Chapter 12: A Tale of Two Sworn Brothers 3
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There is gonna be some gore because I have to introduce an important character and I got to do it right, but I promise there will be fluff in the FUTURE!!!


Third Person POV

Deep in the overgrown Unsterblich forest, there was a carriage full with skilled warriors of Traumland. The giant flora was a spectacle to watch, they resembled hibiscuses, except 50 times bigger. 

"Remember, Faye this is just an investigation, if you see anything like a skelettmartyrer, tell us and run."(Friedrich)

"I got it, I got it, nothin' to worry 'bout."(Faye)

The large adult said to the blue haired teen. It was her first mission ever and she's even doing it with her two favourite people. 

"In the case you actually see a skelettmartyrer, try to get it off balance instead of killing it. They have thick skin but not good balance."(Erwin)

Erwin told Faye as he was sharpening his axe. 

"I wouldn't trust him, Faye. Bezwingers are lying cheats who only think for themselves."(Warrior)

A guard sneered, as he pulled Faye away from him.

"He's probably trying to climb the ranks of the military to take control of Traumland and exact his revenge."(Warrior)

The guard had a mean look on his face, like a snake about to inject poison onto its enemies. 

"I assure you, I joined to protect my home and family."(Erwin)

"Oh, PAH-LEASE, you can't do jack! Friedrich is the one doing all the work between you two! You're nothing but a leech."(Warrior)

Erwin suppressed his anger, he had to. If he were to act out now, after two decades of hard work, it will all go to waste. He has been controlling his emotions for all those years, all those years of venomous comments, years of dirty looks, years of scornful eyes. 'Just wait until I climb the ranks to the top' was what he would think when faced with these words, he thought that, eventually his hard work and effort would pay off.

It was a slow travel, but they soon reached their destination. A pillaged forest filled with bent trees, tears of clothing and bones of long deceased animals. It was a complete 180's from the previous areas that were flourishing with life.

The area was clouded by a suffocating air of anguish. Something wasn't right, it wasn't quite like any desolate waste land, nor was it like any forested area brimming with savage beasts, it was smack dab in the middle. 

"Alright, me and Erwin will take the left side, Faye and the others will take the right and the remaining will guard the carriage. If you see any signs or traces of adventurers, call the others to do further investigation . UNDERSTOOD?"(Friedrich)


And thus, the search began.

Faye moved the foliage away from her view with a confident smile plastered on her face as her companions tagged along. 

"Hey, listen Faye..."(Warrior)

"Hmmm, what is it Joe?"(Faye)

"I understand that he kind of saved you from slavery, but you shouldn't be around Erwin. As a matter of fact, you shouldn't be here at all, you're only sixt-"(Joe)

"Shut your yappin', I will never leave Erwin's side."(Faye)

"Listen, he's a heartl-"(Joe)

"A what? I've never seen him do anythin' wrong?"(Faye)


"Well I've seen him do nothin' wrong and I think you're just lyin'!"(Faye)

"That's the point, he is trying to convince you that he is good to backstab ya later in life!"(Joe)

"An' how are ya so sure? Hmmm!?"(Faye)

"It's because.... because...."(Joe)

"Because what, ya talkin' all big like ya know better than anyone but when ya need proof ya wet ya pan-"(Faye)


"We were just a humble merchant living life until they came around and ruined it all!"(Joe)

Joe's eyes began tearing up as his legs gave in. The ground became weak due to the constant pounding of his tears.

"My, my, what a tragic story."(???)

Suddenly there was a sweet and melodic voice. Turning their heads to see where it came from they saw a girl. He lavender hair flowing from the wind, her deep purple eyes piercing into the soul. She was a real beauty, with her modest chest and well proportioned body. She was stunning, however, she was not a human. 

"Who are you, state your business!"(Faye)

Faye hastened into a battle ready stance, drawing her sword and shield, ready to attack at any slight movement. 

"Oh, just a wittle girl passing by, nothing much."(girl)

The girl smiled, releasing a bone-chilling aura around her. 

"Don screw with me! Ain't there no normal species with horns, weird tails and black claws!"(Faye)

"Oh my, dear I think you should do some research as you can see such a being exist. Oh and also, good job with the claws, most mistake it for simple gloves."(girl)

The mystery girl inched ever closer, Joe got up prepared his weapon and readied an assault. 

"Listen! I don care who you are, but this is no place for non-fighters, so get lost."(Faye)

"Oh my, pretty defensive I see, and for your record, I am a fighter, and word of advice, I recommend you head to the advice your senior gave and run."(girl)

Her face formed a sort of smile a murderer would make when they corner a victim while moving ever closer.

"W- what if we d- don't"(Joe)

"Then this will happen"(girl)

Right after she said that, Joe felt a stinging pain in his abdomen, no wait, it was no longer stinging, infact Joe felt no pain at all! 

