself, I pushed those thoughts aside because such things were the spice of life when you lived in Marvel; just the scale was a lot grander. A tanned arm wrapped around my waist and pulled the body that it was attached to closer. Shifting from the orbital view, I turned my attention to the head of red hair mixed with the blonde on my other side.

Jean's mouth curled into a smile before she pulled herself up my body to rest her head on my shoulder. Gwen let out a grumble as she rolled over and tried to pull the blanket closer to her form. Jean's hand curled its way across my scalp as her other hand went around my waist. I was letting out a light hum at the contact of the fantastic feel of her fingers rolling across my scalp.

"You're not still upset are you?" Jean asked as she placed a kiss on my shoulder. Shaking my head as I smiled at her, I summoned over the tablet as I decided to show her what I was working on. A mental command activated the holo-tablet bringing up the planet of Vodan.

Jean let out a gasp as she pulled the tablet closer so that she might get a better look at the hologram. "It's beautiful."

My chest rumbled with a small chuckle as I then flicked my wrist, with that motion, my mission report appeared. I watched and waited on Jean as she read over the reports, but that changed when Gwen started to grumble before sitting up to join us. She rubbed her eyes for a second before her bright blue orbs shone with intensity.

Her hands snapped forward pinching and twisting the hologram as she pulled the medical information towards her. Shaking my head, I settled back to rest on the headboard as one read over the newly discovered medical understanding of a new world as the other read over newly found archaeological discoveries.

Both of them took some time to review and soak everything in while I watched the moon that also doubled as a planetoid. Gwen was the first to finish, flicking away the hologram, she slung a leg over my waist and straddled my lap.

A delicate hand trailed across my face shifting my view from the planetoid below as Gwen grinded her warm core against my hardened member. She peppered my face with kisses as she rocked back and forth on my lap, but I could already figure out why she was trying to butter me up.

Honestly, if I was ruled by my second head everyone would know about using honey traps to defeat me. Returning the smile, I accepted the kisses as I pulled Jean in and she straddled my other leg. We went back and forth for a time, our tongues entwined before I decided to break the news to them both.

"I really appreciate the time honored tradition that all women seem to know about blowing a man to get him to automatically agree, but I already brought the planet and set it into orbit." I smoothly said, causing the both of them to pause in their actions.

They both paused mid-action before their eyes lit up with excitement and they squealed. A wave of my hand changed the holographic view of the outside to that of the space station sitting over the latest planet in the solar system. They both looked out at the blue-green planet with clear excitement on their features. Jean gave me a sharp telekinetic tug, but I passed her being in charge as I scooped her up into one arm while I picked up Gwen with the other.

Turning around, I took my two trouble makers to bed one more time, there was no such thing as it being far too early in the morning for that.


A few hours after our little bedroom escapades found us sitting in Jean's command room listening to today's reports from all over the kingdom. As I listened to the gathered information from Sage with one ear, I read over the reports sent to my personal omni.

From what I could tell, Raven had taken it as her personal mission to figure out how the demon summoners had been able to get around the wards in place. I felt that the sensors weren't tuned finely enough, but I was also of the mind not to go all big brother and get into people's personal privacy with the type of sensors that were available to my Empire.

All that was in the way of me crossing such a line was a command before scanners capable of X-raying and logging a person's last five kin, meals they ate over the last week and if they had a bad knee while also reading off the serial number from a female's UDI were placed. With the number of super-geniuses at my command, we had scanners like that and so much more.

So even with all of that at my command, it was difficult to find a balance between proper security and being big brother. Yet, something had to give because I refuse to let demons invade once more or allow any summoning for that matter outside of the mage towers.

My woman was happy that we had been able to deal with the situation but couldn't get why it upset me so much. They didn't have the outside context of the type of death universe that we were in, but I did, so I was not happy with the situation at all.

