53. Feelings
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Max reached his high school and parked his bike behind the school. After doing that he pulled out the phone that Mirage gave him and instead of messaging her back, he directly pressed on call. He didn't have to let her dry like Helen. The time between parr house to his high school is enough to make her anxious.

*Ringgg....* *Ringgg...* *Ringgg...*

Just as Max thought, On the third ring call got picked up and the sweet happy voice of legendary assassin Mirage's fall on his ears. It's uncanny to think that a cold-blooded killer like her can have this side.

"Hey, Do you get the message? I already delivered the package to fatty."

Before Max could say anything, She jumped in and again informed him about the task he asked her to do. You don't have to hear Sherlock to deduce the intention of her action. She fetches compliments and praises from Max. 

"Yeah you did an excellent job, Thank you."

Max didn't disappoint her and said the thing she wanted to hear. This not only makes her happy but also eases her worries. 

"Humm...When did you sleep yesterday?'

She hummed in satisfaction hearing Max praised her. Then not knowing what to say she asked something casual but this also has some hidden meaning. She wanted to see if he also wasn't able to sleep last night like her but she also didn't want to directly ask him, That would make her intention naked front of him. So she asked him like this so the listener might think she wanted to ask when did he reach home last night. She hides her true intention by camouflaging it with another one.

" I wish I didn't get any sleep because of a certain someone."

How come Max didn't understand her intentions. Although she hides it very well, Max with his current IQ can deduce her real motives. So he also decided to play her game. He said these words in a very ambiguous way so that "certain someone" in Max's mouth can be misunderstood by her as herself.

"Really? Is that "Certain someone" beautiful?"

Just as Max wanted. She misunderstood and thought Max was talking about her. If she was in her right mind, she would be able to find that there is something fishy about the words spoken by him but as the universal rule dictates women in love drop their IQ taken effect.

"Of course, Do you think I will lose my sleep over someone who is not beautiful?"

Max didn't give her a straight answer. This conversation satisfies his evil side. 

"So...So do you have any plans to meet that "Someone" like dinner or something?"

Her voice trembled a little in anticipation and fear. Her voice also started to become quite low. If not for his enhance hearing he might even be able to hear what she said close to the end of her sentence. He can guess at this time her face should have turned scarlet due to shyness.

"I don't know about dinner but I do have a plan to "eat" with her."

Max is also enjoying it now. This kind of simulation might be only some very fortunate people able to experience. Max was glad he was in it. 

"Wh-When *Ahem* When are you planning on doing th...that?"

In excitement, she wasn't even able to speak properly to ask the time.

'A poor soul, if she knew who I was talking about, I wonder how she would react?'

This thought passed through in Max's mind but he quickly put that away. He didn't want to go too far.

"I wanted to do it today but unfortunately I can't, So I think I should invite her tomorrow night to the peninsula metroville hotel in a presidential suite at 8  O'Clock. What do you think?"

Max said in his seductive voice with alluding ways.

"Well I think that "someone" will gonna like it. If I can give you a suggestion try...try to get flowers for her...preferably Jasmine, She might like it. Okay bye, I talk to you later.``

After saying this she cut off the call hurriedly in embarrassment. Max clearly heard the surge of emotions in her voice. There was happiness, anticipation, shock, fear, shyness, and even some confusion. 

'I had to cherish someone like her'

Her innocence touched his heart, Although her body and brain were soiled by the cruel upbringing, She still managed to keep her heart pure. That pure little girl she once was still hidden in that heart. Scared, Afraid just waiting for someone to reach her hand, give her love and take her away from the cruel reality she was hiding from. Now that he was reaching, showing her affection she started to gain the courage but fear of losing it again, didn't let her accept it completely. 

'This will stop her from thinking too much'

Max shakes his head and sends her a message before going towards the backdoor of their school. There is a staff staircase that goes on the terrace, Where the other love struck the girl waiting for him.

——— Inside The Car———

"Whooaa!!! Why did I ask him for flowers? Didn't that only people in relationships do? What if he misunderstood me and got cold feet? Why do I have ask for flowers *Arghhh!!*"

Inside a car after putting the phone down Mirage started her rambling. She didn't know why she said that and now was afraid that Max would not come and stay away from her. After all, who wants a woman like her? Not only did she forget the count of how many men soiled her body but also the number of people's blood her hands were stained by, She was out-and-out cold-blooded murder. 

"I guess that's for the better if it ended here."

A lone tear escaped from her beautiful eyes cage and slid on her perfectly sculptured alluring cheeks. 

'Weeping beauty'

These words would come to anyone's mind seeing this scene. This sight was both beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.


Phone notification pulls her out of her thoughts. She wiped the cheeks that were already stained with tears at some point and picked up the phone to see what the notification was about.

