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/ Series / The Fastest Man Alive
The Fastest Man Alive
The Fastest Man Alive
525.1k Views 8504 Favorites 92 Chapters 0 Chapters/Week 2313 Readers
4.2 (255 ratings)
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Join Benjamin Blake as he tackles life in Marvel against all odds.
I do not own X-men, Marvel or DC properties.
This is pure fanfic so let’s all just enjoy ourselves and suspend a little disbelief.

Avengers Marvel Marvel Comics MCU X-men
Antihero Protagonist Artificial Intelligence Heroes Male Protagonist Modern Time Outer Space Overpowered Protagonist Pragmatic Protagonist R-18
Table of Contents 92
  1. Fast 92Jun 12, 2023
  2. Fast 91Jan 22, 2023
  3. Fast 90Jan 15, 2023
  4. Fast 89Nov 21, 2022
  5. Fast 88Nov 13, 2022
  6. Fast 87Aug 29, 2022
  7. Fast 86Aug 29, 2022
  8. Fast 85Aug 8, 2022
  9. Fast 84Jul 3, 2022
  10. Fast 83May 9, 2022
  11. Fast 82Apr 11, 2022
  12. Chapter 81Mar 28, 2022
  13. Chapter 80Feb 20, 2022
  14. Chapter 79Feb 5, 2022
  15. Chapter 78Jan 22, 2022
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      Status: chapter 31: courtship

      Gonna give this a 3 star. 

      It's a decent fanfic that seems to have a lot of effort put into it so far, the chapters are long and fast-paced and when the novel is actually making progress in the plot it's really good. Although, the story seems kinda boring? It's fast-paced but makes little sense most of the time, side characters enter the story with sloppiness. Now, the whole story revolves around women and the story seems more like a sh*tty romance than fanfic. 

      If the author would just write some more story and actual plot that makes sense instead of adding so many characters that you just don't care about into the story, randomly. (Spoilers ahead) The MC literally ascended to godhood and f**king nothing happened after that like, ok? That was badass and now what? F**king nothing. (Spoiler end) The MC should be more arrogant, it's like he doesn't even have a personality anymore, it's just bland.

      ALTHOUGH, it is worth reading if you like marvel harem stuff and power development (even if it (power) doesn't seem to matter anyway).

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      15 Likes · Like
      Status: c13

      Dropped at 13 because of forced comedy... killed the whole vibe that the story had going... MC becomes more and more of a push over.. it's more than just whipped... it's like every girl in the story has a leash on him... his reactions to them could make me commit a war crime.. choked through all of chapter 13 hoping it would change back but now I can't get the taste of let down out of my mouth... feels bad.. besides gwen I was enjoying this fanfic... 

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      14 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 14: making moves

      The story has so many plot holes, m.c. is a recalcitrant, impatient, inconsistent, mess...

      He says he's all for gender equality when throwing ppl down. But when he is chasing a mercenary who "willingly cooperated" with the people who kidnap children & experiment on them, he is willing to let her get away with the excuse that she got "far away" 

      And just a few minutes before that happened scot summers got killed, an m.c. had a little monologues about this world being real & him not having a plot armour, all that sh*t went down the drain when the "female" mercenary (who just murdered people to get away from the m.c.) was simply content with "just" putting him to sleep & "escaping"...

      Why didn't he just knock her out? His a.i. clearly told him she was a member & he has super speed for god sake. & he he decided to "go into normal speed" just to confront her...

      The reason is simple l, if it's a good looking Chapter they can do no wrong in this story. So when ever a good looking female shows up they are always going to get away with whatever evil sh*t they are complicit with, because they will have a sob story down the line. (Im sure they would not even have that in it wasn't for the author getting blasted for his maiden-less behaviour)


      The author has no idea how to write a speedster "just like every other tv series & big screen writer" and this one is even worse because the author keeps pulling out new powers out of his a** & still m.c. could not do the job right when it matters the most. 


      Did I forget to mention he just "mercy killed" the rampaging and suffering mutant test subjects. 

      If he sees any suffering victim he kills them, even though he has the best regeneration serums, he can pack 100s of guns on a mission but not 10 viles of healing solution.

      Truly, A waste of plot & powers.


      And please stop using a.i. in stories if you are going to treat them like "smart people who are bumbling idiots" 

      The a.i. could have used multiple bodies or a nonobot sworm to contain the mess,

      It is possible because m.c. just build himself a advanced lab with super computer with junkyard scraps...


      For all the consistency issues, abundant plot holes, character inconsistencies, the story is atleast not racist, xenophobic, homophobic, or misogynistic (for now) [Looking at all the other sh*t that's allowed to be on the site this isn't half bad. that at least deserves 1/2 star.

      The story is a enjoyable read if you shut off your brain and stop thinking. That deserves 1 start 

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      13 Likes · Like
      Status: c52

      Read up to chapter 52, and it's only because there's nothing else to read. The story connects very well with each other, at least, I feel like it. I'm not a lore nut and only know the basic stuff, and that's only from the MCU, but everything checks out in my mind.

      NOTE: Each chapter is very long, so this isn't something to break out for a light read. 

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      4 Likes · Like
      Status: chapter 72

      I've enjoyed it so far, but the pacing is almost too fast, too the point that important characters are getting left behind.

      Due to his large harem, we often go several chapters without seeing one of his lovers.

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      1 Likes · Like
      Status: cfast 83

      The biggest drawback for this fanfic is that the updates are very slow. Other than that I like everything else about it.


      If understand correctly what the author is trying to do with MC’s power, it is that while he has the potential to become ‘the god of the speed force’ he has yet to become a god because he needs time to grow and cultivate his powers. And when I say ‘god’ I don’t mean someone like Thor but something more powerful like a celestial. 

      Or at least that is what I think is going on. I wrote this because some people put up reviews that seemed a bit confused about the whole god thing and I thought I might put up my view on the matter in hopes that it might clarify somethings.

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