Stats of Zeruna
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Name: Zeruna Black

Level: 7362

Health Points: 6,633,680
Mana: 2,797,500
Psi: 5,923,000
Stamina: 6,393,020

Race: Elf (Dark)

Titles: Princess of Greed and Gore, Kin-Slayer, Conqueror, Empress of Death, Psionics Master, Elegant Death, Ceaseless Storm, Brawler, Rival of the Gods, Supreme Being, Dark Deity, Eternal Beauty, Goddess, Heavenly Demon, Purple Tempest


Melee - 27,323
Defense - 12,301
Psionic Power - 25,832
Speed - 23,948
Agility - 23,523
Finesse -11,291
Strength - 22,101
Vitality - 17,291
Magic Attack - 12,023
Magic Defense - 13,239
Total - 188,872


Dominating Authority MAX, Voice of Charm MAX, Aura of Fear MAX, Acid Resistance MAX, Fire Resistance MAX, Curse Resistance MAX, Debuff Resistance MAX, Water Resistance MAX, Falling Resistance MAX, Electricity Resistance MAX, Stun Resistance MAX, Ice Resistance MAX, Explosion Resistance MAX, Psionics Resistance MAX, Fear Resistance MAX, Holy Resistance MAX, Unholy Resistance MAX, Blood Wrath MAX, Wall of Jericho MAX, Voice of the Ruling Dictator MAX, Aura of Inspiration MAX, Vampiric Strikes MAX, Defense Breaker MAX, God's Wrath MAX, Blood Thirst MAX, Blood Siphon L5, Psionics MAX, Fist of Mythril MAX, Omniscience Intuition MAX, Counter Arrow MAX, Parallel Thinking MAX, Last Requiem MAX, Aegis MAX, Reflect Effect MX, Shatter Existence MAX, Smith Master MAX, Master Enchanting MAX, Weapon Dancer MAX, Ragnarok MAX, Apex MAX, Spellcraft MAX


Tremendous Appetite
Night vision
Natural-born Psion
Elven Hearing
Holy Magic Weakness
Vampiric Descendant