✅ Chapter 67 – What About the Milk?
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[Friday, 20 April 2018 - 06:30]

Rimu woke up in a bright mood.

Looking at her newly crafted DIY Laptop from yesterday, her heart was filled with happiness. It was like how a mother would look at her newborn child.

This was her creation! This was her masterpiece!

'As expected, my decision to make a 3D Printer turned out to be the right choice!
Without it, I wouldn't be able to build my own laptop. '

Not only that, the usefulness of her 3D Printer was not just for making a laptop. In the future, Rimu could use it again to make various stuff. Thinking about this, Rimu's mind was filled with excitement.

The future is bright!

Then, she heard a familiar voice nearby.

"Oh, you have woken up? Let's go downstairs for breakfast."

"Hoaaahhmm!! Wait a minute... I'll clear my sleepiness away first."

Riku, who has finished stretching his body near the window, looked at his sister with a meaningful expression.



Yesterday, he had a glimpse of what Rimu was doing in their room.

At that time, he already felt bored from playing his PS2 downstairs and planned to invite Rimu to play. But he decided not to do so after seeing she was busy with her own stuff. She was so engrossed in her activity that he couldn't bear to interrupt her focus. However, that didn't stop him from observing what his sister was doing.

From the look of it, Rimu was busy tinkering with 3D objects on her monitor. Then, she took out something from the closet that looked like a craft for a school project.

And then something incredible happened.

The "thing" started to "create" a bunch of stuff with the same shape as what Rimu tinkered in her monitor.

'Wow, what is that?'

It was something that renewed his cognition of the world.

'Does this mean that this thing could create any item as long as you shape it in the computer?'

If that was true, then it would be incredible. Anyone could just create anything they want by just printing it. Earlier, Rimu had already shown its capabilities by creating a laptop.

Then... can it create a car? Can it create a Gundam?

After he searched the relevant keywords on Google, he managed to get some information.

"So, it's called 3D Printing... Technology truly is amazing, isn't it?"

Riku suddenly felt interested. He thought that because Rimu already knew this, he also needed to do some research. It would be no good as her half if he didn't know something while she did.

The Equality law must be upheld!

However, this matter also raised another big question.

'Where did Rimu get this kind of knowledge?
This doesn't seem like knowledge a 5th grader should have.'

From Riku's point of view, this must be related to her strange behavior recently. It seemed like Rimu acquired this knowledge suddenly out of thin air. It was as if she had experienced some epiphany.



[Dining Room]

Riku ate his breakfast while thinking about the earlier problem. Looking at Rimu's silly face as she chewed her sandwich like a hamster, he could only let out a sigh.

Very carefree and worry-free.

'Why is it so difficult to figure out what is on her mind?'

Not long after, they finished their breakfast and the twins about to began making their preparations for school, Mikoto broke the silence.

"That reminds me, the bottle of milk I bought yesterday that was in the fridge suddenly got empty. "

With a smile, she continued.

"I wonder where all that went?"

Riku: Σ(゚Д゚)

Rimu: ∑(ΦдΦlll

The twins were suddenly petrified. Instantly, they remembered about a certain bottle of milk they had taken out from the fridge.

Rimu panicked.

"Ah... What milk? We didn't drink any milk yesterday, right Riku?"

"Eh, oh... Ah?"

It's not a lie, they really did not drink the milk, but used it for their bath.

Riku, who has become her accomplice, could only nod. A moment later when he thought carefully again, there was really no need to hide the deed. Unfortunately, he was already swept up with the flow and missed his timing to confess.

Seigo, who had already picked up a newspaper to read, said with a curious expression.

"Hou...? Milk, huh? This great me didn't see anything of that sort in the fridge yesterday night.
Well, for this awesome me, of course, only Jade Dew tea is worthy of being my beverage!"

"Sei-chan, you say that but you still fine with Oolong tea anyway."

Mikoto looked at the cup in front of Seigo with half of its contents already gone. No matter how she looked at it, from the color of the tea, it looked similar to Oolong tea.

In the first place, their family would never buy such an expensive tea.

But, Seigo waved his index finger.

"Chi, chi, chi... You're wrong, my beloved wive. This is not Oolong tea. Definitely NOT Oolong Tea!

With a precise extraction method of our Moonlight Roses, this wonderful me has succeeded in making a tea with a similar taste to Jade Dew tea! It also has a different flavor when brewed at a different temperature like the original!

How is that? Am I not amazing?" (; ̄︶ ̄)

So he said with a smug face.

"That itself is amazing, but... I think it would be more like... a new brand tea."

While it is impressive to replicate the taste, would you call a fake Diamond a Diamond?

But even if it was fake, the value of this new tea should be high. That is if Seigo decides to produce this tea and sell it on the market. Though, with her husband's attitude so far, that was unlikely to happen.

Mikoto decided not to think too much about it.

"So, what were we talking about anyway? Milk?"

"Well, I already predicted where the milk went to anyway."

As she said that, Mikoto looked at her two petrified children. It was very obvious since there were two munchkins with the smell of milk yesterday. It doesn't take much effort to guess.

She then said with a mean smile.

"Too bad though, I already planned to make a pudding with that milk. I suppose we won't have any pudding this week."

Seigo: "OH NOOOO!!!" 。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。

Riku & Rimu: ( ╥ ﹏╥)

Seeing the priceless faces of her husband and two children, Mikoto felt very satisfied.