Third Dragon, Kanna! Part 1
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The camera opens up to show Tohru breathing fire in the kitchen. The camera moves outside to show a black smoke coming from the apartment. Then it shows Tohru, Kobayashi and Smaug walking down a sidewalk.

Kobayashi:"Seriously, Tohru. What made you think a kitchen fire was a good plan?"

Tohru:"It was more of an instinct than a plan."

Smaug:*anime tears falling down his face.*"She burned all the food."

Kobayashi:"You know the stove makes fire, right?"

Tohru:"Yes, but I didn't think it would be strong enough!"

Kobayashi:"Strong enough to what? Incinerate the kitchen? I worry you may have brain damage."

Asher laughs at Tohru. Tohru just turns around and punches the top of his head. He rubs it and glares at her.

Kobayashi:*Looks to Tohru and Smaug.* 'Which reminds me. Why Have I been letting them go shopping on their own this whole time? Probably not the best idea. But maybe Tohru's not a disaster there.'

They arrive at Oborosuka Shopping District.



Tohru:"Aren't we going to the shopping district?"

Kobayashi:"You mean you don't go to the bid supermarket over there?"

Tohru:"Oh, no. That place feels like a castle and completely freaks me out."

Smaug:"It was not worth taking over. And there is no gold."


Tohru:"Yes, and the whole thing's white, too. Gives me flashbacks to run-ins with crusader's bases."

Kobayashi:"That's unfortunate." *She looks to smaug who licks his lips. and mumbles something about tasty crusader's.*

Tohru:"The shopping district's more like the guild's bazaars. It's a little better."

Kobayashi:"So you shop based on Dragon PTSD. Good to know."

Smaug:"I like this place better too. Fresher food."

Kobayashi:"You think with your stomach lot."

Smaug:"Hey! I was napping for 30 years before coming here. Of course I'd be hungry all the time."

Kobayashi:"30 years?! and napping."

Tohru:"He once slept for 100."

Smaug:"Never felt that great before."

Kobayashi:"100 years!?"

Smaug:"Is there something wrong for sleeping for a 100 years?"

Kobayashi:"Humans can't sleep that long."

Smaug:"Well that's a humans problem."

smaug starts to walk into the market.

Kobayashi:*Turns to Tohru.*"You're brothers weird."

Tohru:*Rubs her arm.*"I know."

Now they are all walking next to each other.

Kobayashi:"You two wanna start by picking up some fish?"


They arrive at Toda's seafood place.

Toda:"Tohru! Smaug! What's up?"

Tohru/Smaug:"Good afternoon, Mister Toda."*Kobayashi gasps at them.*

Toda:"It's normally just you two aout here right? Is she a new friend?"

Tohru:"No she's my master."

Smaug:"A human I just live with."



Toda:"They're pretty funny, Huh? We' ve got some good mackerel in today. Sound good?"

Tohru:"Hmmm... Sounds great! Let me have two of those dried jack mackerel."

Toda:"Also I saved some atlantic cod for you smaug."


They get there fish and leave.

Kobayashi:"He gave us an extra fillet of mackerel."

Tohru:"Wasn't that sweet of him?"

Smaug:"One of my favorite humans."

Kobayashi:"Why and how are you two friends with the fishmonger?"

Tohru:"Huh? We're not friends, though. I was just nice to him at first, so he's been nice to us and gives us free stuff in return. That's all."

Kobayashi:"The more I get to know you, the more I get you don't know how humans operate, like, at all."

Tohru:"Oh! Now, don't worry. Things are different with us! We share mutual love!"

Kobayashi:"Like 'at all' at all don't get it."

Smaug:"Get a den you two."

Butcher A:"Hey there, Tohru! Smaug! So what can I get you today? A little extra included."

Tohru:*giggles*"That's so sweet!"


Kobayashi:'Here, too? This is weird.'

As they are walking an old lady waves to them.

Old lady:"Hey, long time no see."

Smaug/Tohru:*Wave back.*"Hello."

Boy A:"It's the cosplay lady!"

Tohru:*Waves to the boy.*"That's me! Have a good one!"

Kobayashi:*Tohru is talking so some old man and Smaug is chewing on a bone.* 'These dragon's are better at being social than me! so Mister and Miss Condescending calls us foolish, inferior humans and what not, but they're working with this crowd like camps and they seem to enjoy it. Maybe they don't hate us, after all.'

Tohru:"Didn't mean to keep you waiting. I'm sorry."

Kobayashi:"Oh. it's fine."

They start walking through the market again.

Kobayashi:'Now that I think about it, I kinda hardly know anything about Tohru and Smaug. I think I'd like to know more. I think.' *she thinks about the time she meet Tohru.* "Probably best not to bring up the whole injury thing, though. It's clearly a touchy topic for her.'

Kobayashi:"Wanna grab some dessert, too?"

Tohru:"What? You mean it, Really?"

Smaug:"I guess it couldn't hurt."

Kobayashi:"Sure, What d'ya want?"

Tohru:"I would like to have an eclair, please!"

Smaug:"I guess I could have the same."

They arrive at a sweet shop.

Tohru:"Did you know that the word 'eclair' translates to 'flash of lighting'?

Kobayashi:"I did not. Speaking of lighting talk to me about Thor. Is your name related to his?"

Tohru:"Absolutely not! It comes from an author in this world. At least that's what my parents have always told me."

Smaug:"My parents thought my name would make people fear me."

Kobayashi:"Right. Of course you two have parents."

Then they heard some women scream and they look over to see some man running away with a purse.

Women:*Yelling*"Someone, help! He's got my purse!"

Tohru looks to smaug.

