Chapter 4: Omari!
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Octavius stalked to his chamber and slammed the door shut and gritted his teeth. He punched the door with his fist angry that he had to sit through all of that bullshit and heard, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

Octavius turned around ready to defend himself then his jaw dropped when he saw who it was. His eyes widened in shock and he quickly rubbed it in disbelief.

“Yeah I’m here and I brought calories to eat,” Omari stated with a chicken tender in his mouth.

Octavius rushed towards the bed that Omari had made himself comfortable on. Omari stood up on the bed and let Octavius hug him who instantly buried his face in his stomach taking in his scent. Omari wrapped his arms around his neck and said, “There, there my prince, I came for our date.”

Octavius pulled him down to the bed and said, “I needed this, you really do not know how much I needed to see you.” Octavius felt so emotional seeing his beloved here and if it was not for his ego, he would be crying right now.

“Welp, you can thank Antero, he finally gave up after I kept on bombarding his phone,” Omari lied shoving another chicken tender into his mouth.

Octavius kissed him on the forehead and asked, “What are you eating?”

“Say ah, it's chicken tenders,” Omari said getting ready to break a piece off for him. Octavius chuckled and opened his mouth, “Aaaah.”

Omari popped the chicken tender in and said, “I am sorry you had a terrible time but I am here now, it was terrible to sneak in here and you need to help sneak me back out later.”

Octavius pouted as he chewed, “Can’t you stay? I’ll sneak you out tomorrow night and pretend I’m sick.”

Omari chuckled and shook his head, “Where will I sleep?”

Octavius looked at his bed and said, “Next to the chicken tenders.”

Omari turned back to the bed and said, “You’re lucky I don’t have work tomorrow and I feel safer in this room, let me just call my parents up.”

“Yes,” Octavius high fived him.

Omari sat down on the bed and asked as he took Octavius's hand that was red in his, “So what made you angry that you would resort to punching the door? I’m sure the door has feelings too.”

Octavius sighed and sat down on the bed beside him, he took off his tie and said, “My parents are inviting guests trying to arrange for me to get married to their daughters.”

“So you're not hungry then?” Omari asked, crawling over to the middle of the bed where there was a silver tray on it with his food.

Octavius turned to look and his gaze hardened, staring straight into Omari’s butt. Omari turned his head back to look at him and saw this scene and smirked, “I don’t have meat on my ass, it’s here on the tray your highness.”

Octavius turned his head away and looked ahead of him, he let out a breath he did not know he was keeping and said, “Sorry.”

Omari frowned then crawled up to him and hugged him from behind and said, “Don’t be shy, if you want to do certain things then just ask but I know you won’t.”

Looking at the wall Octavius answered, “It’s not the right way, I can wait a little longer.”

He turned to look at Omari and said, “But please don’t dress so provocatively, I can only keep myself sane for so long,” he showed him with two fingers measuring an inch.

“Then you better buy me clothes because the less material, the cheaper they are,” Omari said and sat down on the bed.

Octavius stood up and started undressing, “Now you know that is not true, autumn is here and you need to dress warmly.”

“Is that an order?” Omari smirked dangling a French fry in his hand.

“Yes and stop eating my chicken,” Octavius said with a frown on his face. Omari pointed behind him and said, “There is yours and go make the pizza warm, you’ll love them.”

Octavius did what he said and went to the kitchen to warm up the pizza. Octavius returned to the room and said, “Do you know I had to order everyone to stand still and close their eyes? My parents are definitely going to hear about this.”

Omari ignored his complaint and looked at him baffled as he asked, “Are you picking the movie or should I?”

“You pick it?” Octavius grumbled, Omari didn’t care about his problems and Octavius did not like that.

Omari yawned and complained, “I would have done it myself but I don’t live here and if your parents do bring it up just give them the silent treatment like you always do.”

Octavius walked over with the two plates and climbed on the bed. He walked over to where Omari was sitting and sat down behind him, he placed the pizza in front of them and asked, “What are we watching?”

