Chapter 116: we came here to kidnap you
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Chapter 116: we came here to kidnap you


Bijju bhai will come here once every 3 month to see his son and spend a week here with him.


After that he will go back to Bombay to his own mafia business.”


Manager Sundar said


Mohini was a little shocked to find that this manager Sundar is actually the most trusted person for that mafia boss Bijju bhai.


That mafia boss Bijju bhai trusted manager Sundar to the point that he was even willing to let him take care of his son.


Then Mohini asked “what kind of person that this mafia boss Bijju bhai and Bijju bhai’s son Vasiker are?”


“Master they are both extremely lustful guys. They are so bad that they will even shared and fucked women together.


Sometimes they order kidnapped woman from time to time through human trafficking gangs to enjoy.


They will kill the women they lost interest in a very cruel way.


They are both class 1 sadists.”


Manager Sundar said with a disgusted face.


Even manager Sundar felt disgusted speaking about the cruelty of Bijju bhai and his son. This show how terrible these father and son are.


Mohini naturally felt that she has to kill these father and son pair in the cruelest way possible.


 Mohini even wanted to use some old punishment technique called the iron maiden.


Other than that Mohini wanted to burn the souls of these father and son pair in purgatory flames of the nether world.


This how much Mohini became angry listening to the atrocities of the Bijju bhai and his son.


From the words of manager Sundar, Mohini found that this mafia boss will come in a week.


Mohini decided to act after some preparations as she has other things to do too.


She has another doubt regarding the arrival of the manager directly to her room even with a strong back ground like the mafia boss Bijju bhai.


Based on the common sense the manager did not have to come but he came to her room for no apparent reason.


Why would a manager of a five star hotel come personally to the room of a customer?


What is the reason for this?


Since Mohini doubted this she shot the question to the manager that was now her loyal dog.


Before asking the question she ordered bell boy to sit on a chair then she took off her towel and sat on the lap of the bell boy.


Then she ordered the bell boy to massage her tender snow white peaks.


“Ahaa, there ahh…”


After she relaxed a little she asked the manager “manager Sundar why did you personally come to my room with the bell boy.


Naturally there is no need for you to come to my room personally. Now tell me what the reason is for you visiting my room in person?”


Manager sunder looked at Mohini with a little fear. This shows that there is something fishy here.


Mohini smiled gently and said


“You don’t have to fear just say what you are hiding that is the reason.


You will not be punished much just a small punishment if the thing you are plotting against me is truly dangerous for me.”


 The manager was still somewhat reluctant to answer Mohini but because of the effects of the loyalty pill he cannot hide the truth from Mohini when she directly asked him to tell.


Manager Sundar finally spoke after being silent for a few minutes.


“Master we came here to kidnap you.”


 Manager continued speaking


“You know that the mafia boss Bijju bhai’s son Vasiker is living in this hotel.


He was an extremely lustful guy.


He always wanted beautiful women to quench his lust.


In the reception below when I saw you, for some reason I was charmed even though you are wearing a burka.


But when I saw you pay such a large amount of money as if it was nothing I thought that you have a strong backer.


Master then I thought of a plan.


That is come to your room in the name of asking you about the customer feedback.


Through these questions I wanted to find your backer.


If the backer behind you is not powerful we are going to kidnap you and feed you some aphrodisiac so that the young master Vasiker can enjoy you tonight thoroughly.


Other than that if your backer is your family we wanted to shoot your fucking video and send it to them to blackmail them to extort money and other valuables.


If my plan were to succeed I would get some very good benefits from the mafia boss Bijju bhai.”


After saying till here manager sunder became silent looking to see if there is any change in the expression of his master Mohini.


Mohini was not angry but instead she was smiling sweetly looking towards manager Sundar.


Then she spoke


“Sundar you made such a brilliant plan.


Where is this aphrodisiac?


Show it to me.”


Manager sunder immediately said to the bell boy veer


“Take that out…”


But before the manager’s words are complete bell boy veer that is previously massaging Mohini’s boobs took out a small bottle from his pocket and gave it to Mohini.


“Master this is the aphrodisiac that we brought to drug you.”


Mohini took the bottle and said to bell boy


“Good continue your massage, be a little gentler at my snow peaks, they are rather delicate you know.”


Then Mohini looked at the manager and said “suck my little secret cherry until I cum and drink it this is your punishment.


As soon as you are done you can go do your work I will call you later.”


Then she no longer bothered to see at manager Sundar instead she started to appraise the small bottle of aphrodisiac.




“You have obtained a low grade tier 1 aphrodisiac liquid that can be used on people below foundation stage cultivation.”


Mohini was a little happy as she got more of this aphrodisiac liquid because by taking this she can temporarily boost her cultivation speed……..


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