Book 4 chapter 10
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As Hecatolite woke up she was… confused, several things just didn’t add up from the night before.  

First thing, she was in a tree. Hecatolite had learned that she didn’t exactly like sleeping in trees; they are far too hard and rough, not to mention the fact she had fallen out of the last tree she slept in. So that was strange.

The next thing was… well she didn’t exactly remember the night before. She remembered Eryl coming to “talk” to her again while she was out with Amethyst, and not wanting to get yelled at of course Hecatolite decided they would instead play tag. Eryl was surprisingly bad at tag, but it was still fun nonetheless, she even seemed to be having fun after a while.

But that didn’t explain how she had ended up in the world tree. Sure, she had thought about climbing the tree earlier in the day but after talking with Amethyst they decided the elves would probably not like it if they did that; they were going to ask Cemi about it tomorrow given she seemed nicer than All-goose. But that was going to be a tomorrow activity, something to do with Amethyst if it was ok to do… 

Had I been drinking? That would explain some of this. Well, the blackout at the very least, Hecatolite had never been great with alcohol after all. Quickly patting her legs, she couldn’t help but frown, this is twice now I blacked out in front of Amethyst and woke up without pants on? Really knocking it out of the park as a role model there Hecatolite. It didn’t dawn on her that she was, in fact, not wearing pants yesterday at all. 

With a sigh she looked to find Eryl’s bright blue eyes looking down at her, I really need to stop drinking. How the hell had she ended up in Eryl’s lap? Did… did we make up? We must have, right? Hecatolite smiled awkwardly up at the elven woman as she came to terms with the most shocking revelation of the morning. She was so mad at me yesterday though, how did we get to early morning lap pillows? Did Eryl take my pants? Just what did drunk me do?! 

“Good morning, Hecatolite.” Eryl smiled softly down at her and Hecatolite couldn’t help but grin back at her as warmth blossomed in her chest.

Eryl looked… different this morning. It was still clearly Eryl, a beautiful elven woman, but now she felt so much brighter. Her eyes no longer had that cold glint to them, her carefully formed mask was no wear in sight. She just seemed so much more… alive. Normally her long ears would rise with her smile but this time her whole face rose along with her ears, her vibrant smile causing little wrinkles to form in the corners of her eyes as she looked at Hecatolite who’s own smile was only growing as she scanned the other woman’s face. 

Hecatolite’s eyes were drawn to the little creases around Eryl’s eyes, little wrinkles in her flawless complexion that just made it so much more… “ha…” her mouth fell open, fully intending to tell Eryl how beautiful she was, but as their eyes met her voice died in her throat. The other woman’s soul filled her sight, and it stole her breath.

For the first time someone else’s soul had changed. Hecatolite had seen souls grow, becoming more defined or larger, like her sister’s soul. But this… this was like the changes in her own soul. Eryl’s soul was no longer a glass like orb with a woman in the center, yet it was still stunning.

Eryl’s soul now looked much closer to her physical body, taking the form of a stunning elven woman, though now instead of being one solid color she now had a much more human complexion, though she did have a faint blue tint to her skin. Her once long cable like hair was now cut short, the electric blue strands brushing against her shoulders matching her body's golden blond hair. but what caught her attention the most were her eyes, the solid blue orbs felt focused now, even as lines of illegible text flew through them. 

They were glowing with a blue light that reminded her of the system terminals, but… that couldn’t be right. Terminals were cold, unfeeling, calculating… Programmed. Hecatolite hated the terminals, but Eryl’s eyes were so warm and inviting; how could they be so alike yet, completely different? Her eyes invoked the same feelings that her own wife did, a caring warmth… She was intelligent, unwavering, brimming with a desire to protect; but Hecatolite felt more than anything, she could trust Eryl. 

Just as before, Hecatolite’s own hand drifted into view; her nearly translucent white soul standing out against Eryl’s tinted blue as her hand rested on the other woman’s cheek. 

“Beautiful.” Hecatolite’s voice finally came out in barely a whisper, and she could feel Eryl's entire body tensing under her touch.

“Wh… What?” She stammered causing Hecatolite to blink away her soul sight only to find her hand pressed against Eryl’s soft cheek, and her smile only grew.

