Chapter 29: He’s got a golden ticket~!
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What event could this all be about I wonder~♥

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Lord Flaming Tiger had a headache.

Worst of all, this headache was due to his work.

Even more concerning was he had only just woken up.

Though considering what happened in the center of their desert. In truth what they knew could be said to actually be little however they knew that none of the men who went to attack the oasis never left after being violated by those women they dragged in. By now even Thundering Panther Lord had pulled his forces away since they were all well aware of what happened about a month ago.

It appeared {Purple Cobra Sect} knew more than they let one since they only took a prescribed glance at the new {Paramount Gold Storm} before heading further into the desert. How could the other powers not notice their strange movements though, wasn’t exactly like the sect was being subtle, with as much power they were putting into their search. This led to everyone sending a detached force to attempt to follow some of the split parties. However things didn’t go as expected as the {Purple Cobra Sect} actually decided to all collect towards a seemingly magical oasis.

Every power was sure there was no such thing before so the appearance of such a magical area showed the interference of another force; it didn’t take a genius to figure out it had to be the new addition to their desert.

In his own opinion to be able to create that giant sandstorm as well as now this oasis within a year meant they should already be quite strong. Although he was previously very interested in the beast he understood that some creatures couldn’t be dealt with - with the power to do this the serpent must have been above Lord Cobra. To him it was only a matter of course to retreat and consider other actions yet that sect he placed in high regard turned stupid!

Clearly they had been too used to throwing their weight as they clearly were planning to take over the oasis & beast’s lineage. Honestly it couldn’t even be called surprising what happened to them or that such a beast could have possible ties with the yakuza. According to the reports from his own scouts what seemed like the legendary {Nomadic Dryad} walked up to the cobra’s encampment with another humanoid figure who turned into a giant golden serpent. With just the presence of the official madame of {The Little Hannya Family} the fools should have retreated, let alone in front of a snake bigger than their sect building.

Foolish as the elder in charge seemed to yell something only for the snake to shake it’s tail causing the entire army of cultivators to fall. Apparently that was quite literal, just a shake of it’s snake rattle caused them all to collapse. From there the men had the ‘pleasurable experience’ of being molested by the snake & {Asura Elder} while the latter slurped up their brains with great relish while Lord Flaming Tiger had no doubt it would end up on the net.

Thinking of the sketch of the snakes overly sexual humanoid appearance though he couldn’t help but felt his body heat up. When he had the sketch draw initially he wanted to punish whoever was the one who was responsible for sending him unrealistic smut yet he was assured through multiple sources that she indeed appeared like that. With that in mind he couldn’t help looking over to his newest as well as youngest concubine.

She was the typical noble daughter who found herself sacrificed in order to build connections with him.

This one was actually just a human with only a half decent cultivation of mid qi-collection who he’d been wedded to for over a year giving her a camel bump of her own. Just by being a humanoid (a human at that) meant her vagina had already become unsatisfying - would probably be unusable after giving birth. Luckily for himself that wasn’t the only hole these women had.

Noticing her husband's heated gaze the once too proud girl carefully got onto all fours though one hand quickly moved to cradle her giant belly. A few seconds later she felt her well adjusted anus being breached by the animal penis, she was already beyond crying about her poor body and just hoped he finished up soon so she could rest. In the entire desert there was no other Camtaur family which meant she wasn’t the first nor last girl to be forced to deal with these ‘racial’ differences yet it wasn’t comforting. Thinking about her coming child was scary but she hoped to live long enough to be able to reap rewards unlike the official wife who apparently died a while back.

The Camtaur didn’t care about that though since he had already had plenty of women over the years nor would this newest one be the last. There were many problems with interracial relationships but the only one that mattered to him was the matter of childbirth between a camtaur & humanoid. Luckily his bloodline was strong enough to carry across to other races yet a human womb would obviously struggle to handle a taurus baby - a camtaur baby being usually even larger than the rest. To put simply… It was considered lucky if the child & mother made it all the way to the child being fully developed let alone actually giving birth.

If they thought it was hard to get the penis inside they stood no chance of getting the baby out.