My frustration with that situation was pushed to the side as I got to the report where the United Nations was sending me a summons about the new planet. I stared at the report that contained a copy of the summons for a moment before snorting in derision. Shaking my head, I forwarded it to my ambassador before continuing on with the rest of my reports; chucking at their foolishness. The only reason I would show my face to those gits was to put them in their place.

And unlike last time, I don't believe that they will have an emergency to save their hides from me. Gwen nudged my shoulder "What's so funny?"

Smiling at her, I turned the screen of the omni connected to my wrist. Gwen read it for a few lines before she also burst into a chuckle. Jean looked up from what she was working on and I just sent her a copy to read over. Jean snorted then rolled her eyes at the report with a shake of her head.

With a huff, I watched as she went back to read over an archaeological request from a college on Pandora. Gwen stretched out before laying her head in my lap before pulling my hand to rest on top of her head. With a hand going through Gwen's hair, I read over the update on Vodan. The planet had already finished the transfer with proper alignment within the solar system, but also with enough distance not to cause havoc with the Earth's tidal system.

Honestly, the last thing I needed at this moment was something to go wrong with Earth while all of my eggs were in the same basket. From what I could read, everyone in the Empire was beyond excited for the upcoming expansion. Hell, even those in Atlantis were excited and made it known that they were far happier under my rule over that of Namor.

It was honestly exciting times and that's not even with the announcement of what Jean had discovered here. Of course, the rest of the family knew and certain advisors were in the know; but other than that, things have been pretty hush-hush over the discovery of a titan.

Yet, the only bad taste that this discovery left in my mouth was the Star Fox situation, granted it wasn't Jean's fault since the man had been a serial rapist even in the source material. If I wasn't mistaken, he pulled this same shit with a lot of married women and a few men before he got caught and then tried it with She-Hulk. Unfortunately, she never got to kick his ass after that night, but she did try to put him away for the rest of his life.

Note that I said try, well that failed because of course normal prisons can't hold Eternal offsprings nor the brother of Thanos himself. So his death would be the only outcome of his little attempt and I had to be happy with it. Jean did do a great job of immolating the man after all to the point that not even an echo of his soul was left behind so there was no way that I could complain about it.

There was a ping from the side but it was ignored as I kept one hand flowing through Gwen's golden locks. A second ping came but that one was also ignored as well. The third ping had me finally put what I was doing to the side as I looked upwards and towards the panel on the wall. A mental nudge from me had it turned on and the irritation that I was holding evaporated.

The com line was from one of my flagships the Infinity, and this one's commander was Accalia, a female Lycan from Australia. If memory serves me correct, since I could remember everything perfectly, her ware form was that of a large Jaguar, gold with black spots.

In the bottom left of the screen was her location and I could see that she brought the Infinity flight group that she commanded into orbit around Titan. Good, I was the big gun sure, but there was just something viscerally stimulating to others when they saw that you also carried a big gun.

The natives might think I am afraid to use it and damage the lost city, but they were wrong. Hell, they don't even know how fucked they truly were with how Skyfox had burnt those bridges. Those bridges were so burnt the poor fools couldn't even comprehend how close they are from a Warhammer forty K style Exterminatus.

Then again, this was Jean's Op, and I was going to let her run things. That's why I said nothing when Accalia's eyes scanned the room, widen as she saw me, before she locked in with Jean's. Good, this was Jean's outfit, and even if I was shagging her rotten and tossing around commands from time to time, this was still her command.

My fingers flowed through Gwen's golden locks as I listened to Jean with one ear. Smiling down at the beauty in my lap, I gave her a wink before reading over some of my business holdings. Emma, my other beautiful blonde, was turning out a fortune for the both of us. From what I could see, Emma wanted to take Vega with her as she ran with a new idea for Frost International.

Besides that report, Sage had gathered the numbers for all of the moving parts. Profits would go up about thirty-two percent while the cost would go down with the lower international prices. Shaking my head at it all, I sent back a reply to cut that profit increase by twenty percent and put the money back into paying employees more. Even if things would get cheaper with creation in different parts of the world, I really didn't want to become one of those nasty conglomerates.

