Chap 2. Welcome to Triton (1)
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Giant walls made of Griss metal stood in the middle of the lone island. Drones flew and surveyed the island and the surrounding calm waters. Standing in the distance is the impressive Triton Prison. And just like how the rumors stated, the place is filled with security. 

Elonora looked at the grand sight with her unperturbed blank eyes. Guards dressed in black uniforms gathered in packs to patrol with their trained hounds. 

Elonora's temporary escorts were halted by the group that was going to accompany Elonora inside the prison. The two guard captains meet up and exchange pleasantry before delving into the serious matter. 

"Captain Birch, criminal S-S-A #9 is safely delivered into your hands." Captain Noir handed the data of the criminal to the fearsome captain leading the Blackguards of Triton prison. 

"You did a good job, Captain Lein." Birch curtly nodded before walking near the cage. 

Elonora, who was imprisoned and cuffed in the cage, sensed the dangerous presence of the man nearing her.

'Someone...who I can't take down.' The little girl was displeased by this but didn't bother anymore. Since she's not here to fight, might as well not bother. 

Birch carefully scrutinizes the young child in the cage. Base on the data that is given to him1in the internal device earlier and now, this small child murdered 13 people twice her size and used her cunning to do it too. 

It was written in the data that the child attacked the fatal spots of the human body, such as the head, neck, and heart, to immediately end the life of her victims. Such a young but dangerous child she is. 

Seeing the meek and silent appearance of the child and the data detailing her murders are really contradicting. Birch thought of the saying, 'Don't judge the book by its cover.' to be true and right once again. 

Birch swept his eyes on the child's figure before nodding, signaling his subordinate to finish the procedures. Elonora stared at the man's stature and demarcated not to cross him yet. Once she was a grown-up like her sister, she would challenge that man just for the sake of knowing who will win between the two of them.