Chapter 793. Exploring and Crossing the Obstacle Course. Eira’s Speed.
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The dragoness got thoughtful, and so did the others. There were plenty of ways to tackle this enormous obstacle course, and they had to decide. 

After a few moments, Kali commented. "So, do we divide the entire tower into sections?"

Yasenia didn't give her own idea straight away and asked. "Explain."

Kali commented while her three large fox tails gently swished behind her. "The tower is around 30,000 meters tall, right? So, we can divide the tower into sections of 6000 meters, and then each of us will search those parts for checkpoints." Kali looked at Eira. "This part is not combat-related, so I'm guessing you'll participate, right?"

Eira nodded.

Yasenia nodded. "Well, that's not a bad idea…" 

Kali laughed. "I can hear from your tone that you have something to add." 

Yasenia smiled. "You've missed one of the rules that we take to our advantage." 

Kali looked at the mural once more and became thoughtful. 

Cecile said. "The time doesn't begin until we trigger one checkpoint."

Kali tilted her head and then exclaimed. "Ah! We can explore the entire tower to know where the checkpoints are!" 

Yasenia chuckled. "That's right. Let's first see where they are, and then we can plan more accurately."

With that said, the girls began climbing the tower together while looking around.

The obstacle tower was large, around 2000 meters wide, and the obstacle course went 500 meters deep into the pillar, sometimes extending outside as much, creating quite a complex structure. 

The girls couldn't even see the top from the entrance because those parts sticking out blocked their view.

After entering, they all moved quickly while extending their spiritual sense. They've realized that the checkpoints didn't register in this sense with the first one they found, but that didn't mean much. After all, their spiritual sense was more to guide them through the maze-like obstacle course than anything. 

Andrea commented. "Here is another one!"

The girls looked over and saw a small tunnel-like place deviating from the main route. Looking through it, they could see a large room that held the checkpoint. 

Cecile blinked. "I can't see any lethal obstacles, though. Also, how do giant races touch that checkpoint?" 

Yasenia expanded her spiritual sense and looked upward. "Follow me."

The girls went behind her and made a full round around the pillar, reaching a place where there was a large entrance. Going down that entrance, there was a spiral staircase, and after crossing it, they arrived at the previous room where the checkpoint resided. 

Cecile looked back at the giant stars and nodded. "I see." 

Yasenia shrugged. "We don't need this, though." 

The girls exited from the relatively small entrances and 2-meter-tall entrances. Valeria had to crouch and wiggle a bit because her large butt almost got stuck. Kali looked back and laughed while Valeria lifted her eyebrow and smirked. "What are you laughing? It's your fault, to make it clear."

Kali widened her eyes. "How?"

Valeria pointed at Yasenia. "If you didn't wish for me to be similar to her, would I have this curvaceous body? Honestly, it is one of the curviest bodies I've ever had." 

Andrea laughed. "That much?"

Valeria snorted, pointing at the innocent-looking dragoness again. "Look at her. Do you think that body type is normal among humans and humanoids? Only other dragons can match up!"

Cecile tilted her head. "That reminds me, sometimes in the past, Tatyana said that Yasenia was only a bit above average breast-sized among dragons that had taken human form. Is that correct?"

Valeria nodded. "Well, that's right. Yasenia has a very large bust for humans, but for dragons, she is a bit above average." 

Blunt as ever, Cecile asked again. "What about her dick?"

Valeria pondered. "Between Male Dragons? Hm… About average?"

Kali's lips twitched. 'Making love with Yasenia already feels as if my insides can't widen anymore, something bigger, and I might just die…' 

Valeria read Kali's thoughts and laughed, confusing the others. The senior shook her head. "Don't worry about it." 

The girls continued upward, looking through all the checkpoints one by one. The path wasn't that complicated. It was made out of a greyish rock, with openings here and there. 

Some sections were complicated as they needed to even run on loops and do consecutive wall jumps. 

Andrea commented as they zigzagged through floating platforms. "Traps will activate after we hit the first checkpoint, right? It feels as if it is prepared for that." 

Kali agreed. "I mean, without the traps, we could probably climb the entire pillar by ourselves and hit all the checkpoints in under five minutes."

Yasenia was carefully looking around when her pupils thinned, and she shouted. "STOP!"

Everyone didn't even ask as their bodies came to an abrupt halt. Cecile asked, confused. "What's wrong?"

Yasenia pointed upward, and they all followed her finger. There, a large blue gem could barely be seen.

Andrea laughed. "The creator is truly ingenious. If other groups did as we did and weren't as sharp, they would've passed this checkpoint without knowing and starting the 5-minute countdown."

Eira looked at Yasenia and smiled. "I thought you would miss it, Young Miss."

The dragoness grabbed her soft cheeks and pulled them like dough. "You knew about it, right? You, little naughty maid, need punishment." 

Eira's eyes glittered, but then she coughed and said with a deadpan. "Oh no. Not punishment. I will never recover from this." 

Everyone looked at the terrible actor with dead expressions, making Eira feel a bit embarrassed. 

Yasenia and the girls looked around, searching for ways to pass this point without crossing it. Valeria commented. "Oh, there is a hidden passage here." 

The girls walked over, and Valeria tapped a large wall with her palm. 

