Chapter 219 – Cleaning Up [2]
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New Series!

The title is I Write Sins and Tragedies.

I plan to upload the new novel alternatively with Naomi, so I will be able to take my time to write it.

The series will be out tonight, maybe if it is already approved again.

Also, it is a Gender Bender and Yuri story. The romance part will not be the focus, but there will be Yuri moment in the story. Please look forward to it!

Just click the image below to take you to the story!




After I said that, I erased my foothold and fell from the sky, plunging straight toward the middle of the battlefield on the ground.

Ajuka and Serafall had surprised expressions when they saw me fall from the sky. Truly a good expression. I loved to see more of that expressions, but I had a job to do. My old man had enough of fighting against an army by himself and defeating Apophis, and now it was my turn to show my power against many.

After a bit of rest, I recovered most of my energy. I wouldn’t use my Balance Breaker again. To be exact, I didn’t need to use it again. I would only use Fear and my Youkai ability, such as Youjutsu and maybe Meikyo Shisui ‘Sakura.’

My old man used that technique to deal with the reinforcement army, so I should at least show my version, which was obviously stronger due to me having the Holy Flame, Incinerate Anthem.

The devils below were looking up at me, who fell at a fast speed while brandishing my sword. The allies, as well as enemies, were confused when they saw me. As I had expected earlier, they didn’t know whether I was an ally or enemy.

My energy was that of youkai. The devils from the Old Satan Faction should remember the incident concerning Kuroka, while the ones under the new Satans certainly remembered the Nekomata Incident.

They must have had the same thought after feeling the energy that I flared around my body. However, soon the enemies and allies realized where I stood for because Ajuka and Serafall followed me from behind. Their speed was faster because they used their wings to increase it.

“Hey! What are you trying to do?!” Serafall shouted from behind; her voice carried a bit of worry.

“What am I doing?” I turned my body around and asked her. My lips curled into a big, wide grin from ear to ear, then I said. “I am about to conduct a massacre.”

“A massacre?!”

I ignored Serafal and coated my blade with my Fear. Next, I turned around again and sent a flying slash toward the group of enemies in the distance. The flying slash flew at an unprecedented speed, instantly killing the group of enemies.

At that time, they finally realized that I was the reinforcement for Satan’s army.

“Stop him! He’s dangerous! Kill him now!” The enemy’s commander-like devil shouted and pointed at me.

“Attack him!”

“Put him down!!”

They started to raise their voice and sent a barrage of Magic Bullets toward me.

My old man was watching from above, sitting while laughing at me.

‘Damn it, let me show him who is the youkai’s leader right now.’ I frowned a little and created a barrier with Youjutsu, blocking all the magic bullets aimed at me.

The magic bullets met my barrier made from Youjutsu and disappeared. They puffed like a balloon popped by a needle.

“Is that it?” I taunted as I smirked. “None of you ever think of approaching me? Then let me approach you.”

I fell faster than before by kicking the condensed air behind me. My kick created a small shockwave that pushed Serafall and Ajuka, who flew right behind me.



Serafall and Ajuka let out surprised voices. I didn’t even use Touki and just plunged right into the middle of the enemy’s rank. My landing caused a small earthquake, making some devils stumble.

“Hahahaha. Let’s do this, guys!” I shouted as I sent a 360-degree flying slash, killing the enemies around me in one sweep.

The allied army’s morale was a bit low before, but after seeing my feat, they now raised their voices.

“Yeah!! Destroy them!”

“Destroy those ungrateful bastards!”

“Glory to new Satans!”

“Glory to our army!”

“Long live the savior!”

“Kya! Go for it, handsome!”

Some shouts mixed with praise for me. They did know how to please some people; now, I was fired up, literally.

Purple flames seeped out from my body into my left hand, creating a purple bowl filled with liquid-like flame. I could move Incinerate Anthem as I pleased, so creating something like a cup-shaped flame was easy.

Usually, Meikyo Shisui ‘Sakura’ needed the best sake of youkai, Spirit Sake, to use. The reason for that was Spirit Sake could burn nicely when combined with Fear. It could work like that because youkai used their energy when they made the Spirit Sake.

Enough of that, Incinerate Anthem worked as the replacement.

The devils around me felt something different from my fire, and Ajuka, who knew what kind of flame was on my hand, shouted at his army.

“Run away! Get away from that guy!”

“Oh! I forgot to say that. Run guys! You will be burned nice and crisp if you are close to me!”

The allied army started to run, as well as the enemies, of course. They heard our shout, but that could be easily taken care of. Their running directions were different, so I only needed to do one thing. That was creating a barrier to block the enemy who ran away.

They were now trapped inside the barrier while the allied army managed to run away from me.

‘I think it’s the time.’

“Ougi: Meikyo Shisui, Sakura.”

I blew a short breath to the flame cup, and the fire howled, eating everyone in the area, excluding me. Their devils’ bodies instantly turned to ash as purple Holy Flame touched them, leaving nothing behind, not even ash.

Finally, the flames disappeared, and I stood on the ground while looking at the Serafall and Ajuka, who were looking back at me in disbelief.

“See? A massacre.”