Chapter 30: Making their way down town
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A few weeks had passed since she explained the start of her long-term plan for this desert which resulted in her little servants working even harder.

Just as should be expected of her kin, they had accomplished their goal, all of them achieving a high enough cultivation, achieving their very own humanoid form. Though they didn’t have the clear resemblance that Ulwazi had with Midas they certainly shared many traits. Most notable will of course always be that of physical appearance; all the girls having smooth toffee coloured skin, abyssal black insides, aquamarine eyes and mature bodies.

Those weren’t the only similarities as they had the same [Midas Venom] as well as other combat traits - though they also had the same toffee+caramel scent. Still each was visibly different with differing busts as well as hair colour. Although she was Tyrant she wasn’t going to miss the positives involved with individuality (these weren’t her slaves but loyal servants and future leaders afterall) so she let them be free to style however they liked leading to a large amount of contrast between the race…

Still they were no less shamelessly venereous in nature than their ancestral progenitor.

<As should be expected though, how could we not attract the attention of others with how seductive our very existence is~!>

It had even got to the point of respect where some would mark themselves in similar manners to what Midas had. Of course they wouldn’t copy the royal proofs such as the womb tattoo or eye of horus but they would still paint over their own uniquely coloured nails to match her. If they had access to tattoo artists that could puncture their flesh they would likely go even further in their pursuit of beauty… Or Midas. To them those clearly appeared to be synonyms.

With the success of her loyal pawns Midas had decided it was finally time to get out in force and progress with their plans. Jingye was busy having fun with providing Midas with a fully functional ecosystem within her oasis so she wouldn’t bother her much - simply getting permission to use Jinye’s seal on the invites. Since she didn’t feel like dealing with {The Sovereign of Storms} before she was ready to leave the {Central Cities} let alone being blasted by her tribulations.

Now what her & her girls needed to do was to hand out the invitations while securing a venue to lure in their prey. With that in mind they chose to split up with the girls handing out invitations while Midas would secure the auction house. Of course, they weren’t in a rush so they were also exploring the city while gathering information which meant they were making a lot of men very happy with their hands. They even went ahead to use their hands to pay for anything that caught their eye which the vendors were more than happy about - not every day they get milked by such seductive women afterall...The serpents just believed all this was natural since everything had an inherent worth attached with their ‘services’ evidently being with quite a lot.

Some of the less patient girls even ensnared some men in their rears in order to extract more than just information even if it was at a loss.

Their [Golden Eulogy Amphiptere] race was a rather lust centred race. Having that auction of their bodies hanging in front of them yet retricting them at the same time was torturous for the amazing Midas let alone the younger bunch. Because of that Midas didn’t even fault the one who bared her butt in front of the back alley which had the obvious result.

They were her kin who she produced in her own image (kind of); she understood them since she felt the same.

<*Sigh* It really is hard being so lustful - if it didn’t go against my plan I would milk all their bulging wallets & sacks! Still I’ll just have to accept their attention for now.>

If there was one thing Midas enjoyed it was the lustful gazes of those lower beings, was it egotistical of her to put it that way? Of course it wasn’t - it was simply an accurate description of these mortals even if she tries to hold back her overwhelming ‘pride’. Every slinky step she made in her stilettos on the street of {Flaming Tiger City} resulted in her voluptuous body shaking in a way that pleased those watching her.

It perhaps didn’t help that she wore just about as much clothes as always which was to say hardly any at all. Then again it wasn’t as if the woman were dissatisfied with those hungry gazes that seemed to tear apart every inch of her flesh to fulfil their wild fantasies; in contrast she quite loved it. She also enjoyed the scornful, jealous or even hateful gazes from other women who caught sight of her.

It wasn’t hard to think of why all these different women would look at her with such gazes since she either didn’t fit with their beliefs, had what they wanted or were taking it away. In other words it all revolved around the lusting gazes. For all those women she simply offered a sultry smile filled with her own distaste for them.

They were merely lesser beings afterall.

<Still, compared to Violet’s sex toy’s, this city is in far better shape. It appears the information I gained from {Adjar Merchant group} was indeed accurate. I suppose having such a competent merchant’s headquarters in such a place will lead to additional benefits - the order is clearly far better in this city.>

In comparison to the streets of {Aqua Liger City} {Flaming Tiger City}’s public order was a most certain improvement. While in the former the unfortunate girls who were literally being raped on the mainstreet with only a couple coins as payment here they at least kept that stuff to the backallies where it belonged. Though she did notice the occasional impoverished girl being dragged into such a dark life due to walking on the fringes. Obviously Midas didn’t care what happened to those girls since it had nothing to do with her - plus she already had a pretty good idea anyway.

She found more interest in the stalls that were around the place which were selling all manner of goods ranging from jewellery to raw untreated meat. They of course had many food stalls around the place with skewered meat being the number one money earner for many of the men around. One in particular was receiving service from a familiar girl who had grown up quite a bit with a cultivation of initial core-formation - far ahead of her fellows.