“A movie called, “Desire of Addiction. The main characters are male and female, one is gay while the female is an intersexual whose penis formed after she took medicine.”

“Intersexual?” Octavius questioned.

“Long ago they called it that but now, those born with rainbow’s in their eyes are called intersexual’s too,” Omari explained.

“Like you?” Octavius asked.

Omari was surprised and asked, “When did you do a background check on me?”

Octavius scoffed, “When we were in the park I saw the rainbow in your eyes. Antero and I spoke about it after and he was the one that told me what it meant and after that do you know what I decided?”

Omari shook his head, “No what?”

Octavius whispered into his ear, “I can’t wait to see how our child looks.”

“Shut up and watch the movie,” Omari said, ignoring his words. This prince was just so random with his provocative words even when the conversation was serious he would say something ridiculous.

“Is this pizza safe?” Octavius asked with a smile on his face knowing very well what the answer to it is.

Omari nodded his head, he pointed to the pizza covered in a red-ish sauce, "That is sweet and sour chicken pizza with pineapple on it and the green stuff is green pepper. This thing is their signature chicken pizza with a secret sauce, this one is bomb!”

“I will be the judge of that,” Octavius said and Omari pressed play while he shoved a chicken nugget in his mouth.

“Stop eating my damn chicken,” Octavius growled at him finding it hard to not curse. He kissed Omari on his neck and whispered, “Thank you for doing this.”

Omari hummed and leaned against Octavius's chest while they watched the movie and ate. Omari had watched this story and read the book many times already and he just wanted Octavius to relax and understand from watching this movie how difficult being gay can be.

Surprisingly with the complexity of the story, Octavius was very invested in watching the movie that he did not keep count of what he ate nor when Omari fell asleep.

The ending credits rolled on the screen and Octavius sighed, “That certainly was a crazy movie.”

“Mn?” Omari moaned in his sleep.

Octavius looked down at him and smiled, he leaned down and kissed Omari on the cheek and whispered, “I love you Omari.”

Omari heard his words and smiled, he turned to him and pulled him down for a hug, “I love you too idiot.”

Octavius chuckled against the pillows, “I thought you were asleep.”

“Trying to~” Omari answered.

Octavius fixed the bedsheets and moved everything that did not belong on the bed to the side then covered them both and hugged him. Rubbing his nose in Omari's curly hair, he sniffed it and asked, "Why do you always smell so delicious?"

Omari opened his eyes feeling something poke him from underneath the sheets and started panicking. Octavius was aware of what was going on under the sheets and was hoping that Omari couldn't feel anything at all.

"I don't smell delicious," Omari answered him nervously.

Octavius chuckled but that was a mistake, it only made him move closer to Omari increasing the silence in the chamber. 

"Oc, Octavius?" Omari called him.

Octavius swallowed hard before he answered, "Mn?"

Turning in his hold, Omari looked into his eyes or what seemed to be his eyes. He lifted his hands and placed them on Octavius's chest and whispered, "I can feel you."

"I am so sorry Omari, I don't even have an explanation for why this is happening," Octavius answered feeling guilty and embarrassed.

"You have an answer for your reaction, don't lie to me. I am the one person you should never lie to," Omari said and ran his hand down Octavius's chest stopping at the waistband of his joggers.

Octavius's breathing hitched, he grabbed Omari's hands and asked, "What are you doing?"

"What you want me to do," Omari answered. Octavius frowned defending himself, "No Omari, we can wait."

"We can wait but we can experiment too. We must certainly know if we want to be with each other whole heartily," Omari lied through his teeth.

Octavius laughed it off and pulled their hands up. He kissed Omari's hands and said, "We'll do this sometime in the future, don't fall asleep okay, I'll go sort myself out in the bathroom."

"You better think of me," Omari threw at him as he climbed off the bed.

Octavius chuckled saying, "How do you think I got into this situation?"

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