Chapter 211 – Scuffle End
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New Series!

The title is I Write Sins and Tragedies.

I plan to upload the new novel alternatively with Naomi, so I will be able to take my time to write it.

The series will be out tonight, maybe if it is already approved again.

Also, it is a Gender Bender and Yuri story. The romance part will not be the focus, but there will be Yuri moment in the story. Please look forward to it!

Just click the image below to take you to the story!




The devils began to attack us from all directions, but we only focused on each other.

It was always like this whenever I got into a fight with my old man. Even if the other youkai interrupted us, we never stopped until at least one of us was exhausted. So, even if there were a lot of enemies around us, we only focused on our own duel instead of them.

They were not important, and they could be blasted off anytime in our duel. So, we rushed at each other at the same time Euclid gave his order. Of course, we also looked at our surroundings, so we wouldn’t worry about being attacked from behind.

We cut the devils that were trying to hinder us. They were too annoying, I should destroy them first.

“Haaa!” A group of devils attacked me with magic bullets barrage from my left and right side. There were at least 50 bullets shot toward me, and another 50 were shot toward my old man. He was still busy cutting the devils that tried to stop him from reaching me, but he glanced at the magic bullets that were coming at his place, so he should be okay.

I should be worried about the magic bullets that were aiming at me, as well as Euclid, who secretly took some part of his troops and was about to flee from us.

“Old man! Is this the extent of your strength?!” I shouted loudly as I swung my sword, cutting five devils in half, killing them immediately.

“Of course not, you brat! Do you think I am this weak, huh?! What about you? Why don’t you use your sacred gear, huh?!” My old man shouted back. He swung his sword a few times and killed a dozen of devils that surrounded him.

He then lowered his stance and sent a flying slash toward my direction. “Tsuki Giri!”

The flying slash killed the devils that were flying between us. It was stronger than before, so I killed the devils around me with one big swing of Nenekirimaru before lowering my stance. I didn’t send a flying slash toward it because it would only cancel each other.

I knew his intention for shouting before he used Tsuki Giri. Euclid had gathered around 500 devils in a distance and slowly tried to sneak away. This flying slash was indeed directed at me, but Euclid was located right behind me.

So, I used Kyouka Suigetsu to make Euclid think that I was a real one. My real body had long since gone after I killed the devil around me, I had circled around the troops from below and stood near Euclid’s location.

The flying slash finally hit my real body after a while, and I caught sight of Euclid smiling evilly.

“So he can’t dodge that? As expected from Nurarihyon!”

However, his smile quickly turned into a frown as my fake dissipated into a cloud of black smoke and the flying slash made its way toward him very quickly.

“What?!” He shouted in surprise, and at the same time, he created a barrier to block the flying slash in front of him.

The barrier was surprisingly strong, as it could block the Tsuki Giri. Even though it had been slicing a lot of devils, the force behind Tsuki Giri that my old man sent should’ve been enough to break the barrier of a normal devil.

The slash dissipated after a few seconds, and Euclid erased the barrier. “How dare you!” He shouted and pointed his hand toward my old man.

“Hah?! Why are you getting angry?” My old man answered calmly as if he wasn’t afraid of the devils that surrounded him as well as Euclid whose strength was at the level of an Ultimate-Class devil. “This is a war, no? And you are my, our enemy because you are part of the Khaos Brigade.”

“I am not part of that measly organization!” Shouted Euclid. “This is indeed war, but it doesn’t concern a youkai like you! It’s ours, devil’s war! Don’t get involved in this any longer, Nurarihyon!”

“Gya gya gya, you’re too loud!” My old man picked his ear with his finger. He then pulled his finger from his ear and looked at the loot before blowing it away with his breath. “Do you know that we have already signed the peace conference, huh?”

“Of course, I know! But that doesn’t mean you can join a civil war as it doesn’t concern you!”

“Oh, it does concern us, though.” Answered my old man. “At least, that’s why my son thinks. Right, Riku?”

“Yeah.” I answered as I showed my real self. I was standing behind Euclid with my sword in his neck. The devils that surrounded Euclid were surprised when I showed myself, and so did Euclid.

It was his fault that he forgot about me when I used Kyouka Suigetsu. Maybe he thought that I had died from my old man’s attack? Surely he was jesting. He even saw my Fake dissipate into a cloud of black smoke.

Or did he put his guard down because of his anger? If that was the case, then my old man’s quip technique had managed to even make the Ultimate-Class devil lose his cool. I should learn more about that.

When I appeared, Euclid quickly used the replica sacred gear, Night Reflection, to try to bind me. However, I wouldn’t fall for the same trick.

I used Incinerate Anthem and lowered the chance of me being bound by the Night Reflection with Telos Karma.

Incinerate Anthem burst out of my body and burned the lower class devils around me in an instant. Even some high-class ones were forced to retreat back because of the holy energy that came out of Incinerate Anthem. Euclid also suffered the burn from the Incinerate Anthem, and he screamed out in pain.

“AAAARRRGGHHH!! STOP IT!! What do you want by doing this?! By stopping me?!”

“I want some peace.” I answered. “And in order to do that, I need your cooperation, if you are willing. If you are not willing, then… I guess my sword will have a taste of your blood.” I moved Nenekirimaru’s blade closer to his neck, and he quickly screamed.

“Aarrggh. A-Alright! Put it off! Put it off, and let’s hear what you said!”

“Then stop your troops first!”

“Yes! All of you, stop moving for now! Drop your weapons!” The troops followed his order and quietly lowered their weapons. They also pulled their demonic energy away. “There! Are you satisfied?!”

“Yup.” I erased Incinerate Anthem, and Euclid panted and grunted in pain. I grinned without moving my sword away from his neck and said. “Then, I will have you tell me about your ally who attacked the Underworld. Let’s hear it clearly and slowly.”