Chapter 788. Scorched Earth and Frozen Land.
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Their fight extended for four more minutes. With most of the battlefield under their control, Yasenia and Andrea focused on weakening the two mid-level Epoch Cores they were fighting. 

Knowing her lover's attack power, Andrea acted like the main combatant, while Yasenia took advantage of the opportunity created by their combination to deal with them.

Because of Andrea's nature of making everything around her an inferno, Kali didn't send almost any plant creatures to help her. She used her usual 100-Dryad army to fight the straggler with Cecile while she sent the rest of the creatures constantly being produced toward the bear-man leader.

Those creatures sent there were controlled by Valeria and buffed by her to the point that the bear man was losing terrain over time to the "cannon fodder" plant summons.

Overall, the fight was in a stalemate while our girls slowly gained an advantage. That was especially true in Andrea's and Yasenia's combat area.

While plant creatures couldn't help because of the increasingly high temperatures, the poisonous fog Kali released was something created with Andrea in mind. The organisms forming that fog thrived in high-temperature environments. 

So, while Yasenia and Andrea sometimes managed to burst open their energy defenses, the poisonous substance in the air would latch onto them and spread quickly.

After four minutes had passed, Yasenia could already see how much it was affecting them. While using her skills quickly to fight off one of the bear human's attacks, she communicated with Andrea. 

'They are at least 20% weaker. Darling, use a large burst of strength and take their attention. I think I can finish off one of them.'

Andrea took three steps forward, and her armored palm shot forward, meeting the punch of the bear man. "[Sun Burning Palm]."


The collision forced Andrea to take back five steps, but her opponent groaned in pain. Thanks to Yasenia adding heat to the surroundings by only using her Sun Attributed skills, the surroundings were literally set aflame.

Even if they were in the swamp environment, the water around them had long evaporated, and all vegetation had been carbonized in a radius of 3 kilometers. 

Even the other two battlefields had been affected by the heat waves constantly flowing from their fighting place.

'Love, I'll do so if this winning strategy doesn't rely on you almost losing your life.'

Yasenia laughed helplessly while she deflected an enormous phantom palm with [Draconic Sunrise]. That brown bear palm was bisected, and Yasenia asked, changing to attack. 'Do we really have that much leisure?'

Andrea stomped the ground, summoning a giant wall of magma by Yasenia's side, protecting her from a metallic projectile shooting at her at ridiculous speed. 'Even if we don't, I'll make sure we do.'

Yasenia felt the determination coming from Andrea, so she reassured her. 'Don't worry, Darling. I know what I'm doing.'

Andrea looked to the side, looking firmly at Yasenia's face, and saw confidence and zero rush. This relaxed her quite a bit.

She was a bit stubborn because it had been too close when the bear-man leader attacked Yasenia back then. A small misstep and that large mace would've landed squarely on Yasenia's body. While it wouldn't have killed her, heavy injuries were guaranteed. 

Andrea hadn't trained so much to have her dear dragoness take such risks. 

All her skills were suited to prolonged battles and endurance fighting, so while she couldn't win against people much higher in her own realm, Andrea was confident that she wouldn't lose. 

After evaluating the battle situation with her [Level 3 Battle Intent] aided by Yasenia's [Monarch Intent], she nodded. 'Good. I'll create an opening.' 

"[Solar Body], [Sun Devourer]."

Torrents of heat rushed toward her like a fire hurricane, making her lava-like armor heat up to the point that even Andrea herself was starting to feel it. 

Cultivators had an innate resistance to their own skills thanks to energy's characteristics, but it wasn't absolute immunity. 

However, the fact that Andrea was starting to feel heat meant that those around her were getting cooked alive.

The two bear men frowned, and one of them cursed. "Just how high can she increase the temperature!? Even my energy shield is barely holding on against it." 

The other one commented. "I've also felt as if she is getting stronger. Maybe the armored woman is more dangerous than the dragon woman. Should we refocus on her?"

The first one looked at how Yasenia was moving around like a predator surrounding her prey. He was about to deny his suggestion when a massive ripple of Sun Energy came from the armored woman. "Huh?"

Andrea rushed at them with [Sun Chasing Steps] and [Sun Obliterating Charge], becoming an actual fiery meteor of destruction.

"[Sun Obliterating War Dance], [Warring Sun Battle Art: Molten Landscape]."

Like a fire goddess of war, Andrea's steps became heavy but agile while her weapon spun four times, and she abruptly stopped before reaching them.

With the gathered momentum and the nature of her charge skill, which allowed her to deliver all her accumulated momentum at once, her halberd drew a vertical path.

The bear man's face changed as he shouted. "Dodge!"

They each dodged right and left while Andrea aimed right at the middle.

Once she finished her rising motion, the land before Andrea surged upward and burst in a catastrophic wave of pure molten lava that engulfed everything.

One of the middle-level Epoch Cores cursed under his breath. 'These people are crazy. They all gave an aura of peak-level Ethereal Souls, but they are all monsters!' 

However, as he focused on the gigantic attack and Andrea, he realized late that someone else was approaching from the back at incredible speeds. 

His mind instantly flashed with the figure of the bear woman being burst open, making his flushed face because of heat visibly pale. 'She won't get me as well'

Roaring in his mind, he concentrated his spiritual sense on his back and hastily turned around toward the direction of the quickly approaching dragon woman.