I already had my nation, my women, and all of the space travel a science fiction nerd like myself could ever want. Then again, there was also the little fact that I was already so rich I could buy out a few space Empires with all of the accumulated wealth. The exploration ship hadn't made it to Nova space yet, but with the materials available, combined with what I knew, there was an absolute certainty that my Empire would become a fiscal superpower.

It helps to have a lot of matter manipulators within the Empire.

Humming a tune, I looked up as the discussion about the movement of troops came up, ten thousand spartans, huh?

"My Queen, all that we would need is an appropriate landing zone, or teleportation waypoint, this way I can have the troops moving out within the hour." The commander spoke, as the holo-image on the wall shifted.

Jean tilted her head before flicking a finger at the map located on the left-wing of her desk. The map shifted to change what it was showing, the shift was from the orbital showing of Titan down to a surface view. From what I could tell, the moon had already been thoroughly mapped even if it wasn't extensively explored.

The map shifted before Jean gave the map another flick causing a red marker to appear on the map.

"You can drop a teleportation beacon here," Jean replied while entering a few commands into her finished work. "Then we can set a gate since this isn't a combat situation, I want this moon fully under our control within a week. I'll make sure to contact some minders to check to see who was loyal to Skyfox and those who were under his command due to his powers."

Understanding what she was planning, I nodded my head as I looked over her plan of conquest. I honestly didn't think that Jean had it in her to conquer another civilization; but then again, what Skyfox had tried to do was beyond the pale and turn about was fair play in my book. He tried to fuck her and she was about to fuck whatever little kingdom he had tried to build out here in space.

Gwen shifted on my lap as she heard more and more of Jean's plan. Her head cocked to the side and I could already see her mind formulating solutions.

"We should separate the kids out that carry his genetic structures," Gwen said as she shifted my hand from her hair to underneath her shirt. A light dusting of pink colored her cheeks as she continued to speak. "From my initial scans a few of them might be experiments."

That interjection alone brought the room to silence: then the air shimmered around Jean as her hair levitated with small flares of fire from the ends. Raising an eyebrow before letting out a huff with a little frost spell mixed into my breath.

Jean's hair lost its flames before relaxing and she sent me a smile from her desk. Gwen rolled her eyes at us before activating her own omni and flicking a few disturbing reports our way.

"Kinda already went over these with Sue. but some of the genetic structures are far too uniform to be anything other than man-made experimentations." Gwen supplied as she pointed out a couple of sections for us to look at. Without knowing what it was that I was looking at, it could have taken more than a few minutes to figure it out. Yet, with Gwen already color-coding it and pointing out the markers, it was easy to see the lego brick-like nature of the changes.

"Were either of you able to figure out what he was trying to do?" I asked, leaning forward in my seat.

Gwen shook her head before pushing me back in my seat, "No, but it's clear he has been trying to amplify their powers."

Yeah, that brought a distasteful look to my face. "Alright, well I recommend that you have a minder check them out, I would hate to admit them into the Empire and find out a few had triggers in their heads."

Jean looked at me then tilted her head in thought before speaking, "That's actually a valid point since I did find a trigger link to a Thanos for rebirth."

My breath caught cold in my throat as I sat forward while pulling my hand from beneath Gwen's shirt.

My full attention was turned to Jean as a small scowl rippled across my features. "Are you positive?"

She looked at me with squinted eyes before I felt a mental knock against my shields. "Yeah, he even had a psionic location shout attached to his mental plane."

Jean connected mentally and I sent over not only my worries but also what I knew about Thanos and what he might be up to. Her eyes widened before her hands started to fly across the control panel before her. There was a flash of red from the central control console before she sat down with a huff.

Gwen was clearly confused as she looked from Jean to myself for answers. "Ahh, what's going on, and who is Thanos"

I let out a sigh as I read over the hologram, "A massive big bad out in the wider reaches of space."

