Chapter 115: loyalty pill part 2
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Chapter 115: loyalty pill part 2


Rose immediately giggled and directly purchased the suggested items from the notification that the game system just gave.


After that Mohini received a continuous alarm of notifications




“Congratulations player received the pill formula of the loyalty pill.”




“Congratulations player received the two samples of tier 1 low grade loyalty pills stored in the game inventory.”




“Congratulations player received the basics of alchemy stored in the game inventory.”








“Congratulations player received the fire control technique stored in the game inventory.”




“Congratulations player received the tier 2 peak grade pill furnace stored in the game inventory”


Mohini received all these things and they are stored in the inventory of the game system.


The good thing about the knowledge that is bought from the game store is that as long as Mohini used it, it will be directly engraved in Mohini’s brain.


She can directly use that technique or knowledge without any previous preparation.


Mohini immediately opened the game system inventory and consumed the techniques and the knowledge of the herbs and other things.


Mohini understood all the details and the usage instructions of these loyalty pills.


The tier 1 low grade loyalty pills can only be used on people that are below foundation stage


Then she used the appraisal skill both the manager and the bell boy.


The manager is called Sundar with level 80 cultivation and the bell boy is called veer with a level 78 cultivation.


These two guys did not reach the foundation stage but on the normal calculation they are actually stronger than an elephant in the zoo.


But it doesn’t mean that they can defeat an elephant by themselves head on. They will use their brain and other capabilities to subdue the elephant.


Then she took out the two tier 1 low grade loyalty pills.


Mohini gave one pill each to the manager Sundar and bell boy veer and then ordered them to eat the loyalty pill.


As soon as they ate the pill both of their eyes has become lifeless and went into trance


Then they spoke


“Are you my master?”


Manager Sundar said.


“Are you my master?”


Bell boy Veer said.


Mohini spoke


“Yes I am your master”


Immediately Mohini released the controller skill to test the power of the pill.


Immediately both manager Sundar and bell boy veer came to their senses.


As soon as they saw Mohini their faces show a sense of respect and loyalty.




 Manager Sundar said.




Bell boy Veer said.


In order to test the ability of the pill Mohini wanted to place small test.


“Both of you share a lip kiss each other”


Both manager Sundar and bell boy Veer did not question Mohini immediately looked at each other face and directly kissed each other.


Mohini know from the previous appraisal that they are not gay and are extremely lustful guys that love women.


So Mohini’s test was a success.


They are now completely in my control.


They will even take their live if I wanted them to kill themselves.


Mohini wanted to test again so this time she took the knife on the trolley that has food on it and gave it to bell boy Veer.


Then Mohini said to the bell boy Veer


“Kill yourself”


In the next moment the bell boy wanted to pierce the knife into his heart without even a bit of hesitation.


But seeing the scene Mohini immediately said




Bell boy veer stopped piercing his own heart just at a hair’s breadth away from his skin.


If Mohini did not stop bell boy he would have already killed himself.


Mohini was now sure that these two people are 100 percent loyal to her.


So Mohini does not have to worry.


But there is only one caution that Mohini has to remember that is the effects of the tire 1 low grade loyalty pill is ineffective against the people in foundation stage.


The specific details of the higher restraints are still needed for further study by Mohini.


Because of this Mohini has to make sure that these two loyal dogs that are manager Sundar and bell boy Veer does not break through into the foundation stage.


Mohini now spoke


“Manager Sundar,


When will you be free from all the phone calls?”


“Master, by 2:30 PM noon I will be fee till evening 4 PM, then the work schedule starts again.”


Manager Sundar spoke.


“What would you do if that mafia boss behind you came? How would you usually handle the customers then?”


Mohini asked


“Master how you knew that there is a mafia boss behind me?”


Manager Sundar asked with a shocked expression.


Not many people know that the current hotel owned by this manager Sundar is actually belongs to a small mafia boss Bijju bhai.


The manager Sundar is owner of this five star hotel in just name only. The real owner is a small time mafia boss in Bombay called Bijju bhai.


“You don’t need to know how I found out just tell me what I have asked” Mohini said coldly 


Mohini when riding the car to this 5 star hotel used her hacking skills to check the details of this connection between the mafia boss Bijju bhai and the manager Sundar.


Immediately manager Sundar stopped his questions and answered Mohini’s previous question.


“Master when Bijju bhai arrives we will call the other low level managers to manage the hotel while I attend to the needs of the Bijju bhai.


Without my intervention those low level managers will be able to manage the hotel for a week.


So it is easy to attend to Bijju bhai”


Manager Sundar said.


“Then when will this Bijju bhai arrive in this hotel next time?


Is there any one that is related to Bijju bhai staying in this hotel?”


Mohini asked


“Master, Bijju bhai’s only son Vasiker is staying in this hotel.


I am his guardian and to the people outside he is my son.


Bijju bhai will come here once every 3 month to see his son and spend a week here with him……….


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