Then again the only way one would recognise her was with her aura since she had already grown far different than she originally did.

<They really do grow up so fast, I can’t wait to see how far this one will go…>

A sporty appearance with tight fitting black ‘shorts’ which seemed like they would snap under the pressure of those toned asscheeks, head crushing thighs and very visible ‘lips’. The material the shorts were made out of were clearly quality with how they tightly clung to the outline of her needy cunt as it rubbed against the young-man's knee. Compared to the seductive Midas her own toffee skin had a ‘tomboy’ feel yet her large breasts - which were held by two little triangles which only barely covered her nippls let alone large black areola - engulfed an arm with complete ease. That golden string bikini more string than bikini.

Her plump rich electric lips also held a confident almost childish smirk as she licked the blushing boy's ear thus showing ppf her black forked-tongue freely. Those aquamarine eyes thinned while showing a mixture of teasing & desire while the only other addition than standard rich electric eyeliner plus eyeshadow was ‘口頭娼婦’ down her right cheek. The symbols seemed to be understood by the boy as ‘oral whore’ since he kept gazing between the marking and her mouth with a constant blush.

“S-sorry-” <Young Stall Attendant>

“Ya look very interessted in my birthmark! No need to be ssorry ssince we love attention kid but I’m afraid I can’t offer that kind of sservice to ya jusst yet handssome… I can still give ya a hand with ye problem sso what about a pair ov’em sskerwerss and I’ll will prepare my own ssauce. Milk sstraight from the owner's supply, here shashasha~!” <Snake Leader>

She tilted her head to rest her left cheek upon the man's shoulder thus showing off the provocative set of symbols on her face. He could feel the several sets of golden piercings that were located on her left ear while the right usually wasn’t visible due to the style of her golden hair. The left side of her head was shaved while what was left was swept to the right but didn’t extend more than her cheek.

With the personality she had shown she obviously wouldn’t stop at just teasing passively which resulted with her right hand swinging down to grab his crotch.

“Eep~!” <Young Stall Attendant>

“Sha~ with how cute ya’re I bet I could make ya cum in a minute flat, wanna ssee~?” <Snake Leader>

The young man couldn’t shudder while it wasn’t as if the hot lady was exactly subtle or hidden leading to it being quite a crowd gawking at her. Some of the few ‘propper women’ of course had choice words for her yet she likely cared less than Midas about their opinion since she didn’t even offer them a glance. Instead as soon as the boy nervously nodded her smirk grew larger before her hand darted under his robe.

He almost immediately groaned as her hand gripped fully around his little shaft while her thumb pressed against the head. She wasn’t gentle at all with a strong grip that treated him like a toy more than a person; no gentle femmine touch from her. Only now did she give some prudes watching a tooth grin. If they knew the purpose of those ‘teeth’ weren’t for food they may have lost it more than they did.

“You are certainly having fun, Imbiza shashasha~!” <Midas>

“Of course boss! Lemmi jusst finissh milking thiss micro cock for ssome fressh man ssauce and we can try ssome of thesse sskewerss!” <Snake Leader/Imbiza>

Being impressed with the Snake Leaders performance in desiring to make sense of her orders while also working hard to improve herself she ended up as the only non-royal who Midas named. Not to say the others didn’t have names but Midas didn’t do it. In fact Midas had high hopes for the snake in front of her, which is what allowed her to be an entire realm over her ‘sisters’ in cultivation, since Midas trained her herself. The reason for her ‘brutish personality’ was also somewhat faked since she didn’t really need to speak the way she did; though she wasn’t as fake as Midas by a large margin since she was mostly true to her desires.

Her current position was similar in status to the little princess Ulwazi though unlike the princess she was of course replaceable.

Not that she intended to lose her place as Chief of Staff!

Hearing Imbiza speak about him the boy tried to stop the exchange by wrapping his own hands around her toned wrist - trying to pull her off his crotch. This was quite unsuccessful as she just grinned more sadistically while the boy's breathing pace increased even more as he quickly neared his climax. How could the mean sporty girl not laugh at the weak guy in front of her who was her type?

“Ssorry, ssorry, I know ya may be mad but jusst having a ssmall dick doesn’t mean ya’re not my type kid.  Esspecially ass I like men like ya a lot! Since I really like ye dick I’m not leaving without a fresh helping of ye weak watery cum shashasha!” <Imbiza>

Her passifying(?) words made the boy hesitate in his refusal which could be said to be a mistake since a long groan left his lips. Those heavy handed hand only increasing the rate in which it wrung him while her other hand also went down in preparation for what was to cum. His groans grew heavier as he began to buck his hips against Imbiza’s hands before squeezing out a few squirts into her awaiting right hand.