On the hologram hovering over Jean's desk read this: Subspace Communication sent one way to the far reaches of space. Zeron one hundred hours:

Just staring at the large blocky red lettering pissed me off something fierce, but I had to let it be. She didn't know and I was too busy giving appreciation to her lovely thighs to have remembered such fine detail from the comics. Hell, with how often shit was retconned before my death, how could I have remembered such a thing.

Turning to her, I just shook my head, "Did you at least stop the psionic broadcast?"

"Ohh yeah, that was easy," Jean replied with a dismissive wave of her hand.

"Nodding, I got up from my location as I read over the information Raven had just sent me. "Alright, I am going to go deal with this, but I want you home before Christmas and New Years'."

Gwen shook her head at me, "We won't be here that much longer, I want to see my parents and Jean's coming back with me kicking and screaming if I have to drag her."

Jean of course did the very mature thing and stuck her tongue out at Gwen from her desk. Shaking my head at them both, I first picked up Gwen laying a lip lock on that had her legs wrap their way around my waist.

After a while, I sat her back down on the couch while her face blushed a scarlet red. Before Jean could blink, I was upon her, hands filled with ass as I held her posted against the wall. Nipples hardened and pushed against my chest as she let out a squeak moan for Gwen to hear.

Walking around the desk, I put Jean down next to Gwen who was still blushing scarlet from our tongue battle. With a chuckle, I turned and gave my supercarrier commander a minor solute which she returned. Turning on the spot, I ran through the wall separating the inner workings of the space station with space.

Pausing on the other side of the viewing window, I gave Titan one last derisive look before crouching down on the side of the space station. Slowing my breath, I waited for the seventy-two-degree turn of the space station before kicking off hard. The space station barely shifted as I took off at a hard pace towards earth.

I could have easily teleported, but I needed time to think and formulate a plan. Starfox was one thing but also learning that he had a psionic echo attached was another. Thanos was going to come, and come hell or high water, my budding Empire had to be prepared to fight not another Empire, but the Mad Titan of all people.

Plans had to be made, soldiers trained, backup plans put in place, same with safety measures to make sure my kids survived if the outcomes turned for the worst. Saturn passed on my right, but I paid it no mind as the terraformed oceans of Mars appeared in my sights: still, I ran.

With a hop, I turned sideways as the speed force sparked beneath my feet, golden bolts of lightning illuminating the darkness that was the void. Riding the lightning, I circled once, then twice around Mars and boy, I never got tired of the exhilaration that came with riding the lightning. I bent, twisted, and made loops as I allowed my actions to melt my worries away.

Bending over, I reached down and grabbed a hold of the speed force lightning, grabbing hold of it tightly, I then molded it to my desires. Unbridled power flexed as it tried to retain its shape, but I was long past such untamed power. I was its master and it would obey me whether it wanted to or not.

My face split into a grin as I felt the lightning buckle and shift before a smooth surface for me at the bottom of my feet. Standing back up, I gave my speed force a broad smile before riding the gravity well of Mars until it placed me in perfect alignment with Earth.

Shifting my backfoot, I gave the board some juice as it shot me towards Earth. My omni flashed a warning across my vision as it marked me coming with far too much speed but that was ignored. Shifting left, I kicked, then flipped the board, turning upside down. I ran a hand across the surface of the solar panel to the international space station. Smirking at the finger trail through the space dust that had built up on its surface. I turned my head, giving a wink to the astronaut that was out for a spacewalk.

With a twist I had the board back underneath both feet, ignoring the startled astronaut, and it was time to head home. Nasa could put that video in their pipe and smoke it, lucky for them I actually like wearing pants. So today they will only be seeing one type of moon on camera.

With a wave of the hand, I dismissed the ship that flew up to meet me as I made my re-entry into Earth's atmosphere. The edges of my board heated up rapidly turning red, but I paid it no mind as the thermal energy was channeled into the speed force.

The edges of my jeans singed around the ankle but that was ignored as I descended enough to finally take a nice deep breath of fresh air. With a mighty twist, I sent myself spinning through the air before turning upside down.

