Chapter 114: loyalty pill part 1
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Chapter 114: loyalty pill part 1


But none of them worked.


It led her to the point of decided to commit suicide.


But now she became beautiful but she has lost her mother to those people’s selfish desires.


So she decided to do all she can to make all those people’s lives miserable.


While she is in the bath tub Zen also entered and started to massage all of Mohini’s sensitive body parts.


This aroused Mohini and started to heal all of her internal injuries. It only took half an hour for Mohini to completely heal Mohini’s injuries.


Just when they wanted to start the real thing someone knocked on the door.


“Madam we brought your lunch order” hotel manager said


“Ok, I am coming” Mohini said


Then she covered her body with a wet towel revealing her hotty curves and a beautiful breath taking face she came to the front door.


There is one more reason that Mohini choose this hotel that is there is a link between the manager of this hotel and some underworld mafia organization boss.


She wanted to use this manager to get that secret and plan her next moves to trap her father and others that killed her mother.


Other than that she can also use the connections of this mafia boss to help Chris take his revenge.


She went to the door and opened the front door of her room.


Immediately the manager and a bell boy appeared standing outside Mohini’s room front door were stunned by Mohini’s appearance.


Then manager just stood by while the bell boy is holding the trolley where food is placed. Mohini did not give them time to reach as she used the controller skill to send them into trance.


Then she called them both in to the room so as to not to make any unnecessary problems.


They moved like zombies and came into Mohini’s room. The bell boy pushed the trolley into the Mohini’s room.


Then Mohini carefully observed both manager and the bell boy.


The manager is like an old gangster that was wearing a nice suit to cover his past hunky body.


The bell boy is very strong like a body guard. This bell body did not look like a bell boy instead he looked like some bouncer.


Mohini ordered the manager to inform the other staff that he and bell boy will take some time to return because of some special circumstances.


So they will come down after sometime clearing all the things.


Mohini made the manager say this so that she would not be disturbed later because of some unnecessary things.


Then she wanted to get some information from the manager but it is still after noon and because of the customer floating the phone of the manager started to ring continuously.


Mohini was a little irritated but she is still sane and thinking clearly.


But there is one big problem that is Mohini did not have anything to make these people loyal to her.


She immediately started to think of a way to make these people her loyal dogs.


Soon after the game system gave Mohini a notification and Rose spoke


“Mohini the notification that the game system said that you can get some pill called the loyalty pill.


This pill is divided from tier 1 to tier 10 where each grade has low, medium, high and peak grades.


 If a person consumes this pill to his corresponding level immediately become into trance state.


Then we have to make him recognized us as his master then he can never do anything bad to us.


He will become our loyal dog he can even kill himself with just a command from us.


This pill is one of the forbidden pills in the upper realm. There is even a rule saying that those who are found using these pills will be killed by the combined effort of all the forces of that realm


Soon after the pill formula became extinct and now there are only old powerhouses that know about this pill.


Other than that there is no one in the mortal realm that actually knows that there is a pill like this.


So you can use this pill freely and without any problem at all.


The game system says that this it can provide you with the pill formula of the loyalty pill for all realms and two sample pills of tier 1 low grade for you.


This will cost us around 10,000 quest points to buy this pill formula and the refining process of this pill.


Other than that you have to learn the basics of alchemy like about herbs, harvesting, planting and refining… for that you have to spend another 30,000 quest points.


Then you have to learn the use of fire and control of fire for pill and artifact refining that is another 9,000 quest points.


You also need a pill furnace that is at least a tier 2, peak grade which will cost around 1000 quest points.


This will be totaled to 50,000 quest points.


That you should spend for this pill and the alchemy process.


In my sense this is a good investment so just spend the quest points.


For the mortal realm this is a good thing for us. In a way it is our protection and hidden card.


Even though it is a big spend we will be left with around 75,000 quest points after spending here.


Tell me what do you think?”


Mohini was quite for a moment and said “Rose we are one and the same do you still need to ask me. Just spend the quest points for these useful things.


You are a cultivator who knows more than me so you decide these things and give me suggestions.


Since you said that this will be helpful for us we are going to spend the 50,000 quest points investment and get the future benefits.”


Rose immediately giggled and directly purchased the suggested items from the notification that the game system just gave………


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