Eryl’s physical body was every bit as striking as her soul was. Her blond hair fell around her face framing her large blue eyes in an angelic glow as the sun fought its way through the golden locks. Shifting her hand slightly Hecatolite pushed the curtain of hair back, tucking the golden strands behind Eryl’s ear, the shadows giving way to reveal her fair skin that now sported a healthy tan after their time on the island and sea.  

Resting her own porcelain white hand against Eryl’s tan cheek Hecatolite shuddered at the warmth, “You are so beautiful.” Even upside down as she was from Hecatolite’s point of view, and though she would never say so, looking up at someone from their lap was not the most flattering angle. Even then, as Eryl’s cheeks turned an adorable rosy red all the way to the tips of her long ears, Hecatolite couldn’t think of another word to describe the woman. 

Eryl, for her part, had no idea what to say. She had questions for Hecatolite, a plan of action she had spent the better part of the night thinking about but… It wasn’t what Hecatolite said that stunned her into silence, but how she had said it.

Hecatolite’s eyes had flashed the inky black of her aether, the tell tale sign of her soul sight being activated, and then she had all but whispered a single word. The same exact word she had used the night before while looking out over the entire world; spoken with the same quiet reverence as she looked at Eryl’s very soul. 

Then after deactivating her magic she repeated it as if it was just the most natural thing in the world. Hecatolite, a primordial, had looked at her and declared it as if Eryl herself was just as breathtaking as the very world itself.

With a trembling hand Eryl captured Hecatolite’s hand, unable to keep herself from leaning into the warm touch as she held the smaller woman’s hand against her cheek. “Hecatolite… what are you doing?” 

That was a strange question, “Seduction?” Hecatolite said with a completely straight face. She thought it was pretty clear, though it wasn’t anything quite as… vulgar? She was positive that; yes, she wanted to sleep with Eryl. But it wasn’t so shallow as just sexual attraction. Hecatolite liked Eryl, and though it may not be love, just yet. But it was definitely reminiscent of the budding feeling she had felt with Saffron. 

She trusted Eryl and was clearly attracted to her, who wouldn’t be? She was gorgeous, intelligent, and though she could overreact to things, passionate. “I just wanted to tell you how beautiful you are. Should I not?” Hecatolite’s voice was low and just a bit breathy as spoke, her own desire coursing through her as she fought to keep it from leaking out into her aura.

Just as with Saffron, Hecatolite couldn’t help but worry that she would accidently take advantage of Eryl; that her ability to sway other people would eventually lead to her taking advantage of someone, worse someone she cared for. Yet… Eryl could reject me. This is far from the first time she had flirted with Eryl, yet this was easily the most blatant of her attempts. In her own mind she all but just asked Eryl to sleep with her, and… what if she rebuffs me? 

Of course she will reject you. The whispers came as she felt the slightest flare in her own power. It would only take a tiny push, just the tiniest bit of aether and…

It must be her choice. she hissed in her mind, banishing the whispers as her aether snapped back into place. If Eryl rejects her that’s fine, but Hecatolite will not, cannot, take that choice from her.  

Eryl, unaware of Hecatolite’s internal struggle, opened and closed her mouth several times. “I… It’s just…” Eryl stammered as her heart started to race. She had been on the receiving end of advances before, even from Hecatolite, yet this time was different. Hecatolite’s warm touch on her cheek, the tightness in her chest as the smaller woman smiled up at her… this is not the time for this. 

Eryl needed to talk with Hecatolite, to get answers… no, she needed one answer, why Hecatolite had chosen her world didn’t actually matter in the end, what did matter though; “Hecatolite, do you remember what you said to me on the ship? The night of the party?” Hecatolite didn’t answer, just cocking an eyebrow as Eryl pressed on. “You told me that I wanted someone to share the burden of my world with…”

Much to Eryls surprise Hecatolite sat up, giggling as she pulled away from Eryl leaving her feeling somewhat… hallow, a sudden coldness from where they had been touching. “I don’t remember that.” Hecatolite shook her head as she turned to face Eryl, “but Eryl, I’d make a horrible admin, way too many rules.”