Throwing both arms out, I caught the wind within my embrace, nothing stopped me as the ocean got closer and closer. Bringing both arms out before me, I slipped beneath the waves, rolled over with the ocean current before taking off towards one of my underwater cities.

The cool salt of the ocean filled my lungs for the briefest of moments before expelling outwards to be replaced by the speed force's own energies. The board that I rode landed lightly on the ocean floor before a mental command kicked it into high gear.

The ocean quaked around me as I slipstreamed beneath its surface. Unlike Vodan, I couldn't move with the same uncaring nature since there was a surface up top that could suffer consequences from shockwaves beneath the surface.

Within two turns, I had arrived at one of my seven oceanic cities. Since I was keyed into the illusion that kept that city hidden and safe, I was able to see the illumination from miles out. Gliding above my city, I looked down upon them as each individual went about their daily lives not even aware of the larger picture I had in store for their future.

For now, in their minds, my rule was a lot better than Namor's with how their conditions have improved so much. Yet, even with how much they might love me, there were those that would cause dissidence within the populace by helping outsiders sow discord and strife.

Raven had already caught one such person and that was my final destination. The fact that someone would betray all that I have done for them and bargain with demons was so galling to me. Even with the knowledge that Thanos might be aware of my presence now before I was fully prepared hadn't reached the same levels of anger that I felt towards this person. The mere thought of it inflamed my anger all over again, his would not be painless or swift.

An example must be made and luckily for everyone else, this count from Namors old court volunteered himself. Pushing all of those thoughts aside, I made to land in the portal complex instead of teleporting him. From what Raven had sent, she was waiting on me in Atlantis with not only a contingent of troops, but also the black ops team that had apprehended the Count.

Giving the guards a nod, I entered my override code activating the portal circumventing the wait time since I had everything running as if it was the Metro in New York or the MTA in California. The portal system was easy to understand, it ran every thirty minutes to a set city on rotation. Then there was the portal express train, which ran every ten minutes for sure, but it also stayed in a city for those ten minutes going between districts.

The express train would run like an ordinary subway for those ten minutes before going through a portal to another city on its daily rotation. The massive difference was the wait time while one was a ride and the other portal was made for walking. With Vodan now set in its proper orbit around the sun, the main city would be added to the rotation.

Of course, there was also a Grand Central Terminal on Pandora, but that didn't matter right now as the portal activated for my safe travels. Sending a wave to my troops, I strolled through the glowing sky blue portal.


Stepping out of the portal, a procession of troops greeted my presence all down on one knee as Raven stood boldly and proudly in the place of honor before everyone. My first step shifted the mood of my receiving, the second step blurred my image of all those watching. The third step accessed the speed force, my fourth forced my will upon reality, bending it to my wants.

The pants that I wore shredded into nothing only to be replaced with armor-plating, black with golden trim unstable molecular fabric ran its way across my form. Wolf faced shoulder pauldrons made themselves known with a howl. This same howl caused some of those in the surroundings to shiver in fright as that primal sense that long lay dormant alerted them of the predator in the room.

Slightly flexing my muscles unleashed a wind that sent my cape bellowing as if the wind itself was flowing deep below the ocean's surface. With a smile, I brought my gauntleted fist up to my face before flexing my fingers a few times then forming a fist. With a snort, I lowered my hand, then came out of my own personal speed time.

Air fluttered as my cape billowed behind me showing off my impressive regal appearance. Raven threw a dazzling smile my way before approaching and taking my arm. With a nod, she led me to our waiting vehicle.

The vehicle in question was an open hood limo-fish thing, from what I could remember this thing was the royal strider that Namor once used. All around my troops took their place, so I settled in beside Raven as the vehicle took off.

With a smile on her face and a hand in the air, Raven waved at some of the passing populace as they stopped to take in our appearance. Giving a curt nod of my own in return, I also held up a hand and waved to my subjects. This continued for another ten minutes before we arrived at the palace in Atlantis. As we arrived at the palace, I was in a much better mood as I picked Raven up bridal style.

