Sports Festival!
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The camera opens up to Smaug laying on his gold pile in the living room. Kobayashi is laying face down into a pillow on the couch. Kanna is telling Kobayashi about the sports festival. 

Kobayashi:"Work that day. Can't."

Kanna's world shatters. Then she goes over and starts to shake Kobayashi.

Kanna:"Kobayashi. Take the day off."

Kobayashi:"I can't do that."

Tohru comes over.

Tohru:"Kanna, Miss Kobayashi's in the middle of her death march and on the verge of facing Hades. Give it up."


Tohru:"Also, what is a sports festival?"

Smaug's head pops up from behind the couch.

Smaug:"Yeah, it sounds interesting."

Kanna:"You train with everyone to defeat strong opponents."

Kobayashi:"No, I don't think that's quite right."

Then Kanna shakes Kobayashi again.

Kanna:"Kobayashi, come! Defeat Hades!"

Tohru:"Don't be selfish. At least I'll be sure to come for you."

Smaug:*Raises a hand in the air.* "Me too."


Smaug's heart then shatters and he falls back into his gold pile.

Smaug:*Soul leaving his body.* "Why does she hate me?"

Tohru pokes Kanna's cheek.

Tohru:"Why does it have to be Miss Kobayashi?"

Kanna:"Saikawa said mothers and fathers come with us. Lady Tohru, you're like a big sister and lord Smaug is a big brother. Kobayashi's like a mother."

Smaug's soul returns to his body and he sits back up. His eyes have stars in them.

Smaug:"She loves me."

Kobayashi sits up on the couch. Tohru is holding Kanna.

Kobayashi:"A mother? I'm not that old.... Wait. Some of my old classmates do have children already..."

Tohru:"Miss Kobayashi, hang in there!"

Kobayashi:"Wall, at any rate, I can't. Sorry, but you'll have to make do with Tohru and Smaug."

Tohru:"Make do?"

Smaug:"Hey, I'm awesome."

Kanna:"Forget it!" *She goes to her room.*

Tohru:"Ah, Kanna!"

Smaug:"She's sad."

Kobayashi:"Is it that important whether a parent shows up or not? For one thing, I'm not exactly Kanna's mother anyway."

Tohru:"But Kanna does tend to view you as her mother."

Kobayashi:"I'm not that great though. I never had both my parents come to a sports festival. They were busy with work. I understood they were supporting our family, too."

Tohru:"Kanna's parents basically gave her free rain. They felt a dragon would grow up strong on its own. They probably told her to live strong since she bears the name Kanna Kamui. But Kanna's pulled many different pranks to try and get her parents' attention, To the point she was banished to this world..."

Samug:"Her parents are stupid for not caring for her." *Whispers* "But it's not like dad is any better."

Tohru:"So I think that's why she wants you to spoil her."

Smaug:"Yeah the little dragon needs some love."

Kobayashi:"Even if you two say that...Hmm..."


Smaug was laying on the couch and Tohru is skipping to the porch with a laundry basket in her hand. 

Tohru:"Lalala, I'm a cute maid!"

Kanna:"I'm home." *Smaug sits up.*

Tohru:"Oh, Welcome home. Kanna, are you still in a bad mood? Would you give-"

Kanna:"Lady Tohru, perception blocking."

Smaug:"Wait what?"


Kanna:"Place it on me."


Tohru puts perception block on Kanna and she leave the apartment. 


Kanna came back home and she walks over to smaug who is laying down on the couch with his eyes closed. When he senses someone next to him he opens his eye and sees Kanna.

Smaug:*Sits up* "Yes, Kanna?"

Kanna just puts her arms out. Smaug sighs and he puts his arms out too. Kanna gives Smaug a hug and sits on his lap.

Smaug:"How did it go?"

Kanna:"I understand why."

Smaug runs the top of her head.

Smaug:"Well you still got me and Tohru."


A small smile grows on Kanna's face and  she slowly falls asleep in Smaug's embrace and Smaug smiles and closes his eyes and falls asleep too.


Kobayashi comes home from work.

