Special Announcement! 11/29/2022
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Good morning my dear readers.
I'm sorry I've been absent all this time, you see, I've been in professional training for two weeks.
I come back tired and I can't do anything, I get up early the worst of all.
To be honest, I think I will only stay until December...
So for that reason dear readers I have not been able to upload or update anything.
Because of this I think I will upload the novels in this way; I will make the chapters and then when I have them all I will upload them day by day until the end and upload the document.
This way you could read a chapter every day until the end of the novel.
What do you think?
Another important detail is that in these two weeks I've been writing my new novel the details.
It's getting better than Razel because I'm using material from Razel and Rudel, but in a hardcore way.
Also the enemies are ready and the waifus are exquisite, there will be too many milfs.
Thanks to that AI I'll be able to make all the designs I want.
Without anything else to say, I only ask you to wait until I have everything ready.
From now on my novels will no longer come out in the quick time they used to, they will take time.
See you soon my dear readers!
Greetings from your dear author, Siegburn.