Then, rocks fell as a massive entrance was revealed. The girls were careful not to pass through a checkpoint accidentally and continued their journey.

After a while, they saw a massive gap. Yasenia titled her head. "Honey, can you jump this?" 

The fox woman pondered and shook her head. "Probably not. It's too wide."

Yasenia looked to the side and saw that the wall was close. She called her. "Look at this."

Yasenia quickly ran toward the side of the wall and jumped, her feet powerfully smashing against the vertical wall. Then, she pushed forward, taking four large strides, and jumped sideways toward the destination.

Yasenia landed firmly on the ground with a loud, explosive sound, crossing the last gap. The girls, who had been looking at the whole process, blinked and became thoughtful. 

Yasenia shouted from the other side. "How about it? Can you do it?"

Kali nodded. "I'll give it a try!" 

Gathering her energy, the fox woman quickly dashed toward the wall at the side of the large gap and jumped. Much more softly than the Dragon, she landed on the side and pushed her body sideways. Each of her strides took her several tens of meters forward until Kali locked onto the other side.

Her green eyes took in the platform, and she pushed. 


Her body shot quickly, and she landed on the other side after a frontal flip. Yasenia eagerly clapped. "Good job, Honey!" 

Kali burst into laughter. She loved it when Yasenia always praised them sincerely, even if their achievements were something normal. "Thanks, love."

The dragoness turned toward the rest and asked. "How about you, Andrea?" 

Andrea took in the large gap and got thoughtful. Then, she backpedaled a bit and rushed forward, using her movement technique.

With the sound of the sound barrier breaking into pieces, Andrea jumped high up, and her body crossed the entire gap in one solid jump.

Yasenia blinked and smiled. "Darling~, you are so strong!" 

Andrea patted her head with her armored hand. "Let's continue."

Behind them, Eira, Cecile, and Valeria could easily surmount this gap. 

They continued climbing the tall pillar for 20 minutes and finally reached the top.

They took their time finding all the checkpoints and didn't miss any. Some of them were hidden, so the girls guessed that the groups were intended to explore the obstacle course first and then tackle it. 

Yasenia looked at the large closed door and commented. "This should be the entrance to the third floor, right?" 

Andrea nodded. "It's quite imposing. Look at all those carvings and imagery." 

Kali nodded, looking at them with intent and detail. "It's a very good work. I've seen a few carvings in the past, and these are top-notch." 

Cecile asked. "How do we divide the tower?"

Yasenia commented. "Cecile, you take the third section, the one with the large gap. I'll take the fourth, while Eira takes the first, and Andrea takes the second. Kali, you take the last one." 

They all nodded and went to positions. 

At the bottommost part, Eira looked to the side. Her Young Miss had said that she would launch an explosive attack to give the go-ahead. 

While Eira specialized in swords, she was not slow at all. Her Level 6 Dantian Spiritualization Realm cultivation was also extremely high, making her quick enough to surpass all girls. 

That's why she was at the bottommost part, to help as she climbed upward. 

Yasenia was also in the fourth section to help Kali, just in case. However, with Valeria, Kali shouldn't have had any problems.

Eira saw a large golden ball shooting from a certain part in the upper section and closely followed it. 

After a few seconds…


The golden ball exploded in a beautiful firework.

Eira's muscles tensed as energy rotated around her. Her meridians pumped her body as her vision expanded, preparing her for acceleration. 

More and more energy was gathered in a fraction of a second, and then it was released in a nonsensical acceleration.


The floor behind Eira almost exploded as her body flashed forward and crossed the first of 1200 checkpoints. 

When this happened, the entire pillar seemed to come to life. All traps that were deactivated were instantly online as pits of powerful fire, arrows, rushing blades, and many more lethal attacks filled the entire structure.

However, Eira's body, nimble like a leopard, rushed through the obstacle course as if it wasn't there.

She jumped, flipped, and zigzagged around at crazy speeds. Her eyes and spiritual sense worked in tandem, guiding her body through the complicated obstacles. 


The sound of a checkpoint being crossed sounded in Eira's ears one after another. Her long white hair, her exotic white eyes, and her beautiful, lithe body looked like an otherworldly energy stream as she left a white trail behind her. 

 Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! 

The number of checkpoints she crossed increased by the second as her speed multiplied with her own skills.

In just 20 seconds, she had completed the first part and climbed 6000 meters around the large pillar.

Arriving at the second section where Andrea was, she quickly rushed through and eventually caught up with Andrea.

For Andrea, it was just a moment as she saw Eira passing her at incredible speed, making her laugh. 'Yasenia's maids are really something. Such speed.'

At that pace, it didn't take long before Eira reached the third section where Cecile was. 

When she caught up to Andrea, Andrea had done around one-quarter of the second section. Cecile, on the other hand, was at around the half-way mark. 

Of course, Cecile didn't feel bad that Eira caught up to her. She was competitive, but she wasn't someone who didn't know how to respect strength differences.

Eira was someone with as much talent as herself and seven levels higher. If she wanted to compete with that, not only would she be acting unreasonably, but also ignorant and arrogant.

At this pace, the Obstacle course was completed like a breeze. And while there were some lethal traps, our girls were clever, strong, and quick. So, nobody was caught up in anything before all 1200 checkpoints were completed.