Stepping out of the strider with Raven in my hands, I turned to find that the doors to the palace were already open, so instead of waiting around any longer. I of course beat feet as I took my lady on a ride. Since I already knew what this was all about, it didn't take very long for me to arrive within the throne room.

Ororo met me at the door giving Raven a kiss first before turning her supple lips my way. Letting out a loose chuckle, I placed Raven down and took the offered tablet from Ororo. Peering around a little, I noticed that Sue decided not to come. A quick check with my omni told me that she was still in her lab, but at least she had an Astarte assistant with her. Nodding my head at that, I turned to my ladies.

"So want to say anything or let me handle the whole proceeding?" I asked, looking once at Raven then towards Ororo.

Ororo grimaced at me, "It might be better if you handle it, I would just fry the little man."

Raven gave me a look before showing me something on the tablet. "What do you plan to do with his family?"

"Total erasure with a clean slate protocol," I answered swiftly and cleanly.

They both gave me a look as each of them thought it over. It was honestly situations such as this why I had the minders as a secret division within my Empire. Traitors being traitors would always give themselves away and since I wasn't in the kill the whole family business unless something that I could absolutely not approve went down they were literally lifesavers.

I knew myself and no, as much as I dislike demons, I was not above summoning them to be unleashed upon my enemies. That was the only thing saving the Count from having his family exterminated along with him.

Raven let out a sigh before holding her head high and giving me a nod. "Okay, but I think that we should also relocate them to Vodan."

"Splendid," Ororo replied with approval. "That would separate them from anyone finding them automatically, maybe get a bio-sculptor to change their appearance to match with their new lives."

Smiling from the side, I allowed the two to run through ideas before the bell rang alerting us of the two-minute signal. We each shared a look, before turning around with a badass cape swish and exiting our personal chamber.

A wall of sound hit me face-first as the trumpet blared, a resounding stomp rang through the halls as the troops all saluted as one. Keeping a neutral expression on my face, I stood before my gun-metal grey and gold throne. Funny how my throne alone could purchase any country on Earth, anyone who knew their metallurgy could see that it was made out from some of the universe's rarest metals known.

Vibranium, Uru, and Adamantium folded again and again until a throne was formed, then gold mixed with nth metal also known as the life metal inlay stylishly around not only my throne but also the thrones of my lovely ladies.

Raising a brow, I took in how everyone was waiting on us with bated breath, Ororo took her position at my right, while Raven took her position at my left. With one badass sweep of my cape, I seated myself with my ladies following close behind.

A hand motion was given for those in court to rise from their kneeling position and I noticed Namora standing off to the side with Andromeda. Medusa was also there along with Sage, but I said nothing as my focus was drawn by the orator.

"Your eminence, the court has gathered here today to bear witness to justice given to a traitor of the Empire." The Orator spoke boldly as he stood behind a podium.

A small nod was given with a motion of my hand. Troops shifted and a blue-skinned man with orange hair was brought forward for everyone to see. Up above, holo-images of all those who wielded power within my Empire bore witness. Be they Commanders of my ships, troops, administrators to Counts and Dukes ruling by my grace over the Empire.

"We the Council of Justice present your eminence to the traitor Count Pierre." The Orator continued as the traitor was brought in with chains. Instead of allowing him to walk, someone had the bright idea to let him float inside of a bubble of water. "Here stands a traitor that conspired with demons to invade our lands. Here stands a man who conspired with our enemies to better his own standing. Here stands a man guilty of corruption against our people."

Well, I wonder who found such an orator, a slight speed glance at Ororo gave me the answer that I was looking for as the orator chewed the hell out of his time at the podium. The Count was already marked as guilty after all of the evidence was brought against him to the courts, but man the orator was leaving nothing to the imagination for those watching.

