Cooking The Omurice!
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The camera opens to Smaug sitting under the air conditioner. He had a box on his head. Kobayashi is sitting at the dinner table. Tohru has a tray of drinks. Kanna is eating.

Tohru:"Miss Kobayashi, your coffee's ready."

Kobayashi:"Oh, thank you."

Tohru:"Smaug. your turkeys ready."

The a blur goes past them and Smaug is sitting at the dinner table. He is not wearing the box.

Smaug:"Thank you."

She sets do a plate with a fully roasted turkey on it.

Tohru:"Kanna, if you don't eat quick, you'll be late."


Tohru:*sets down a glass of milk.* "Here's your hot milk, Kanna. Oh, Miss Kobayashi!" 


Tohru:"What would you like for dinner this evening?"

Kobayashi:"Hmm, well, anything works."

Tohru is holding her tail, smiling.

Kobayashi:"Or maybe not."

Tohru:*Let's go of her tail.* "No go?"

Kobayashi:"Is there anything you'd like to eat, Tohru?"

Tohru:"Me? Omurice, I suppose."

Kobayashi:"Oh! Nice! Let's go with that, then. Make us good ones, please."

Tohru:"Roger that! Leave it to me!"

Smaug burps loudly and they look at him. He at the whole turkey, bones included. Few minutes later Kanna is getting ready for school. Smaug is helping her. Kobayashi is talking to Tohru.

Tohru:"When do you think you'll be getting home tonight?"

Kobayashi:"Hmm, I want to be home by ten."


Smaug help Kanna up and she leaves. 

Kanna:"Lady Tohru, Lord Smaug, I'm heading out."

Kobayashi:"I'm heading out, too."

Smaug/Tohru:"Yes. Take Care!"

Smaug goes over to the air conditioner and puts the box back on his head and sits under the air conditioner. 

Tohru:"Time to give my best again today."


Smaug is laying on the top of the kotatsu,  sleeping and Tohru is cleaning the apartment. 

Tohru:"Cleaning, cleaning. Lalala. Beat the dust, Crush it," *Tohru grabs Smaug by the tail and lifts him up.* "...And leave no dirt or grime!" *Puts Smaug back down and he snores.* "Wipe it out, wipe it out!" 

Few minutes later Smaug is laying head rest of the couch sleeping and Tohru wipes her finger on top of the TV.

Tohru:"Huh?! Bring it on!" *She wipes it hard and accidentally knocks the wooden rooster over, breaking it.*


Tohru:"Bathroom, check! Bedrooms, check! Entrance, check!" *Tohru used magic to fix the rooster.* "Rooster, Check! Living room, check!" *She looks to Smaug who is standing to the side with an annoyed face. He is sparking clean.* "Smaug, check." *She wipes her brow, and the dryer beeps.* "Perfect timing on the laundry, too."

Smaug huffs and walks over to the kotatsu and crawls under it. The tips of his tail rests on top.

Smaug:"King Under The Mountain and King Under The Kotatsu."

Tohru grabs the laundry and she goes to the porach.

The camera looks to the kotatsu.

Smaug:*Under kotatsu.* "Hmm, nice and warm." *His tail mimics a exclamation point and he groans.* "I have to pee." *His tail droops* "This is going to be a long day."

The camera moves to Tohru who is hanging the laundry. 

Tohru:"The weather's nice today, so they should dry quickly." *Then the doorbell rings.* "Coming." *She goes over to the door.*

She returns with a package. Smaug's tail looks to her and moves when he talks.

Smaug:*Under kotatsu.* "What's that?"

Tohru:*Sets the package on a table.* "A cushion to help with Miss Kobayashi's lower back pain."

Smaug:*Under kotatsu.* "Uh, that's nice of you."

Tohru:*Smiles* "When am I not nice."

Smaug:*Under kotatsu.* "Well..."

Tohru:"Hey, I saved your life!"

Smaug:*Under kotatsu.* "Fine, you're nice all the time."

Tohru:*Smiles.* "Thank you!"

Smaug's tail mimics wiping it's brow. 

Few minutes later. Smaug's is sleeping and his tail is moving up and mimicking his breathing. Then Tohru yells.

Tohru:"I must prepare the best omurice ever!"

Smaug's tail mimics a exclamation point and a bump is heard from under the kotatsu. 

Smaug:*Under kotatsu.* "Ow."

Later. The doorbell rings again and Tohru goes over and opens it. She returns with Lucoa. Tohru, Lucoa are sitting at the kotatsu. Smaug is under it with the tip of his tail on top. There are empty plates are their spots with cups of tea too. 

Lucoa:"No wonder that shop receives such praise." *Then she looks to Smaug's tail.* "What are you doing?" *His tail looks to her.* 

Smaug:""I'm King Under The Kotatsu!"

Lucoa:"Yeah, sure you are."

Tohru:"I'll put on another cup for you."

Lucoa:"Oh, but I need to be going."

Tohru:"Right! I was in the middle of making trial batches of omurice for Miss Kobayashi to eat. Do you know any techniques to make them taste good?"

