✅ Chapter 65 – Milk Bath
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Today Riku couldn't fully concentrate in class. This was a rather rare occurrence, to spend his time daydreaming until class was over. Everything the teacher said went into one ear and out the other, unable to enter his brain.

'It's been so long since Rimu and I slept in the same bed...'

His mind was still filled with the scene that happened this morning. The first thing he saw right after he woke up was a small figure beside him. It was a girl with an adorable face, sleeping soundly without any worries for life.

The girl was his twin sister he saw every day, and simultaneously the most important existence for him. She has been with him since they were still in the womb. It was very natural that Riku considered her as his other half, no matter how much ponkotsu his sister was.

Just then, when looking at her sleeping face, Riku felt some unknown emotion inside him. He couldn't understand what exactly was that feeling. But before he could discern his emotions further, Rimu started to wake up from her sleep.

Instinctively, Riku closed his eyes, pretending that he was still asleep. Even now, he couldn't understand why he'd do that. It's not like something would happen if she found out he was awake. But the deed has already been done. It was too late to go back.

And then, she let out a chuckle.

'At that time, Rimu suddenly laughed... Why...?'

Riku didn't know what the meaning was behind Rimu's laugh. It didn't seem she realized that he faked his sleeping. Regardless of the reason, that giggling figure had been deeply ingrained inside his mind.

And then at club activities.

"Nekomiya! What are you doing?! Don't pass the ball to the other team!"

"Ah... My apologies... captain."

"What's wrong, Nekomiya? It doesn't seem like you to keep making mistakes."

"It's nothing, it's just... I'm not feeling well today."

The captain pat Riku's shoulder.

"Then, just go home and rest. Taking care of your health is also important. I'll tell the coach later."

"...Yes, I'll do just that. Thank you captain, and sorry about this."

With that, Riku left the field.

Nia who was watching the practice from the benches walked up to him and asked with a worried expression.

"Are you alright, Riku-kun? Here, drink."

Riku accepted the water bottle and drank the contents. For some reason, Nia seemed to be clinging around him a lot today. When he asked the reason, she said that she was just bored.

'Well, that's understandable since Kouta is absent.'

Riku stopped caring about it and didn't ask further.

"Thanks, Nia-chan... I'm just feeling unwell today. I already asked for an early leave."

"Oh, I see... Then, let me carry your bags. I'll accompany you to your house."

"It's fine, really..."

"No, that wouldn't do. You are not in good health right now. What if you faint on the way home? Or what if you faint in the middle of the road? And what if you suddenly get hit by a truck-kun and get isekai-ed? That would be awful!"

Riku became speechless after Nia's response. Does she think he was a fragile shota that would easily faint?

And what about the truck? Was she cursing him just now?

"No, it's really okay... My house is really far from yours. I'll just call a taxi."

Nia looked very disappointed with Riku's answer, but she seemed convinced with his reasoning. Riku noticed her expression, but since Kouta seemed to be pursuing her, it wouldn't have been good if he accidentally became the third wheel.

For some reason, Riku felt glad that he asked for a smartphone from Akina. He had to retract his opinion about his dislike of this gadget.



And then at home.

Unexpectedly, Rimu arrived home fully exhausted. It's as if she had experienced battle at her club activities.

"Uh...? Welcome home."

"I'm home, Riku."

Riku already knew she joined the Karate club. As a former member, he obviously knew of the demonic coach in that club. He just wouldn't have expected that Rimu would persevere under her training. It would be fine for a few months, but later on, the training would intensify so much that it could make people doubt their life.

In this aspect, Riku could only convey his condolences to whoever was training under her.
(×Note: The training was only for Riku...)

Since he had already been there, obviously Rimu should've known what would happen if she joined the club. Yet, she still joined despite knowing the fact. Looking at Rimu who opened the refrigerator, Riku couldn't help but think.

'Lately, I feel that I'm unable to understand what's going on inside her mind...'

Riku sighed helplessly. If it comes to that, perhaps Rimu would also give up after tasting it herself.

It was then that Rimu took out a big container of milk from the refrigerator.

"Hmm, what is that milk for? You won't be able to drink that much."

"Today, I want to try what's called a milk bath. Help me out, Riku."

"Milk bath...? Oh well, okay."

Riku looked at Rimu's white cheeks and body, suddenly he couldn't imagine her taking a milk bath.

The silky little Rimu soaked in milk. He wouldn't be able to tell which was her and which was milk...

However, he chose to keep silent and help Rimu pour the milk into the bathtub, mixed it with hot water. A few minutes later, both stripped and dipped in the milk.

"Aahh..... Heavenly!! Feels good after doing an intense workout. I feel rejuvenated!!"

Riku: "(; ̄︿ ̄)"

Riku, speechless.

Why was this ponkotsu imouto acting like an old woman?

It was very similar to Kisara and Kyoko when they were drunk.

But since Rimu looked very pleased, all was well.

"Yeah, I agree. This is not bad."

Riku decided to just enjoy the bath.


Riku's siscon level has increased by 1!