“Shah~ not even 30 ssecondss and right in time for the sskewerss to have cooled!” <Imbiza>

Retrieving her hands from the boy's pants he was left weak kneed thus embarrassingly fell to the ground like a discarded maiden. The young serpent didn’t care as she looked at the fairly small amount of almost transparent barely viscous cum in her right palm while she licked her sweaty right hand. Spoilers though; snakes don’t sweat and that hand has only been gripping one thing for long enough to be as drenched as it were.

Walking up to the hot skewers she tilted her hand over one of them to let the cum dribble over the meat before doing the same with a second. She frowned a little with how light she had to drizzle the sauce yet she picked the two up while walking towards Midas. The girl handed her ancestor one before chewing on the other which Midas soon did as well before the two walked off towards their destination.

“Quite weak iss it not?” <Midas>

“Well yea bosss, that’ss why I’d usually pump him more sso I can drench the meat!” <Imbiza>

“I’d rather jusst milk an oni ssince one load iss enough to drench me let alone the sskewer while the sand easy stickinesss, ssmell and tasste are all far sstronger.” <Midas>

“True but I jusst like weak men a bit more - not that I would mind an oni convincing me otherwisse like I’ve heard they’re prone to do.” <Imbiza>

With such a conversation the pair headed towards the {Flaming Tiger Branch Gold Society}.


The 9 floor pagoda in front of the [Golden Eulogy Amphiptere] duo walked in front of and appeared almost like it could have been designed by Midas. This obviously meant that there was gold all over the entrance of the build - engraved upon the sturdy stone entrance. Still it was clear that the building had seen better days as they entered.

Although overall the building was ‘clean’ there was a level of laziness with the upkeep of the structure with no attempts to clean things above or below eye level. That was just the entrance though so Midas couldn’t help but frown, imagining what was to come; afterall if they can’t even be bothered to tidy up their front door what about the backdoor? One could only guess though the two serpents thought it was egregious enough to make Imbiza break her ‘sporty yet dense’ character.

“Are we ssure thiss place iss really for auctioning of luxury goodss and not a fancy pawn sshop?” <Imbiza>

“At the very leasst it’ss certainly sseen better dayss…” <Midas>

Entering the building it was in a fairly similar situation with the outside if done a little better though age had begun showing on the luxury waiting chairs while the place seemed rather empty. As for the customers they only had a few then again very people would be buying luxury goods in this desert. Many of the displays in fact had nothing inside them and walking up to the highest floor was actually fairly easy since there was only a sleeping guard on the first floor.

Reaching the 6th floor of the pagoda which was the last ‘display floor’, Midas was very amused… It had nothing for sale. There were certainly display cases yet they were completely empty while one or two may have a tag upon it explaining what was once there. This was the floor with the ‘priceless treasures’ which couldn’t be bought only traded for which raised the question of why there was nothing to replace them.

The pair just assumed it was because they were forced to sell or gift them to make good with people they owed. Something that fit very well with what she heard occurred to them over the last 300 or so years where their leaders fucked up repetadily. Even the attendants merely gazed at the women with clear confusion as she was on this floor as if it were strange they’d even bother being here since they were only here on obligation. Nobody wanted to work at this place anymore but slaves were slaves.

While these were still ‘prestigious slaves’ there appeared to be none of the willing servants left after they pissed off {The Heavens}, {The Yakuza} & more big wigs.

“We wissh to discusss ssome bussinesss with the head of thiss branch.” <Midas>

The slave blinked a few times but since they couldn’t sense either of the twos cultivation and evidently wasn’t being paid for this shit they went along with it. Leading the two women up to the final 9th floor where the branch manager's space was. Walking into the office the skinny - almost sickly - middle aged man was sat behind his desk looking at the trio with great confusion.

That confusion was quickly changed to mute compliance as both Midas’ & Imbiza’s spectacle scales retreated to reveal their ringed eyes.

*1 hour later*

“Sso you undersstand your role now shashasha~?” <Midas>

“Urghammmm. Ahh. yes, sovereign.” <Branch Manager>

The mans naked wasted bucked up and down while his junk was buried beneath Midas’ love bunkers only to slowly slow down as he climaxed yet again. However this seemed to have no effect on the snake herself as she just kneeled in front of him with her arms crossed over her chest without worry. Her chin lying on the arms as she gazed upwards at him with a sultry smirk on her face while feeling that warm fluid make its own oasis in between her bosom.

Meanwhile Imbiza was a little bit away using some tissues to dry her currently exposed onyx asshole as she turned to look at her leader.

“I guesss we're done here now bosss?” <Imbiza>

“Indeed~.” <Midas>

With that Midad didn’t even bother cleaning her chest as she lifted her chest off his now flaccid cock before walking towards the exit. Imbiza followed behind the archangel with her shorts in one hand - tossing the cum drenched tissues into the bin on her way out.