Start of a New Life. Part 1.
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he camera opens up with everyone in the kitchen. 

Kobayashi:"beer, beer."

Tohru sets her breasts on Kobayashi's head.

Tohru:"Oh, pardon me."

Then kanna come is from the right.


Kobayashi:"Kanna, it's cramped."

Then Smaug comes in from the left.


Kobayashi:"Not you too, Smaug."

Everyone starts to talk at once.

Kobayashi:"We need a bigger place."

Then the camera switches to a new scene. Everyone is sitting in front of a man.

Man:"A three bedroom apartment, right."

Kobayashi:"Yes. As close to this area as possible please."

Then the camera shows then at a new place.

Man:"How's this?"

Everyone is checking things out.


Then is moves to another apartment.

Man:"How's this?"


Then it moves to another.

Man:"How's this."

Tohru and Kanna are pushing against each other and smaug is laying on the floor falling asleep.


Man:"By the way, the roof of this property is a communal space."


They arrive at the roof. And the dragons run around the roof. 

Tohru:"The sky's so vast!"

Kanna:"It feels nice!"

Smaug:"It's so open too!"

Man:"How is it?"

Kobayashi looks at the dragons playing around the roof.

Kobayashi:"We'll take this one."

Then the camera switches to the old apartment. 

There are boxes around and everyone is wearing a bandana on there head.

Kobayashi:"Well, time to start moving preparations. First, we clean up."

Dragons:*Raise a fist up.* "Yeah!"

Smaug is seen wiping down the kitchen and he is thinking about meat.

Smaug:"Dwarf meat is good but tough. Human meat is okay but stringy. Elf meat is like a dessert but hard to find."

Kobayashi:*Worried look*'He's not going to eat anyone here right?'

Then the camera changes to Smaug wiping down the glass door from the outside. Smaug yawns. 

Smaug:"I'm so tired."

Kanna looks to him.

Kanna:"Didn't you sleep for twelve hours last night."

Smaug:"So I need more sleep. I could go for some meat too."

Kanna:"Your always hungry too."

Smaug:"I'm a growing Dragon!"

Kanna:"Your a glutton."

Smaug jaw drops and his right eye twitches.

Smaug:"H-h- how dare you!"

The camera switches to everyone back inside together. 

Kobayashi:"Well, next up's packing."

Dragons:*Raise a fist up.* "Yeah."

Kobayashi:"Though, nearly all of it is my personal belongings. Sorry for making you help out."

Tohru:"No, please ask anything of me!"

Kanna:*Raises her hands in the air.*"I'll do my best, too."

Smaug:*Raises a fist in the air.* "You promise meat, if I helped."

A little while later Kanna, Tohru and Smaug are putting books in boxes.

Tohru:"Hey, Kanna. Pack properly..." *Then she notices Kobayashi's baby and kid pictures.* "Miss Kobayashi, so cute?"

Smaug:"She's had nearly the same expression in all of them."

Tohru:"These dead-fish eyes are to die for!"

Smaug and Kanna both have deadpan faces.

Kanna:"Lady Tohru, you're a pervert."


Then Kobayashi comes over.

Kobayashi:"What are you slacking off over?"

They all go back to what they were doing. 

A little while later the dragons see Kobayashi reading books instead of packing. They have deadpan faces and a menacing aura around them. 

Tohru:"Miss Kobayashi."

Kobayashi:*Scared*"Whoa, sorry!"

Then Smaug is seen packing the bathroom and he finds a bar of soap. He picks it up and looks around it. Then he smells it. Then looks at it then eats it. He starts to choke and bubbles of soap come out of his mouth. He beats on his chest and the soap bar goes flying around then smacks him right in the middle of the forehead and he falls backwards. Then Kobayashi enters the bathroom.

Kobayashi:"Smaug I thought I heard..." *She looks down to see smaug with bubbles coming out of his mouth and a soap bar next to his head. He knock himself out. Kobayashi slowly closes the door.

Later that night everything is packed. Kobayashi is drinking a beer.

Kobayashi:"Ah, so good!"

Tohru:"Good job everyone!"

Everyone is sitting on the floor with food in the middle.

Kobayashi:"Yeah, thanks, you three."

Smaug takes a bite of meat then anime tears start to fall down his face.