For the 4 children he had, 3 were at the cost of sacrificing the mothers life for them so one could get a clear picture of just how poor their odds were. As for how many women he’d impregnated over the years? He had long lost count since there were at least over one hundred pregnancies.

How could he find the time to be excited or care for another woman who was likely to die in any number of ways? With that in mind he unleashed another load of child batter into her intestine before pulling himself out thus letting it splatter out her gaping anus. The young woman who was used to these uncaring actions soon rose up while supporting her belly with one hand and moving the second with a bunch of tissues to stop herself from leaking.

Just as emotionless as the man she bowed without a word before scuttling away to her own private quarters. The Camtaur lord also began to get ready for another long day of managing his city as well as preparing for the troubles beyond the walls. As the wealthiest city a lot of matters were raised every day from land disputes to radical cults worshiping the beasts - there was never a boring day. Though that within itself was boring.

That in mind he got washed, dressed then headed to his office where he could already see a pile of documents awaiting. Before he could fully dive into that, one of his advisors rushed into the office in a hurry while holding an envelope as if it were his child, with that being the case Lord Flaming Tiger couldn’t help but raise a brow with curiosity. As the man gestured to hand it towards him though he couldn’t help but be shocked…

The symbol upon the seal of the envelope was a simple beetle in a hexagon made from 6 femmine looking arms. While some ignorant people (like those in the {Gold Dust Continent})  may not have known what this symbol meant 300 years ago, that wasn’t the case now. The hexagon meant that this letter came from the {Asura Yakuza}’s {Little Hannya Family} - only those recognised as leading figures like the elders being able to use this - while having something inside meant they were actually a member of the core family.

In other words whoever sent this would be a member of oni royalty and it being a beetle didn’t exactly make it hard to guess which of the {Little Hannya Family} it was.

“This… Is it a letter from the Asura Oni matriarch’s little ex-human wife?” <Lord Flaming Tiger>

He wasn’t saying that as an insult but more it was indeed confirmation; he couldn’t help but look towards his advisor for confirmation of his guess. Even if he heavily believed this couldn’t be anyone else ({The Heaven} had long since set up punishment for trying to pretend to be a member of certain clans) he simply couldn’t understand. Although as one of the strongest people in the {Central Cities} he long was aware the {Asura Yakuza} was present as well as knowing she was likely here due to recent reports.

Yet hearing someone powerful & influential was near compared to actually receiving communication from them was massively different.

“It was indeed directly handed to our guards by a beautiful woman; she apparently had similar features to the golden serpent yet appeared to be a different person.” <Advisor>

“I suppose that she is indeed on the continent, however to think there are even more of those city destroying monsters around. Not only that but they are able to easily get into this city without me being notified also shows they’re not only strong but smart and cautious which makes them even more terrifying than {Purple Cobra Sect} ever was. This has only gotten far more problematic…” <Lord Flaming Tiger>

The advisor had beads of sweat rolling down his forehead which he tried dapping away with a cloth he received from his pocket. He wasn’t scared but nervous though that was exactly why he was an advisor for Flaming Tiger despite his low cultivation. He was smart. With such strong people being about, he was right to be nervous since one wrong move and they would find their city being wiped off the continent… Angering them could even result in this entire continent becoming a hive of insects.

Letting out a long sigh he retrieved a letter opener and carefully slid it under the seal, he didn’t dare desecrate the sigil, before opening it out. Inside the simple yet terrifying envelope was what appeared to be a golden invitation card which caused both men to tilt their heads. Retrieving the card he looked at the details written in a fancy script only to have his brow raise in surprise and interest.

When he finally finished a clear smile was upon his lips.

“It appears I’ll have an event to attend in three days; prepare all the [Spirit Stones] we can procure for me. I want all the wealth the lord's manor has in my spatial treasure in two days time at the very latest. If I find myself so much as a single [Small Spirit Stone] I’ll have to reconsider exactly who I’m hiring…” <Lord Flaming Tiger>

“L-lord?” <Advisor>

“Did I stutter? Go and be quick about it,” <Lord Flaming Tiger>

Removing his ring from his index finger he slammed it upon the desk causing the advisor to jump.

“Now!” <Lord Flaming Tiger>

That yell made the man quickly unfreeze before he grabbed the ring and ran out the office.