The Orator turned with a solemn look to his features and I could already see where this was going, "His crimes have already been judged by the court with evidence found and presented to the courts. The only thing left for his eminence to do is dole out justice. The punishment for treason to the Empire is death."

Things went silent as I surveyed the room before speaking, "And has the traitor had his last rights and meal?"

My voice rang through the halls hard as steel, even in the ears of those not within the chamber. On some of the holograms, a few watchers shivered, but I paid them no mind, my gaze boring into the orator.

"Yes, your eminence." The orator replied with a hard nod of his head. Taking that as my answer, a wave of my hand created space around the bubble containing the prisoner. Standing from my throne, I said nothing as I motioned for Faora's knife which she handed over without a word.

A flick of the wrist had the knife zipping through the air, popping the bubble that held Pierre above the ground while also slicing through his chains. Pierre fell onto his knees as he collapsed, but I paid that no mind as the knife came floating back around to stab into the ground before him.

"Traitors do not deserve respect, but a man must die on his feet." I said taking another step forward. Those words alone made my people stand up or sit up a little straighter, this was the warrior culture that I wanted to foster within my people. That even at death's door, a warrior facing his death head-on was far greater than any honors. "Die a coward, or face your death, the choice is yours."

Pierre said nothing as he picked up the blade and made a run for it, but he not only made the wrong decision, but his actions were far too late. My fist slammed into the side of his head sending the traitor flying away from the impact.

Snatching the blade out of the air, it glowed a faint silver as I placed a stasis spell upon it. A flick of my wrist sent the knife to embed itself within Peirre's sternum, but once again he wasn't given an opportunity to remove it.

With a mighty stomp, I crushed his pelvis, blood, piss, and spittle flew everywhere as he screamed bloody murder. Yet, my actions did not slow down as the traitor was methodically broken for everyone to bear witness.

Hands scrambled to grab hold of my armor plating, but that was futile as a wrist was grabbed then torn from his body. Blood gushed forth upon my front, but even that was ignored as my hands found Pierre's neck.

Broken and torn stump impacted my chest, bone attempting to tear, puncture and render my flesh. A mighty shake was given causing even more blood to fly everywhere. His attempts to scream fell on deaf ears before his skull fracturing put a stop to even that pitiful amount of action.

My facial features remain neutral as the left eye pops from its socket before even his tongue falls out of his mouth from his biting force chewing through. The muscles in my arms flexed once more as the rest of Pierre's head pulps from the force as the air within the room kicks up from such a move.

Keeping my expression neutral, I performed a snap motion with my hand divesting it of all the blood, brain, and viscera. The cleanliness of my arms was a stark contrast to the spinal column within my grasp as was the rest of the blood across my form.

None moved, none spoke and none said so much as a word as I turned and walked back to my throne with Pierre's spine in my grasp. Taking my seat, I witnessed the pale visage of those within the court and on-call that bore witness. My spartans had the fervor of true fanatics while those that just gave lip service to my rule were clearly rethinking some of their own plans, good. The Chinese had a saying, kill the chicken to scare the monkeys, Pierre was the chicken and they were the monkeys.

Only time would tell if they learned not to cross my line.

With a lazy toss, Pierre's spine fell within the pool of his rapidly cooling blood.

"Long Live The Empire."

Everyone snapped to attention, [Long Live The Empire!]

Authors Note :

One step closer to galactic throw down. No one saw that beacon coming. Yeah am pushiing the plot forward got a few more points to close out before I can start some grand plans.

Let's hit fast forward with a time skip, shall we… I heard the Avengers movie was around the corner, or whatever is left of it after I hit it with the cross counter of not gonna repeat this shit.

Let's shake things up since so many stories repeat the same thing over and over again.

Yeah, we get it, one dude is playing Galaga and Steve understands the barrel of monkeys and heating the cube to one hundred and twenty million Calvin helps with controlling and stabilizing the portal.

Happy Fourth Of July, am going to go put my adult pants on and hit up the BBQ.

Let me know what you guys think about the chapter.

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