Kobayashi:"I'm home."

Tohru:"Welcome home."


Smaug is at the dinner table drinking tea. Kobayashi sits down on the couch. 

Tohru:"I'll get your dinner ready."


Kanna then comes out of her room wearing her pajamas and she walks up to Kobayashi.



Kanna:"It's alright if you don't come to the sports festival."


Kanna:"It'll still be fun working together with everyone in my class." *Kanna is squeezing the edges of her shirt.*  "So. good luck with your work, Kobayashi."

Kobayashi:"Oh, sure."

Kanna:*Heads back to her room.* "Good night."

Tohru:"It seems that Kanna went to your work today and was secretly observing you."

Kobayashi:"Hmm..." *she thinks for a bit.* "Tohru."


Kobayashi:"Starting tomorrow, I'll be getting home even later."

Tohru:"You mean...?" *She smiles.* "All right!"

The camera moves to Smaug who has a big smile from what he heard.

There is a scene where Kobayashi came home late and Kanna is in the living room watching she is holding onto Smaug's hand. 


Kobayashi comes out of Kanna's room telling her she can go to the sports festival. Smaug is leaning on the door way.

Smaug:"Thanks for that."

Kobayashi:"For what?"

Smaug:"For being able to go for Kanna." *Smaug sighs* "Me and Tohru weren't always able to be around Kanna, Since we were busy with other things. But now she has someone to look up to."

Kobayashi:"You really care for her."

Smaug:*Closes his eyes.* "It may seem like I only care for Food and Gold. But I really care for my Family."


Smaug:"You don't it? You, Kanna, Lucoa and even air headed Elma. I consider my family,  and I treasure my family more than food or gold." *Smaug walks away.* "So thank you."

Kobayashi watches Smaug walking away and a smile grows on her face.


Everyone is at the sports festival.

Announcer:"The 43rf Oborozuka Elementary Sports Festival will now begin! First on the program is our opening parade."

The kids start to walk out. The camera moves to Kobayashi, Tohru and Smaug. Smaug is wearing a shirt that says Kanna on it and also a bandana that Say Kanna on it. The bandana is upside down. Then Tohru points to Kanna.

Tohru:"Oh, there's Kanna.

Kobayashi:"Where, where?"

Then Kanna looks their way.

Tohru:"She's looking our way. Hey!" *She waves to Kanna.*

Kobayashi:"Yeah, she would be curious."

Smaug:*Waving a flag that says 'Go Kanna.'* "Go Kanna. Kill all who oppose you!"

Kobayashi hits Smaug on the head.

Kobayashi:"That's not what this is about."

Smaug:*Rubs his head.* "Really?" *kobayashi nods.* "Oh."

Then they head Lucoa.

Lucoa:"Shouta. I'm rooting for you!" 

Tohru:"Oh, Miss Lucoa is here, too. 

Lucoa:*Starts to jump making her big breast bounce up and down.* "Do your best!" 


All the kids are doing a pledge.

Kids:"The pledge: We athletes hereby pledge to honor the spirit of good sportsmanship  and compete fair and square with everyone until the very end!"


Announcer:"Now, fifth on our program is the three-legged race by the third graders."

Tohru:"Kanna, do your best!"

Smaug:*Waving his flag.* "Yeah!"

Kobayashi:"In moderation!"

Then it's Kanna and Siakawa's turn. They get fourth place.


Announcer: "Seventh on our program is the fifth graders' treasure hunt."

It's shouta's turn and he has to find a world class item. He uses Lucoa's breasts and he wins first place. 


Announcer:"We'll now be taking a break for lunch. students and parents, please enjoy your lunch together. Be careful of heat stroke and be sure to drink plenty of water."

Smaug, Tohru, Kanna, and Kobayashi are sitting on a mat with food in the middle. Smaug pulls an entire cooked turkey out of a basket.

Kanna:"Oh, it looks good!"

Kobayashi:"it's normal."

Tohru:*Chicles.* "I'm not who I used to be anymore."

Kanna:"Thanks for the food!" *Kanna eats.* "Lady Tohru, this is good!" 

