Chapter 113: finally curse is removed part 2 (volume 1 curse removal complete)
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Chapter 113: finally curse is removed part 2


Then suddenly a white dot appeared on her fore head between her eyebrows then it spread all over her body turning everything on her body into pure white as snow.


Even the hair on her head and even her pubic hair over her little pussy turned into white color.


Mohini thought that this change should stop now but something unexpected happened again.


That is the very spot where the previous white dot appeared and turned her entire body white.


This is a multi colored spot that turned her entire body translucent, making her entire body seemed to be made of crystal.


Other than that this crystal body is shining with multi colored glow. As it went on finally Mohini body turned into that of a very beautiful woman.


She has a milky white rosy skin, dark black shining Hair that is like a water fall, she has a pair of round firm and a ample sized, she has a long slender legs that can make any man’s heart race.


At this moment Mohini suddenly received a notification




“Congratulations player has received 250,000 experience points,”




“Congratulations player has received 30 beauty stat points,”




“Congratulations player has received 30 free stat points”




“Congratulations player has received 26,500 quest points.”




“The continuation quest will be given the player after 1 month rest period and player has to reach at least foundation stage before receiving the continuation quest.”




There are few more notifications but Mohini don’t want to see them all now. This is because she was very much exhausted and wanted to take some rest.


It is around 11 AM in the noon,


She summoned Zen to take her out of the zoo. After few moments they have perfectly sneaked out of the zoo.


Then she commanded Zen to transform into a car and take her to a nearby 5 star hotel.


On the way she bought some oranges and pomegranate on the way to the hotel.

Zen turned into a car so he cannot turn into Mohini’s clothes. So Mohini put on some dirty clothes that she has and went to buy some of the other things she need and stored them in the game inventory.


After that Zen took her to the nearby 5 star hotel. Since Zen has integrated the Mohini’s smart phone into him he can now access to the internet and maps.


Mohini also gave some specific instructions for Zen about the type of hotel that she wanted to go.


Like she said that she has to have a bath tub in the bathroom. There should be a vast bed and fresh environment.


Soon they arrived at the hotel that meets Mohini’s requirements.


Before reaching the hotel Zen turned back into burka that is covering Mohini’s body.


Then Mohini walked to the front desk of the hotel. After speaking with the receptionist Mohini wanted to take a big room.


But the receptionist was a little skeptical about Mohini’s financial capability. This is because Mohini came by foot and not in a luxury car.


So he thought that Mohini is some poor woman that is just putting on a show. But he did not dare to neglect because if Mohini really is a rich woman he would be fired from the job and worse he might even go to jail.


So he did not say anything and directly booked a room of Mohini’s choice. Because of the high cost Mohini has to pay some upfront rent.


The room selected by Mohini is pretty high end so the person in the reception called his manager just in case.


The one day rent for the room that Mohini selected is around 500 dollars. Other than that the food that Mohini just ordered for lunch is around 200 dollars.


Since it is too much cost and Mohini did not have any reservation or background, the manager wanted Mohini to pay upfront.


Mohini did not bother and directly took out her credit card. She has previously transferred millions of dollars of money into the card using her hacking skills.


This money is now useful for Mohini. Mohini just swiped the card and paid the bill, which terrified the manager a little.


This is because if a woman that can pay so much money in a single stroke is not simple so they are a little scared to think that they might have offended some rich person’s woman.


Since she is wearing burka those manager and the receptionist did not see Mohini’s face.


Now she paid this much cash in a single stroke making manager think that Mohini is someone from with a rich background, so he started to speak to Mohini in a respected tone.


Then he personally led Mohini to the room that Mohini just booked to show his respect towards Mohini.


Mohini did not bother with the attitude of the manager after entering the room that she just booked she sent away the manager and locked the room from inside


After that she went straight to the bathroom. There is a big bath tub in the bathroom.


Mohini ordered Zen to fill the tub with hot water and add the peels of pomegranate and orange into the hot water.


While Zen is doing what Mohini said, Mohini went to take a shower to remove all the sweat and filth before entering the hot water tub.


She started to wash all of her holes removing the cum that is stuck in her little pussy.


It is a little painful to her because there are some internal injuries because of getting fucked by the elephants.


After careful washing of all the filth Mohini went to take a dip in the hot water tub.


She made Zen add the peels of orange and pomegranate so that her body color and smell would become fragrant.


This is one of the body beautifying tips.


Mohini has previously used hundreds of these kinds of tips to become beautiful.


But none of them worked……….


The second arc is related to finding the people that cursed her and her mother causing the death of her mother will come out soon…..


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