Chapter 4: Start the God Battle!!
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Demigods, although they are also classified as deities, but in fact, can only be said to be the reserve of deities.

In this realm, there is still a long way to go before igniting the God Fire and exalting the God Kingdom.

An ordinary demigod can only be regarded as the most ordinary of the demigods.

On top of this, one can also use God Power to polish1Refine, purify. Clean/wash/remove impurities(?) to make it better. 洗练 lit. Wash and practice/train. the God Body and the God Soul and it gets much stronger with each polish.

Gruumsh's Ancestral Shrine.

God Domain.

First, Li Yue gave the purchased bread trees and equipment to the Gruumsh orcs, then, he ignored the increasingly devout and fanatical Elder Hogger, and stood quietly.

With a thought, a million faith's power was instantly transformed and condensed into a thread of purple god power in his body!

This is thunder god power, carrying the vast thunder god might.

Once a thread is bestowed to a fourth-level lord-rank professional there will be a 20% chance that he can be promoted to the fifth-level extraordinary-rank.

Extraordinaries are just 'extraordinarily out of common'!

In some small planes, this is the highest level.

"Let's start the polishing of the God Body and the God Soul."

Li Yue said to himself.

The thunder god power in his body fits him perfectly, the effect is far better than if someone else used it, it is more than a thousand times more effective!


As if the universe had exploded in a Big Bang, the thunder god power in his body, that has the same origin as him, instantly blew, turning into purple thunder rays of light, engulfing his entire god body and entire god soul!

His god body strengthened rapidly, his god soul became more solid.

Behind his head, a turn of purple god light rushed out, within that, there was a scene of thunder roaring!

Under his feet, there is also a thunder prison spreading out, and endless thunder flashing, it is terrifying to the sky!

At the same time—

Godhood authority came out of nowhere, drawing majestic thunder energy into the mix.

The matchless god light vibrates.

Every cell—

Every thread of blood—

Every inch of bone—

Everything is changing!

Then, Li Yue closed his eyes as if he was asleep, letting the thread of thunder power remold itself.


Gruumsh Tribe.

The sun set and rose, rose and set.

Elder Hogger's face was gloomy, looking a bit terrifying under the light of the torches.

He holds a magic staff and wears a black robe.

Staring firm at an orc corpse in front of him, he said grimly:

"Who did this?"

Immen, the strongest warrior in the tribe, that was still bleeding, gritted his teeth as he said:

"Elder! We found other orcs on the other side of the shrubbery!"

"They're the ones who killed Eggen!"

"There are many of them and only two of us, we couldn't defeat them!"

Although they are second-level and the opponent is only first-level.


They had more than 10 times as many people, 'two fists are no match for four hands'.

And the other party was also wearing the same god-given battle armor as them, and holding god-given battle axes!

The rest of the Orcs were in an uproar:

"Kill! Avenge Eggen!"

Elder Hogger slammed hard using the magic staff in his hand: "The glory of my god must not be profaned!"

"They killed a believer of my god and must be punished!"

"But I felt the aura of false god believers on their bodies."

"Those evil orcs are believers of a false god!"


"We will report this to the God of Thunder and follow my god's oracle!"

After saying that, he knelt down in the direction of the ancestral shrine with a devout look.

Behind him, all the orcs also knelt down and threw themselves to the ground.

"Great God of Thunder, your glory must not be profaned, please let your believers turn into swords in your hands and cut through the thorns…"

Elder Hogger said impassionedly.

"Great God of Thunder, your glory must not be profaned…"

All the orcs prayed fervently.


After an unknown amount of time, Li Yue opened his eyes abruptly and thunder god light burst out for a long time.

His expression became solemn as he felt the prayers of the Gruumsh orcs.

"Another tribe of orcs?"

"Have the aura of a deity?"

"So soon, is it time to start the god battle?…"

There was a bit of nervousness on his face, but also anticipation.

God battles are always the most hot-blooded, but also the most rewarding.

With the strength of his 54 second-level elite-rank orc believers, and his own cultivation as a one-turn demigod, he should be considered pretty good in this million-kilometer wilderness, right?

A million-kilometer wilderness is huge, but this is the land of demigods, there are no genuine deities here.

Moreover, most of the deities here are from other planets that arrived on the Imperishable Continent almost at the same time as those from the Earth Star…


Gruumsh Tribe.

Suddenly, a dense rumbling of thunder sounded, vast god might filled the air, and Li Yue’s majestic voice covered the sky:

"Start the god battle."

Elder Hogger's face was fanatical: "Obey the oracle of my god!"

After saying that, he stood up abruptly.

Facing all the orcs, with his magic staff raised, he roared:

"Believers of my god, start the god battle!"

"Start the god battle!"

All orcs roared.

They were not afraid at all, instead, they were full of enthusiasm and excitement.

Fighting for god is their glory!

In the god domain.

Li Yue waved his hand, upgrading the mastery of Hogger shaman's Palm Thunder and Thunder Vitality to level 2.


He bestowed another divine technique, the second-level Bloodthirsty technique!

This is the difference between a one-turn demigod and an ordinary demigod.

Ordinary demigods can only bestow two first-level divine techniques to shamans or priests.

And a first-turn demigod can bestow three second-level divine techniques to shamans or priests.

"Warriors, march!"

Elder Hogger felt his own changes, his faith became more fanatical, and he roared like thunder!