Something about a primordial saying they wouldn’t be able to do her job struck Eryl as… funny. Her laugh surprised even her as she replied, “I don’t doubt that.” she turned to let her legs dangle off the branch, her knees popping as she stretched her stiff muscles, as Hecatolite picked at the bark between them. “That's not the point though. Hecatolite, if… if I asked you to, would you protect this world?” 

That was it, what mattered above all else. Hecatolite was a primordial, one of the most powerful beings in all of creation; yet Eryl knew in her heart that she didn’t mean her world any harm, she had only ever moved to protect her family and those she cared about and… If she wanted me to know she would tell me. Eryl for the first time felt that something in her world was truly none of her business. It was so nice to feel she didn’t need to know something, to have to figure it out. Her whole life had been spent studying and documenting every little thing in her world, and for the first time she didn’t have that insatiable drive to figure something out. 

She did not expect Hecatolite, who had managed to remain serious this whole time, to erupt in laughter. “Would you care to explain what’s so funny?” Eryl narrowed her eyes as Hecatolite all but rolled around on the branch, which Eryl is sure she would have if they weren’t in the tree. 

Hecatolite wiped a tear from her eye as she got to her feet. Raising her hands high above her head, her back released an alarming number of loud pops as her tail stood on end. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have laughed.” All the previous flirtation was gone from her voice as she spoke, “Eryl what’s bothering you, really?” 

Eryl couldn’t help but chuckle. Hecatolite’s sudden seriousness bringing an odd feeling of relief as she just… let it all out. “My world is falling apart Hecatolite. The entire world, mortals and divine alike, is at war. Half the divine have gone into hiding while the other half continue doing Mother knows what while I’m trapped down here; separated from my system with a Primordial, who just decided to pop into my world just as everything started to go to hell. There are dozens of summoned Hero wreaking havoc in the name of a deranged god on a crash course towards some of the most powerful souls my world has seen in thousands of years. Souls, that you personally have drug into power for some reason I cannot for the life of me figure out.” She didn’t know when her eyes filled with tears as she looked out over the beautiful landscape before them. “And… and I thought maybe it was your fault you know? That maybe you were doing something to my world but the more I think about it the more I feel like… it's my fault. That I wasn’t good enough, that I didn’t pay enough attention, that I could have stopped this all if I had just been better.” Eryl’s voice cracked as she shivered, her trembling hands coming to her face to hide the tears that were now flowing. “You told me, you said that I was doing a “bang up job” at protecting my world and at the time I couldn’t see just how right you were. So now the only thing I can do is ask you. You, the mad devour of this world, if you will protect it from the calamity I failed to prevent.” It was strange, she had known this all last night, had thought about it and even been relieved to come to the conclusion that she was powerless. But now? Now to say it out loud, to give voice to the thoughts; it hurt. It hurt so much to throw her pride aside, to admit that she had failed… “Me, the endless abyss, Primordial of Thought; will you please…”

Eryl nearly fell from the tree as Hecatolite threw her arms around her from behind. Her tiny arms squeezing Eryl tight as she shook. 

Why does this hurt so much? I knew this, I knew I failed, so why does my chest hurt… 

“I am sorry Eryl.” Hecatolite’s voice was soft, yet something about her words caused Eryl’s whole body to tense.

That’s it, Eryl thought as the last of her strength left her. Even she can see how hopeless this is, that my world is doomed…

“I should never have said that to you.” Hecatolite squeezed Eryl tighter against her chest, any other time the position would have felt odd given even standing at her full height Hecatolite was just barely taller than the sitting elven woman. “Despite how you may feel, the state of the world is not your fault; you did nothing wrong, and I shouldn’t have blamed you for the actions of others.” 

Hecatolite’s words should have been soothing to hear, yet they did nothing to soothe the hollowness that Eryl felt. Eryl was the Admin of this world, of course it was her fault. She was quite literally created to keep things like this from happening.

Eryl didn’t even notice when Hecatolite released her, stepping back to stand awkwardly behind the other woman on the branch they sat on. Hecatolite placed her small hands on Eryl’s shoulders, “Eryl, you did not fail this world, you did your best and no one can blame you for how everything turned out.” She slowly began kneading Eryl’s shoulders, trying to work some of the tension out of her body. 

