Chapter 5: To the Border
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Zeruna soars high above the ground and away from the city, pondering on what to do next and how much of this world is similar to the game Chroniks. And luckily for Zeruna, she has memorised every inch of the game map. 

She is using the spell Fly to travel; however, it could draw a lot of attention to herself, especially at the speeds she is travelling. Even though it would be brief, someone would be able to see her. This information would be relayed to the king, causing more future problems of him trying to attack her. She would use the ring of invisibility again, but its mana has been mostly exhausted, she had used it so foolishly.

'First I'll need a place to lay low, it would be better if it is a border village or something, a settlement far from the hustle and bustle of the economic centre. Wait, there's a humble village to the east, I left the place alone and didn't disturb it at all. It was too naturally beautiful to desecrate in any form, so it's was spared from the madness of war that I, accidently brought.

Looks like I'll have to lay low there for a few days. I'll also spend the time reading what happened in the 300 years I wasn't here. I know what happens off by heart before the 300-year gap. Knowing what happened in the past is imperative if I want to adapt my new surroundings and situation. I do believe that there is a small library there courtesy of a Dryad.

Uber-mega-ultra-supersonic speed enhancing mode, activate!'

When Zeruna thought uber-mega-ultra-supersonic speed enhancing mode, she could've never anticipated she could travel at such outrageous speed. Within two seconds, she is travelling well over 400 meters per second and definitely breaking the sound barrier. She blasts through the sky with a sound similar to a fighter jet.

"Greater Conceal," a spell that masks any noise the user makes. Now no-one would be able hear her and she's so high up, it would be hard to spot her.

Zeruna's screams in a mixture of surprise, fear and pure excitement as she soars through the sky at supersonic speeds. However, her mana begins to drop faster with this speed boost. The rate it is being consumed is 599 points per second, something that would be frightening for most other players — but not for one on Zeruna's level of power. It would take approximately another fifty minutes for it to reach zero which could kill her.

After finally reaching her desired location by taking multiple breaks to replenish mana, Zeruna readorns her mask before silently landing around the outskirts of the village. She then unsuspiciously makes her way to the village centre, a place where there should be merchant selling food, which she really needs.

The paths are lined with small decorative pebbles which run parallel with a clear stream. Just like in Chroniks, the entire area is dense woodland. However, from the air, the forest either shrank or the village grew. The latter being the more probable truth. However, the library that Zeruna seeked, is nowhere to be seen. 

There is a deep and drawn-out grumble originating from her stomach, hunger. Tremendous appetite strikes again! And at the most unfortunate time. Then, like a truck from nowhere, memory hits her, this town possesses no marketplace, the foragers and farmers are reluctant to distribute the town's food among strangers; even adventurers are denied food sometimes.

'What a pickle, I don't have any items in my inventory besides unequipped magic items and a few casual clothes. I do have some of the money I got from Koeman. The library I came here for is gone too. Things just aren't going my way.'

The masked Zeruna had, without noticing, walked directly into the town centre, but by some bizarre phenomenon, not encountered a single villager. Her interest peaked, she walks up to the closest building, and knocks on the door. The door shakily opens, revealing a man quivering in absolute fear for his life. He has expensive clothes on pointing to the fact he is most likely the leader of the village.

"Something wrong?" asks Zeruna, Voice of Charm on.

"Who are you, are you one of those savage bandits?" he snaps.

"No, I'm an adventurer, I am currently travelling," replies Zeruna. "Anyway, what sort of bandit would wear a cloak this flashy and exotic?"

It is clear the man stopped listening when Zeruna said 'adventurer', he immediately opens the door falls to his knees and begins begging for help.

"Our town is regularly terrorised by bandits, they rob our goods and kill our horses. We are powerless to stop it."

'So this is new, but should be expected, bandits never use to touch this village before. Looks like now they've changed their minds.'

"I will aid you for a price that'll be established now."

"Can't you do it out of the goodness of your heart?" asks the village elder. "You seem to be incredibly rich and well-off unlike this village."

'Say goodbye to Voice of Charm and hello to Dominating Authority.'

"No, I'm half-starved and low on funds," snaps Zeruna. "If you choose to not pay fifty silver after, I will resort to the same things the bandits did. Trading an evil, for a much worse one is foolish, so I hope you do pay up, for your sake."

"Yes, ma'am!"

"Good, now which direction did the bandits go?" asks Zeruna.

"They're still here, but be careful, they have a mage and are heavily armed," warns the elder. "South side of town."

"No need to worry, I am perfectly capable of destroying them," replies Zeruna.

'I could steal off the villagers, but I have no reason to. I was an upstanding member of human society, not some robber.

This fight should be easy even though I won't be able to use my arm blades, that would instantly give away my identity as Zeruna. It may be an idea to use illusion magic to change my cape from purple to red. That could also give away my identity! I should've thought about that long since! IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT! If I ever see Koeman again, I'll change his memories slightly, enough that he'd remember my cape as being red.'