Chapter 111: f*cked by elephants
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Chapter 111: fucked by elephants


As soon as Mohini arrived at the area where elephants are kept she was shocked a little because there are actually very big and heavy.


She was not sure that she can be able to handle the weight of the elephant on her.


As soon as she arrived at that place all the elephants became attracted towards her.


Even though she is a human the beast seduction skill that she possesses has passively attracted and aroused all the elephants present in the area.


Compared to most of the animals the elephants are one of the intelligent animals. So they did not pounce at Mohini like other wild animals.


The first one that arrived near Mohini is the biggest and the oldest looking elephant that seemed to be the head of this group of elephants.


While the elephant came to Mohini swinging its trunk, there is one more thing that Mohini observed that is swinging under the belly of the elephant.


This is a big thing cylindrical in shape, longer than the horse’s hot dick and thicker than the hot dick of the rhinoceros.


Yes, this is the hot dick of the elephant that is swinging along with the trunk of the elephant.


The swing looked like the elephant is completely aroused and seems to be in a very good mood.


Mohini’s expression has changed from happy to horror, because she doesn’t know how to fit that big thing of an elephant in her cute little pussy.


Other than that she has to get fucked by at least 10 elephants which further increase the difficulty.


Thinking this she became even angrier towards the people that placed the curse on her and her mother.


This is because even if they can find the way to remove the curse their body will be completely ruined or at worse they might even die getting fucked by the elephants.


This means from the very beginning those people that cursed Mohini and her mother wanted them to die a very tragic death.


This discovery caused Mohini to become angrier and angrier to the point where Mohini wanted to torture those people slowly to the point that they would start to beg Mohini to kill them.


Mohini has decided to grit her teeth and get fucked by the elephant.


Mohini was lucky and can still become normal after being fucked by the elephant.


This is because of the lewd god body skill. As soon as she becomes excited lustfully all of injuries on her body will be healed and her body will be restored back to how it was before.


After that she went to the elephant and started to suck on the huge hot dick of the elephant.


This is so as to arouse the elephant completely, then the elephant cummed in Mohini’s mouth.


The thing is this is not cum but just some pre cum of the elephant.


This shows that the elephant is quite old and experienced.


The elephant immediately pulled Mohini with its trunk and placed her on a nearby rock.


Then the elephant turned her around with its trunk where the butt of Mohini is facing the elephant.


Then the elephant moved towards Mohini and started to rub its huge hot dick against Mohini’s but.


Mohini steeled her heart and gritted her teeth to bear the pain and helped the elephant align its hot dick straight in to her little pussy.


Immediately the huge elephant moved thrusting its huge hot dick directly into Mohini’s little pussy.




Mohini let out a loud shout because of the immense pain. This is because the force of the hot dick of the elephant is so much that it went straight into the deepest part of her vagina.


It has even torn a hole in her womb. This made Mohini scream out of pain.


But because of the pleasure that she received has activated the lewd god body and her cultivation started to heal her body.


But before the wounds are healed the elephant started to move.


Because of the weight of the elephant, many of Mohini’s bones were broken and the traction with the rocks has torn her skin.


She slowly covered in blood. This made her a bloody person. But still the wounds on her body are healing at a very fast pace.


This continued for 3 hours to finally complete with all the elephants. Soon Mohini was done with the elephants she waited for her wounds to heal while enjoying the sun rise.


At this moment the elephants are unconscious on the ground near Mohini.


At this moment Mohini received notifications.




“Congratulations player has successfully reached the level 10 of the beginner stage of the body cultivation”




“Congratulations player has successfully reached the level 60 of the beginner stage of the main cultivation”


Mohini immediately opened the game system to see her current status



Name   : Mohini, black rose

Age       : 18

Gender: female

Species blood lines: human, demon succubus

Job       : student

Cultivation base: mortal level 70

Title      : ugly women

Status   : cursed (12%)


 Health points: 163 /163

Spirit points: 129/129

Stamina points: 150/150


Body      :        163

Mind      :        125

Soul        :        131     

Beauty   :       -12

Luck       :        137


Stat points:     285

Quest points: 98,500


Then Mohini opened the extra page to see all her gains



Extra’s page


Experience points: 300,000

Spirit points: 1700

Life: 502 years


Stat points


Body: 270

Mind: 265

Soul: 283

Beauty: 212

Luck: 227



 Then she opened the skills page to see all improvement of his skills



Game system—tier 1 peak level -- tier 2 low level





Appraisal skill-- tier 2 low level —tier 2 middle level


Barrier skill-- tier 2 low level -- tier 2 middle level


Steal skill-- tier 2 low level -- tier 2 middle level


Controller skill-- tier 2 low level -- tier 2 middle level


Beast seduction-- tier 1 low level — tier 2 low level


Seduction-- tier 2 low level -- tier 2 middle level


Keen sense-- tier 2 low level -- tier 2 middle level


Shape shifter-- tier 2 low level -- tier 2 middle level



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