Despite herself Eryl relaxed into Hecatolite’s touch. Her small hands were so warm even though her shirt as she expertly worked the knots out of her shoulders and neck. “Eryl, you are not to blame. You are not powerless.” Hecatolite reassured her as she worked her way from Eryl’s shoulders to her spine. She was rewarded with a slight pop as Eryl’s back straightened slightly. “As for the other thing. Eryl, you never had to ask me to protect this world. It is my home, our home. Of course we will protect it, together.”

“but I…”

“No buts.” Hecatolite cut her off, pushing her thumbs into the back of Eryl’s neck causing her to release a… unbecoming sound, as her head drifted back. “I told you, I can’t be an administrator. It’s far too much work, but I can help you. I will help you, Eryl, all you need to do is ask and I will give you anything you wish for. But,” Eryl didn’t miss the slight change in Hecatolite’s voice, the way her breath was suddenly heavy as her words tickled her ear. “I won’t do it for you. I told you, you wanted someone to share the burden with, not take it from you.”

Eryl suddenly felt like puddy in the smaller woman’s hands, her entire body drifting back as Hecatolite’s arms wrapped around her shoulders. “I… I thought you said you forgot.” Her own voice suddenly felt so weak as Hecatolite’s fingers danced across her collarbone, her hands drifting into the neckline of her shirt as she worked. 

Eryl turned her head to look into Hecatolite’s eyes, not admitting that she really liked how small the other woman was as even sitting she didn’t need to look up to meet her gaze. Eryl’s breath caught as their eyes met. Hecatolite’s hazy eyes that were normally so wide were now crystal clear; peering at her, mere inches away with a heavily lidded gaze. “I remembered,” her breath tickled Eryl’s lips as she spoke. “because you asked me to.” 

“I…” Eryl suddenly felt so… warm. As if the heat from Hecatolite’s breath would burn her, yet she couldn’t pull away. She didn’t want to. “Did, didn’t I?” Hecatolite answering chuckle felt as if it  just blew away all her worries, her insecurities about her world fading out of her mind as the other woman’s words played over in her mind. Our home. Hecatolite sees this world as her home. She… she doesn’t think I failed… It filled her with joy to know that someone else, no, that Hecatolite didn’t see her as a failure.

“Eryl.” Hecatolite all but whispered, freezing Eryl who had started to drift forward. “If you do that, I don’t know if I could stop.” Their lips were nearly touching, barely a hairs length between the two.

“What if,” Eryl’s eyes darted down, looking at Hecatolite’s slightly parted lips. Her pail skin flushed with pink as she audibly swallowed. “I don’t want you to?”

For Eryl it was… everything. To her, Hecatolite wasn’t a Primordial, she was just Hecatolite. The crazy woman who had done nothing but supported her, had been there for her for years while the world crumbled around them. Hecatolite had wept for her, bleed for her, sworn to stand by her no matter what. She was insane, but she was so caring, far too kind; she was intelligent and fun to just be with, Hecatolite who had somehow made Eryl feel so… alive.

As their lips met Hecatolite had to admit that just maybe her fathers advice that a good massage can fix anything was a little too good. She promised in her mind to only use this new found power for good as the erupting static in her mind drowned out all the whispers, her desire for Eryl pushing everything else back as the two became tangled with each other. 

What she also didn’t hear was a screaming voice in her mind yelling something about not doing this on the world tree? She will have to deal with that later though, right now all that mattered was the other woman in her arms.


Hello again! Happy holidays and happy new years! I wish you all the best! And as per usual a bit of bs about the story. It may come off that Hecatolite acted a little different during this exchange, and that is by design and will be brought up in a few chapters though i touched on it a little during her first time with Saffron. I also tried to have Eryl come off as a bit more... scattered, this chapter, bouncing back and forth with her emotions; because, well, she never really had to deal with them to this extent before and is a bit unbalanced. i tried to make it subtle, but rereading this i think it might be confusing so i'm adding this here... that's it really, nothing to important, i could have just left those as is in the story, but i really like writing these so here we are. Thank you all for reading!