Smaug:"All I taste is soap."

Kobayashi went to take a bath then she came back.

Kobayashi:"Does anyone know what happened to the towels and change of clothes in the bathroom?"

Tohru:*Raises her hand.* "I put them away properly!"



Smaug:*Mouth full of food.*"Huh?"

Then they all stand in front of the stack of boxes.

Kobayashi:"Which box has the clothes and towels?"

The next morning. The doorbell is rung.

Mover:"Good morning!" 

The camera moves to show three men in blue work clothes.

Mover:"Sansan Moving Service!"

Then the camera moves to Show Kobayashi and the three dragons standing behind her.

Kobayashi:"Yes, welcome."

Then the camera moves to show everyone in a car. Kanna is sitting in Smaug's lap and She is looking outside.

Kanna:*Whispers*"So this is a car."

Then the camera changes scene and show them at the new apartment.  They stare up at it. 

Later that night.

Kobayashi:"Well, let's decide how to use the rooms." *The camera moves to show the living room.* "This will be the living room." *Then an office room.* "This will be for the PC and books." *Then shows a bedroom.* "This will be my bedroom."  *Then she enters another room and turns on the light.* "And this... will be the room you three share."


Tohru:"Our room?"

Smaug:"I have a room?"

Kobayashi:"Yeah. You two can use it however you like."

The three dragons blush and have stars around them. Tohru jumps on the bed.


Then Kanna does too.  Smaug just empties his bag full of gold in the corner of the room and jumps into it.

Later that night. Smaug is having the dream about the girl and the sword. He wakes up when the sword hits him. He is breathing heavily and he looks around. He sees that kanna and Tohru are sleeping. He takes a deep breath then falls back asleep.

The morning. Tohru is cooking food and smaug is sitting at the dinner table with a big bone in his mouth. Then Kobayashi come out of her room.

Kobayashi:"Morning, Tohru and Smaug."

Smaug:*Muffed from the bone*"Good morning."

Tohru:"Good morning, Miss Kobayashi."



Kobayashi:"I'll wash your body as thanks for yesterday."


On the roof Kobayashi is washing Tohru's dragon body with a garden hose. Smaug is sitting next to her.

Tohru:"Ah, feels so good! Thank you so much, Miss Kobayashi!"

Kobayashi:"You're welcome." *Kobayashi turns to smaug.* "Want a bath to?"

Smaug:*looks around the roof.*"I don't think I'll fit."


The camera changes to Smaug, Tohru, Kanna, and Kobayashi. Smaug is standing a little ways away. A red light envelops him and he changes to his dragon form.

Kobayashi looks up in Horror and amazement at how big he is

Kobayashi looks up in Horror and amazement at how big he is.

Smaug's head is 6.5 meters long and 3.5 meters in height and width. His neck is 24 meters long. His torso is 24 meters long, and 9 meters wide at the chest. He stands at five stories or 15 meters at the back. His tail is 8 meters across and 81 meters long. His wings are about 90 meters on each side so he has a 189 meter long wingspan. (This are how big smaug actually is in the movie too.)

Kobayashi:*She yells*"Holy crap! Your big!"

Smaug:"Thank you."(If I never said in the first episode his voice is the same from the movie too.)

Kobayashi:"You must be really strong."

Tohru:"Of course. Smaug is one of the strongest dragons in the chaos faction."


Kanna:"Yeah!" *She starts to climb on smaug and run along his back as he watches her.*

Kobayashi looks around his body then spots a missing scale on his left under belly. Then she points to it.

Kobayashi:"What's that?"

Tohru:*Looks sad.* "A painful reminder for Smaug."

Kobayashi:"What does that mean?"

Smaug:*Slightly angry.*"It means you should stop asking about it."


Tohru then climbs up on Smaug's back and runs along it with Kanna. Kobayashi slowly approaches then looks to smaug who has his head laying in the grass with his eyes closed. She then looks back to his body then climbs up it and sits on the edge of his back and watches Kanna and Tohru play. A small slime appears on her face.

The camera zooms out to show Smaug's whole body then turns black.


(There a episode done for this. Hope you guys like it.)

I don't own Smaug's dragon form.

I don't own Miss Kobayashi's dragon maid.

All rights go to the original owners.