Chapter 216 – Fear Domain
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New Series!

The title is I Write Sins and Tragedies.

I plan to upload the new novel alternatively with Naomi, so I will be able to take my time to write it.

The series will be out tonight, maybe if it is already approved again.

Also, it is a Gender Bender and Yuri story. The romance part will not be the focus, but there will be Yuri moment in the story. Please look forward to it!

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This was technically the last battle that I fought before we regained our peace.

So, I didn’t need to hold back anymore. I looked at a chance to attack Grendel, which currently breathed fire at Ajuka. He retaliated by bringing up a big barrier. The fire was blocked by the barrier, and Ajuka retaliated more by firing a magic bullet.

Although it was a basic spell, his magic bullet's force and size were way more than the normal devil, considering his immense Demonic Energy. Grendel was hit right on his face, and he grunted because of it.

“Hah! It’s not even itchy!” He scoffed as his big lips curled up, seemingly laughing at Ajuka.

“Is that so? Then how about this?!”

Three big magic circles appeared in front of Ajuka. I could feel immense demonic energy from the magic circles that suddenly appeared.

“Hahaha… Hahahaha. That will do nothing to my mighty body! It’s useless!” Grendel roared loudly. He raised his head as flame crackled around his mouth.

He was preparing for fire breath again, probably even stronger than before. Due to his body proportions, he was said to be the only dragon that stood on two legs. This could be my chance.

My old man had already shown himself and assisted Serafall in fighting Apophis. Ajuka also seemed to notice that, so he stole a glance everywhere, maybe trying to find me. That was why he was preparing such large magic while knowing that he couldn’t defend himself while he was at it.

I smirked, thinking that there was nothing wrong with a surprise attack, so I prepared my strongest attack. My Incinerate Anthem flared, engulfing Gram as a whole, and I added Telos Karma’s effect to further enhance the possibility of killing Grendel in a hit.

This was what I found when I tried to explore the Balance Breaker. If I did this before going into my Balance Breaker’s state, the attack would be stronger than ever.

However, to enter my Balance Breaker’s state, I must not use my Fear. I needed all my Fear to further enhance its power, so I canceled Meikyo Shisui, announcing my presence with a purple flame dancing around my body instead of the usual black cloud of smokes.

Ajuka finally noticed me and grinned. Grendel also noticed my presence as well as the sword that I had in hand, Gram, the dragon slayer sword.

“Another fly?” He asked; his voice was loud and hoarse.

“It will be your end if you think that he’s a mere fly. Because… Beelzebub is also a fly, and yet I am a Super Devil.” Ajuka answered, boasting about the power of a fly.

“You’re true, but… That doesn’t matter to me!” The flame in his mouth intensified. He looked like he was ready to breathe it out anytime.

But I was also ready.

Incinerate Anthem was ready, and I announced loudly.

“Balance Breaker, Fear Domain.”

A black cloud of smoke came out of my body and engulfed the area around us. The sky turned dark, with me being the only beacon with purple flames dancing around my body.

This was the result of me combining Telos Karma and Incinerate as well as my Fear. My sub-species Balance Breaker created a world, a domain, so to speak.

Instead of being gone in the world of darkness, it made me become the only presence in this domain. So, I felt a bit bad for Ajuka, but even he wouldn’t be able to do anything in this world, as he had no presence.

His power, his body, everything was gone. So I walked toward Grendel, who breathed out fire. But it was useless. The fire in his mouth was gone; he couldn’t even use magic in this world; only Fear was allowed.

“W-what is this?!” Grendel panicked, looking around in confusion.

Even Ajuka didn’t know what had happened. He looked at me with a gaze that represented confusion, curiosity, and wariness at the same time. I even erased his Kankara Formula, so it was normal for him to be wary and curious while looking at me.

But I wouldn’t bother to explain my power to the other. I would keep this power of mine to be a secret from the others.

“It’s useless,” I smirked as I walked calmly to Grendel. I focused Incinerate Anthem in Gram, making its blade glow a purple light.

“What are you doing?!” He questioned as he took a battle stance. He was indeed confident with his body. He wasn’t even afraid after he was trapped inside this domain. Maybe he thought that his scale would still protect him even in this situation?

In that case, I could understand where his confidence came from. Even I was confident that I wouldn’t be found if I seriously hid myself with my technique Meikyo Shisui.

As he had confidence in his scale, I should show it directly.

“Didn’t you hear what I said earlier? It’s my balance breaker.”

“Balance Breaker? This?” Ajuka muttered, looking around the domain with curiosity.

“You said this is your Balance Breaker?!” Grendel shouted. “You… What are you?!”

“Hmm, announcing my identity in this situation is a bit awkward, especially because my old man is just outside the domain, but well…” I gripped Gram tightly as I used Touki to enhance my body and coated Gram on it too.

“My name is Nura Riku. The Second Lord of Pandemonium.” I swung Gram to the right with all my might, and a purple crescent slash flew out of it, making its way toward Grendel at a fast speed that broke the sound barrier. “It’s nice to meet you. Take this gift of mine.”

The slash left a flame trail behind, and it reached Grendel in less than two seconds. He had prepared for it and extended his hands to try to block it.

“Haa!” He shouted, maybe because he wanted to show his strength. But, he didn’t know that Telos Karma was in effect in this domain.

“It’s useless,” I muttered.

Grendel's body that touched the slash was cut open, and he shouted in pain.

“I-It’s impossible!”

The slash went through his body and beheaded him cleanly, killing him instantly.

Ajuka’s eyes widened, and he exclaimed. “That’s amazing.”