Smaug:"You get him." *She nods and turns to Kobayashi.*

Tohru:"Do you mind? May I get him?"

Kobayashi:"What? I dunno. Can you do it without people knowing you're a dragon?"

Tohru:*Gives a thumbs up.* "Yes!"*Twirls around then gets ready to run.* "Here I go!" *Propels herself forward at high speed.*

Thief:"Too far away to catch, me now!"

Then Tohru appears behind him. Then punches him into the ground. Kobayashi gaasps. Smaug just claps.

Tohru:"Hmm?"*Tohru looks around at the people.*

Kobayashi:'Oh, crap, This could be bad.'

Smaug:"Was it too much?"*Kobayashi starts to run to tohru.*

Kobayashi:"Tohru!" *Then the crowd starts to cheer for tohru.*

Toda:"That was so amazing!" *People keep praising Tohru.*

Then they start to walk home Kobayashi is holding Tohru's hand.

Tohru:"So, um... That was scary."

Kobayashi:"I was stressing a bit, myself. Sorry. I should have told you to hold back more."

Tohru:"It's fine."

Smaug:"I thought it was kinda cool."

Tohru:"Thanks Smaug."

Tohru looks to Kobayashi's hand she's holding.

Tohru:"Um, your hand." *Kobayashi squeezes her hand.*

A little while later they arrived home and Smaug is sleeping again. He is woken up by Tohru yelling.

Smaug:*Rubs his eyes*"What's going on?" *Sees Kanna.*"Kanna?"

A few minutes later. They're all sitting on the ground. Kobayashi is sitting across from the dragons.

Tohru:"This girl is Kanna Kamui. She's an acquaintance of ours."

Kobayashi:"Figured as much."

Kanna:"Lady Tohru completely disappeared, So I came to find her."

Kobayashi:"Completely disappeared? Tohru, you should communicate with your friends better than that."

Tohru:"I know"

Smaug:"What about me Kanna?"

Kanna:"Everyone still thinks your sleeping."

Tohru:"I'm surprised you found this place, Kanna."

Kanna:"I saw you breathe fire on those clouds the other day. And I sensed your magic."


Kobayashi:"It's almost like you shouldn't have done that."

Kanna:"Lady Tohru, why are you dressed in such an odd outfit? Will you please come back home with me? You too Lord Smaug. I need you both, Lord Smaug and Lady Tohru." *Tohru sighs.*

Tohru:"I'm not going home."

Smaug:"Neither am I."

Kanna:*Gasps*"But why not?"

Tohru:"Why? Because I'm in love with Miss Kobayashi!"


Kobayashi:"Be serious."

Kanna:"I knew it!'


Kanna:"I saw you on your little date at the bazaar! Holding each other's hands in public. You perverts!" *Smaug is laughing in the background.*

Kobayashi:"I'm sorry, what?" *Tohru chuckles and blushes.* "Why are you blushing?!"

Kanna:"You should know, if I must, I will kill you." *Rushes at Kobayashi.*"Now, die!"*Kanna is now punching Kobayashi. Lightly.*

Tohru:"Kanna. What happened to you? You're practically powerless."

Smaug:"She's like a newborn."

Kanna:"Both of your power's are special here. The mana purity is too low for me!"

Kobayashi:"Kanna, does that mean.. you can't get home?"*Kanna gasps.*

Kanna:"No, That's not true, shut up."

Kobayashi:"All right. Well, can I ask, do you have anywhere to stay?"*Kanna gasps again.*

Kobayashi:"Tohru, look me in the eye and answer for her."

Tohru:"I can't. Your dead-fish eyes scare me, Miss Kobayashi."

Kobayashi:"Smaug." *The camera turn to Smaug. Who is hiding behind his sister.*

Smaug:"I'm good thanks."

Little while later.

Tohru:"Kanna, Please tell us honestly what you're planning. It's okay. But if you're after Miss Kobayashi for yourself, you need to give that up"

Kobayashi:"Tohru, shut up for a second."

Kanna:*Whines*"Actually.." *she explains why she can't go home.*

Kobayashi:"You were exiled for a stupid prank?"

Tohru:"Kanna always has loved practical jokes."

Smaug:*Slightly annoyed*"Maybe a little too much for her own good."

Kobayashi:"Okay, so long story short..."

Smaug sees something shiny near the corner of the room and he goes and picks it up. It's a gold coin.

Smaug:"That's where it was."

Kobayashi:"Do you wanna stay here with the three of us?"

Smaug:"Boring." *He goes over to the fridge and gets a raw fish out and eats it whole.*

Tohru:"Don't eat that Smaug! It's for super!" *She yells at him.*

Smaug:"I was hungry!"

Tohru:"You could have waited for super!" *There now in each other faces.*

The camera goes over to Kobayashi and Kanna who are standing near watching.

Kobayashi:"Do they do this often?"

Kanna:"Sometimes. It's a sibling like rivalry."


Kanna:"Yeah. One time they got into a fight over who could eat a horse when they were young."

Kobayashi:"A horse. How bad was it?"

Kanna:"They destroyed half of a huge forest."

Kobayashi:*Shivers.*"That's scary." *Then they here them yell again.*

Smaug:"A king can eat whenever he wants!"

Tohru:"I don't care if you're a king! I'm your older sister!"


Kanna:"Yeah Smaug kind of a King. When he took over Erebor which was one of the biggest and richest dwarven kingdoms. He gained the Title 'King under the mountain.'"

Kobayashi:"Smaug's strong."

Kanna:"Yeah he is."

The camera pans to a view of the apartment then goes black.


(That took way longer to make than it should have.)