His large sword's edge flashed as he attacked the rapidly approaching Yasenia. "DIE!"

However, to his surprise, Yasenia jumped. Jumping into a battle fought on land was like placing a large target on oneself, so it was nothing but stupid. 'Did she want to be flashy or something?' 

Looking upward with a sneer, he prepared to release a powerful assault of attacks on the person around 100 meters above himself. 

"[Draconic Dusk]."

His sneering face crumpled as an attack that felt like the sky was falling loomed over him. "[Adamium Bear Palm Annihilation]!" 

He attacked upward, summoning a massive palm that met with the gigantic attack, creating a devastating explosion mid-air. "Ha! I blocked it-."

But what he didn't know was that Draconic Dusk, in addition to being a very powerful attack, transformed all the Sun energy accumulated inside Yasenia into Moon energy.

His eyes were filled with silver light as Yasenia descended, carrying the weight of the Moon down with her.

"[Midnight: Falling Sky]."

Thousands of white stars and a large silver meteor that froze everything even before it hit pushed on him with 100 times more pressure than the previous attack.


The other three battlefields paused when the land-changing explosion blew everything apart with a gigantic shockwave. 


With powerful winds, the silver smoke that froze everything around the impact point was cleared, revealing a silver-eyed Yasenia looking at them coldly. 

The terrifyingly indifferent gaze was like a goddess looking down at ants as she slowly walked toward them. Behind her, a tundra where before there was a hellish landscape appeared. 

Even our spectating girls felt a chill rushing up their spines.

Midnight was one of Yasenia's strongest non-celestial skills that could rival with one given enough time. The Fallen Sky variation was even stronger, as she not only used Moon energy but also all her accumulated stars. 

Those under its attack would first be bombarded by thousands of house-sized explosive stars, followed by a mountain-leveling strike. 

Moreover, the dragoness had already accumulated Sun energy and Stars with [Starry Sky] for a while. So, after changing that energy from Sun Energy to Moon Energy and releasing everything on the weakened middle-level Epoch Core, the results were as shown. 


 The bear man leader's face dropped, showing anger and fear. This dragon woman had shown her ability to one-hit-kill people at their level twice. 

It might have been a coincidence or luck the first time, but the second time, it was not. The dragon woman's attack power was absurd. 

Usually, battles of their level lasted for hours, as both sides needed to slowly weaken the other side's defenses. Insane attack power that could instantly kill others while being almost an entire realm below was unheard of!

The bear-man leader was going insane. 'Crazy! Crazy people! Who the hell told us that they were easy prey!? Who the hell thinks that dragons are weak!? I hope all of them go and die! Bastards! Bastards!' 

Seeing the dragon woman clenching the giant sword and ready to charge at another one from his group, he shouted. "We surrender!" 

The ambient energy surrounded the three of them, giving them the event's protection.

When the bear-man leader saw the dragon woman stop and look at him indifferently, he gulped. "W-We surrendered. Let us go."

Yasenia nodded. "Sure. Kali, unsummon everything." 

A powerful ripple of life energy touched every creature, and the plant beings slowly lost form and fell down, mixing with the earth and creating beautiful flower beds. 

Of course, the plants born from this were not that strong, and because of the residual heat and chill from Andrea's attacks and Yasenia's [Midnight], most of those plants died.

The giant pillars also wilted as they crumbled and fell down, and the water that had been pushed out because of the shockwaves slowly made its way back. 

The sight was majestic as everything changed from a land filled with destruction to something with an actual biome. 

With time, Andrea's heated area would slowly cool down, and Yasenia's frozen land would heat up, returning everything to normal.

Life had its ways into the most extreme places in the universe, and this time, it was not different.

The only summon that didn't disappear was Valeria, who floated down and stood behind Kali.

Meanwhile, the three remaining bearkin finally saw a silver shooting star approaching from the distance, which revealed the annoying archer that had contributed to most of the tactics they faced. 

The bear-man leader chewed his lips in frustration. 'If it weren't for that Phoenix Woman, we wouldn't have had so much trouble. Winning wasn't completely out of the question either.'

Cecile looked at them once and then ignored them, gently landing by Yasenia while flapping her large silver wings.

He shook his head and moved to retrieve the bear woman's corpse and what was left of the splattered bear man Yasenia bombarded to death.

The bear woman had survived at first, thanks to her resilience, but with the heavy wound she received and Kali's poison, she succumbed to her injuries quite quickly. When the bear man leader and the other two arrived at where she was, the body was half-consumed and almost unrecognizable. 

One of the bearkin gritted his teeth as he saw the fallen bear woman. "Was there a need to kill her?"

The bear man leader commented flatly. "It wasn't a malicious kill, so the formation didn't act. That dragon woman just delivered an attack with her full strength, and Xiong Na couldn't react in time. Let's go and use this time to collect a few herbs. We are now mostly untouchable, and we can also inform the assassin sect of their path if we ever meet them."

The other two nodded and followed him after they stored away the bear woman's corpse and the remains of the other person.

As they left, one of them muttered. "We should've never agreed to this."

The bear man leader commented with an absentminded voice. "Did you realize?"

The last bear man asked. "What?"

The bear man leader muttered. "They were four."

The other two frowned, not understanding, until they realized. Then, their eyes widened.

The bear man leader smiled wryly. "The assassin sect is in for a rude surprise." 


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