Tohru:"Thank you. Miss Kobayashi, here, ah." *She grabs a piece of tail meat.*

Kobayashi:"Tohru, what kind of meat is this?"


Few minutes later. 

Smaug ate the entire turkey and some kids at other mats see and have wide eyes. Smaug's belly is inflated and he burps and it returns to normal. He reaches for more food.

Kanna:*Eating some fruit.* "Ah. But this lunch really is good."

Tohru:"Thank you, Kanna. Eat plenty, and give it your best today."

Kanna:"Yeah. We'll turn things around after this."

Smaug:*Stuffing five sandwiches in his mouth.* "Yes it's really good."

Tohru:"Don't talk with food in your mouth!"


Announcer:"Now we'll be starting this afternoon's segment. 15th in our program, the third graders' jump rope. Now to begin. Ready, Set!"

The kids start to jump rope.

Tohru:"Good luck!"

Kobayashi:"That's it!"

Smaug:*Waving his flag.* "Go, Kanna!"

Later Kanna's class won. 

Tohru:*Is shaking Kobayashi.* "Miss Kobayashi, we won!"

Kobayashi:"Yeah, that was impressive."

The camera moves to Smaug who is crying.

Kobayashi:"Are you crying."

Smaug:*Crying*"She's grown so much."


Shouta won his cavalry battle because Lucoa distracted the other teams with her bouncing big milkers.


Announcer:"20th in our program, the third graders' tug-o-war!"

The kids start the game.


Tohru:"Fight on!"

Smaug:"I'm hungry!"

Everyone around him looks at him weirdly. 

Smaug:"What? I am."

Kanna's class won.


Kobayashi:"Yeah, you did well out there."


Tohru:"Keep this pace up!"


Kanna's class wins multiple matches. 

Tohru:"Kanna's class is in second place now."

Kobayashi:"Yeah, they'll be in first after this next one."

Smaug:"Yeah! Kanna you can do it!"

Tohru:"Oh, it's starting."

Announcer:"32nd in the program the third graders' relay! This will be the last event for the third graders. everyone, please give them more support than ever!"

They begin. After the race. Kanna's class wins.

Tohru, Kobayashi, and Smaug, who is crying again, are clapping. Later that day the four of them are at the park. They are sitting on a bench and Kobayashi is standing.

Kobayashi:*Hands Kanna a juice box.* "Nice work out there, Kanna."

Kanna:*Grabs the juice box.* "Thanks, Kobayashi." 

Kobayashi:*Sits down* "You worked hard out there."

Kanna:"Yeah. We won because everyone in our class worked hard."

Tohru:"But you must feel unsatisfied not being able to go all out."

Kanna:"That's fine. It's better being with everyone else."

Smaug:"I guess it is."



Kanna:"Thank you for coming today."

Kobayashi:"You're welcome." 

Kanna:"Thank you for lunch too, Lady Tohru and Thank you for your support Lord Smaug."

Tohru:"You're welcome."

Smaug:*Gives her a thumbs up.* "Anytime." 

Tohru:"It was hardly anything at all."

Kanna then stands up.

Kanna:"Still, it would be nice to let loose a little bit more today."


Smaug:*Stands up and stretches.* "Yeah!"

 Tohru:"How about it, Kanna and Smaug? It's been a while."

Kanna:"You're on."

Smaug:*Smashes fists together.* "I'm all fired up!"

Then Lucoa comes out of the bushes behind them. Scaring Kobayashi.

Lucoa:"Let me in, too!"

Tohru:"Great! Shall all four of us, then?"


Smaug:"Let's go!"

Tohru:*Turns to Kobayashi.* "Is that alright, Miss Kobayashi?" 

Kobayashi:"Well, as long as you do it somewhere where you won't bother anyone."

Kanna:"Lady Tohru, where should we do it?"

Tohru:"Let's use the same place we did last time."

Lucoa:"I'm itching to go!"

Smaug:"Yeah, Let's fight!"

The camera pans to a view of the park then turns black.



(I don't own anything except Smaug's human form.)