Lucoa:"Oh, omurice, huh? Hmm. The quickest way would probably be to use good ingredients, I think?"

Smaug:*Under kotatsu.*"Wow."

Tohru:"I see."

Lucoa gets up and Tohru walks her to the door. 

Tohru gets ready to go to the shopping district.

Tohru:"Don't cause to much trouble, while I'm gone."

Smaug's tail waves to her. He hears the door open and close.

Smaug:*His tail mimics wiping a moustache.* "I still need to pee."


Kanna returns home.

Kanna:"I'm home!"

Tohru peeks her head out of the kitchen.

Tohru:"Welcome home, Kanna!"

Kanna walks into the living room and sees Smaug hanging by his tail from the ceiling. 

Kanna:"Lord Smaug, what are you doing?"

Smaug:"I saw a man in red pajamas, do something like this on the TV today."

Kanna then looks over to the dinner table and Tohru walks over. A bunch of food from their world is on the table.

Kanna:"Lady Tohru, what's this?"

Tohru:"Ingredients for our omurice."

Kanna:"You went back again?"

Tohru:"Only for a moment."

Kanna:*Grabs a large egg.* "What eggs are these?" 

Tohru:"They're Gullinkambi eggs."

Smaug drools.

Kanna:"The one serving as Valhalla's alarm clock?"


Smaug:"Those eggs are good."

Tohru:"An einherjar told me they're incredibly delicious."

Kanna grabs a big bottle of water.

Kanna:"And this?"

Tohru:"That's....spring water from an elf village."

Smaug drools again. 

Tohru:"I was planning to cook the rice with it. Just.... I've fought with the elves before, so I took it in secret."

Kanna:"You couldn't complain if they killed you over that."

Smaug:"Hmmm, elves."

Tohru:"There's also meat from bull demons and fruits that only grow in that world."

Smaug is drooling again. There is a big puddle of drool on the ground below him. 

Kanna:"What about the rice and vegetables?"

Tohru:"I thought it best to use rice and vegetables from this world."

Kanna:"True, the rice in this nation is delicious."

Tohru:"Apparently they use some magic called 'selective breeding.' I should have them teach me the incantation some time."

Smaug:"They make food mate. Eww."

Tohru:"Didn't you and Lucoa..."

Smaug jumps down and puts a hand over Tohru's mouth.

Smaug:"Not in front of the child."

Later. Kanna and Tohru are cooking together. Smaug goes back under the kotatsu. Smaug falls asleep. 

He dreams about taking the lonely mountain over. 

Smaug is woken up by Kobayashi returning home. 

Kobayashi:"I'm home."


Tohru:"Miss Kobayashi, welcome home!"

Smaug walks over rubbing his eyes.

Smaug:"Welcome home."

Tohru:"We just finished the omurice."

Kanna:*Raises her hands.* "I helped, too."

Smaug:*Raises his hands.* "I slept!" 

They go to the dinner table and there is one giant omurice with a heart on it.

Tohru:"I'm confident in it!"


Tohru is looking at all the leftovers on the fridge. 

Tohru:"I guess we'll be having this for lunch for a while."

Smaug then comes over and grabs a plate and walks to the dinner table.

Tohru:"Maybe not."

Smaug unwraps the saran wrap and just Smashes his face into the food and eats it. 


Everyone is at the kotatsu. Smaug is under it again. Kanna is sitting next to Kobayashi.



Kobayashi:"Speaking of which, were there any humans you were close to in you old world?" 

Tohru:"Humans? Well, if I had to say, there was one human I associated with for a time."

Kobayashi:"Oh? What were they like?"

Tohru:"Well, allow me to talk about my former self a bit. I first met that human in an empty, ruined village." *She tells them a story.*"Thinking back on it noe, I could've just left myself. But at the time I couldn't let myself yield to a human." *she continues with the story.* "At the time I found myself thinking. What was freedom like? I never thought of myself as free before then. I was born with the chaos faction, lived with chaos, and fought with the divine. If that all ended, would I be free? Would it ever end? Even if it did end, and I was free, what would I...?" *she continues.* "Thinking back on it, I had never made my own choice, and I thought that was fine. There was barely anyone I wanted to see anyway. So I chatted with that girl for a while after that." *She continues.* "And so I parted ways with that annoying human. At least, that's how I Should Have felt. Yet I felt a little sad... and uncomfortable."

Smaug:*Under kotatsu* "Oh her, I liked her." 

Kobayashi:*Looks to Tohru.* "Then maybe that person had something to do with why you're my maid now."

Tohru:"You're right. It's rare of me to say thus, but I wouldn't mind seeing that human again."

Smaug:"Me too."

Kobayashi"I see."


Kobayashi:"By the way, Tohru."


Kobayashi:"The way you used to talk sounds like an old man."

Smaug is hear laughing from under the kotatsu.

Tohru:"But it's cool!" 


Later. It's night and Smaug is sleeping on the couch and he swears he feels a presence and he wakes up in a sweat. He looks around and senses nothing. He takes a deep breath and goes back to sleep. The camera pans to a view of the sky and a black portal is seen then the camera goes black. 



(Next episode it the last one guys! Are you ready!)