Anon: I also hope she will put on a beautiful dress, preferably a red one. That is my favorite color.

Seeing the message, All her worries flew away. That beautiful face that can make even those professional models jealous again hangs a charming smile that made to charm saints to show her happiness.

This message from Max, Because she didn't know Max's name until now, She saved his name as Anon means anonymous. For her he was indeed anonymous. For this fact she felt funny. She didn't know anything about him, not even name and yet he had this much control over her emotions. One word from him can put her between heaven and hell. 

"Which dress should I wear? Fuck it I should buy new one, He said his favorite colour is red, So I also has to look into accessories to match the dress."

She quickly grabbed the tab and started going through the large collection of the dresses online. The common thing in all of them was the color red.

——— Max High School———

Max was standing in front of the door to the terrace of their school. He already sensed Violet's presence on the other side of the door. The reason he was standing here was to once again remind him what he wanted to do. He didn't want to mess things up at this point.

"So you come, Were you waiting for so long?"

Finally, Max opened the door and saw startled Violet because of his sudden entry. Just like in the morning, She was not even looking at him. Her eyes wandered everywhere except on him. He can see emotions like fear, anxiety, and expectation on her face, Which constantly replace each other in turns.


The recognizable sequence of words started coming out of her mouth. In fear and anxiety, she started rambling nonsense.

"Stop talking, just answer in nods of yes or no, Okay?"

Max grabbed her shoulders to calm her down. He had to stop her rambling or he was afraid she might pass out from overheating her brain. His hands were greatly massaging her shoulders, Which helped her calm down. After that, she gives him a nod that she understands.

"Are you hiding beneath my bed?"

Max asked the obvious question: It will help her to open up and calm her down a little.


At first, she flinches hearing this question but sensing reassuring touch from his hand, She finally nods yes. 

"Do you have any ill intentions behind your actions?"

Max's question startled her. She quickly denied by a nod in no hurry. She didn't have any ill intention behind her actions. She went to his room just to check on him. After seeing he was not in his room, she was ready to leave but after hearing someone coming into the room, She panicked and hid under the bed. She then got extremely sleepy for some reason and she didn't know when she slept under there.

"So if not ill intention, then it was a good one?"

Max asked questions with little hidden meaning in them, He also lessens the distance between them slowly but because she was not looking at him and was busy thinking about the answer, She failed to notice his actions.  After thinking for a while she nodded yes. After all, going to check on him to see if he was comfortable is a good thing, right? Of course, if we ignore the fact that She was hoping the person she was checking on was asleep.

"So you had good intentions, Can you tell me what the reason was?" 

Max's voice turned from charming to seductive. The vibrations in his voice sent currents every time she heard it. It's getting harder and harder to think and answer him properly. Her face had already turned red like a tomato. If she was in anime there should be smoke coming out of her head. Her skin also had pink blush and her body also started to heat up as a natural reaction. She still somehow pulls herself and answers in no slowly.

Of course, she can't tell the reason why it is embarrassing. Is anybody even gonna believe it? Even if someone believes it, It's still very embarrassing to say out loud, not to mention in front of the person you like.

"Ohh... okay, next question. Do you have a boyfriend?"

Just as she heard the question her eyes shot wide open. She didn't expect him to ask something like this question. For the first time during their meeting, she looked up to see Max but this looked to nearly give her a heart attack. His face was just a few inches away from her face. She can even see a tiny drop of sweat on the tip of his nose. 

In this type of situation if a boy asked a girl this type of question, then that only means one thing. Her heart wants to believe it but her mind doesn't. How come the most popular and handsome boy in their school was interested in nobody like me. She even doubts that most people even know her name, After all, who wants to associate with a freak like her.*


This time other than nodding, She spoke and answered, stammering. Her voice becomes low as a mosquito. Her gaze fixed on the ground fearing to look up. Although her logical mind was denying the even possibility of something happening between them even the mightiest warriors had to kneel in front of their heart's desires, So could she be able to resist it. The hope of a miracle is always a weakness of the heart. 

"So how about considering me as one?"

Max gently held her chin and made her look up. His voice was alluring like a snake tempting her to taste the forbidden fruit. 


She was shocked. Although she was hoping for a miracle, she never thought it would actually happen. She thought she might be dreaming and everything was just a fantasy she created in her dream but the coldness of his fingers holding her chin assured her that all that was happening was real. She wasn't able to meet his enchanting eyes out of shyness but his next action surprised her even more.

Max moved forward and put his cold slender lips on her plump cherry-like lips. Her eyes become wide open because of shock. She was shocked by this sudden kiss. She couldn't believe that her first kiss was with the boy that she had a crush on for years but suddenly she was frightened as she felt that hand was wandering on her body. 

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