Cycle 37 (4)
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Dear Diary,

So, since we all have keys and can’t explore any more, we don’t really do the whole “one week with the kobolds and one week exploring” thing. Everyone wanders back and forth as much as we want until the air elementals tell us a player’s on their floor, and then scramble back to our floors. It’s fun. Lewis the dragon still doesn’t really like it when his kobolds leave their floor, but since the Admin is ok with it he kinda has to be ok too. 

Oh, Mika and Aya asked the Admin if they could change colors around, but he said no. I guess there’s a reason we’re all color-coded. I don’t think there’s a reason we’re the colors we are specifically, but we have to stick with the colors we got. 

Via has decided to try making the raptors our pets. The raptors like me and her best, me mostly because I have food and her because she’s obsessed with dinosaurs, so she’s asked me to help. Well, she doesn’t really want to make them pets like the wolves are our pets. She wants them to be more like horses. 

Via’s goal in life is to ride a raptor into battle. While I understand how epic that would be, I don’t think it’s going to happen. 

But, I’m going to help her anyway. She’s made a muzzle type thing, and tried to put it on them today. She started with the smallest one, who she named Echo. Echo wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do with the weirdly knotted rope, and spent two minutes trying to bite it. Then the leader, Alpha, saw Echo doing something interesting and butted in. Alpha didn’t figure out what it was either, and absolutely hated letting it touch him. By that time we had all their attention. The only one who kinda figured out what we were trying to do was Charlie. Charlie usually doesn’t care what we do when the food is gone, so that surprised me. 

So yeah, it’s going to take her a while to get them used to the muzzle, and then we’ll have to see if they freak out about a saddle. I think one or two of the kobolds know about horses, so they could probably help design a saddle for a raptor. Maybe. 

But nothing will make me prefer the raptors to the dire wolves. Especially Siri, who is and always will be best girl. 

The kobolds tried to keep Wolfie McWolfpants last cycle when the players came through. Just to see what would happen. The Admin found out and told Lewis to send him back. Everyone was very sad, but there isn’t a whole lot they could do about it. So now we know that the wolves have to do their job, like we do. No one gets a vacation, even for one cycle. 

Oh well. At least we get to play with the wolves while the players aren’t around. That’s all that really matters. 

Oh, speaking of the wolves, I should really make a big batch of meatballs…

Goodnight, Dungeon!