"What did you KREACK!"(Joe)

At that moment blood gushed out of Joe's mouth, his eyes turned grey and he fell onto the ground. There was a hole in his abdomen to chest area, as if a canon was shot right through him. His insides splattering everywhere to Faye's dismay.

"hehehhe, what a cute little man, too bad he won't stay long enough to enjoy the show."(girl)

Faye didn't think and just ran as fast as she can away from the scene. Her heart pounding at a million miles per hour.

"Awwwe leaving already."(girl)

The girl giggled as she lightly strolled towards Faye.


Faye was sprinting frantically, stumbling on her feet. 

"No need to be afraid, little girl~."(girl)

The purple haired demon appeared right in front of Faye with a sadistic grin stretching across her face. She stopped Faye on her tracks as her talons opened up. 

"Since you're such a cutie~ I'll let you off with just this~"(girl)

Faye was frozen on the spot, it was like she was glued to the ground. The demon's hand quickly shot to her left eyes. It dug into sclera, the nails hooked into it. With the force of a mighty titan, she ripped it off her face.


Faye screamed a bloodcurdling screech as her face twisted in horror. 


The girl laughed maniacally as the terrified Faye backed away. Suddenly, something grazed past the girl, it was a sharp gust of wind, leaving a small cut on her cheek.

"FAYE! ARE YOU ALRIGHT!?"(Friedrich)

"who, dare, to, ATTACK ME!"(girl)

Friedrich and Erwin readied a stance, tightly gripping their weapons. Their faces wrinkled with anger, teeth gritting. 

"Ohh~ These are your friends little girl~?"(girl)

 Her once outraged face, died down to a calm and jubilant smile, as if she was a young child on Christmas day. 

"Hello! Strangers! Have you come to play~?"(girl)

"Cut your crap! And ready to hustle!"(Warrior)

"A little impatient are we? Welllll, that's fine, cause I'm impatient too."(girl)

Instantaneously, her eyes became black, with only her pupils having a hint of violet. Her teeth sharpened into razors, her small horns turning into full bull horns, her tail elongated with the tip pointing into a scorpion tail.

"I will go easy on you cuties~"(girl)

She lunged at the nearest warrior, her hands chopped the neck of victim, completely decapitating it. She smiled like the devil as the head popped off like a children's toy.


Friedrich without hesitation, rushed to Faye's aid, as the demon continued her assault. Multiple mage shot blasts of magic. Large icicles appearing from nowhere and rocketing towards the villain like missiles. The girl merely brushed it off like it was a regular snowball. She clawed away at all the warriors, causing limbs to fly away. Erwin held his axe, and swung it at the girl. The axe barely made a scratch, but it did aggravate her, making her turn around, nose fuming. She charged at him, ready to punch a hole in his chest, but suddenly her fist opened up. She hesitated, before gathered mana into her hand, and dug into his chest. Electricity discharged from her hands, completely paralyzing him. Erwin's leg stumbled as he fell onto his bottom, unable to move. 

As Friedrich helped the injured girl up, all but three of the fighters were killed, mangled and disfigured horribly. Erwin stared at Friedrich, unable to move a muscle, his eyes begged for help in desperation. He felt the cold sweat going down his face. 

Friedrich could only see his companion in horror. The teen had lost consciousness due to blood loss. Friedrich's face twisted and turned, until he closed his eyes, resolute on his decision. He was sorrowful, as he mouthed a message to Erwin, before escaping the area. 

Erwin's face froze in dread, the demonic woman getting ever so closer. 

"Looks like your friend abandoned you, ain't that sad."(girl)


"Oh, wait, sorry, forgot you were paralyzed, teehee."(girl)

The girl made a cute gesture as he undid her magic on the soldier. 

"he- no, why..."(Erwin)

"Sorry, can't hear ya, can you speak louder?"(girl)

"Why? Why, why am I still alive? Why aren't you killing me like the others!?"(Erwin)

"Well, that's simple, you're like me, rejected from a society, hated by everyone and your only loved ones leaving you."(girl)

"ho- How do you know that?"(Erwin)

"Teehee, a woman has her secrets~<3!"(girl)


The girl helped the burly man up, well... more like she forced him up. Using magic, the girl materialized, wood from the ground, making two seats and a table. 

"Take a seat, I want to have a talk."(girl)

Erwin, afraid to disobey, sat on the stump. 

"It seems like your friend abandoned you, you must not have a good relation with him."(girl)

"Y- you're wrong, he only did it to protect Fay-"(Erwin)

"Are you sure? The two should be at a considerable distance by now, if he saved the girl then why isn't he coming back? Seems like to me that he didn't like you in the first place."(girl)

"He probably thinks I am dead then, no need to save a dead man."(Erwin)

"Oh? If he's such a good friend then, shouldn't he at least check?"(girl)


"Face it Erwin, no one likes you, they will never like you."(girl)

Her words were daggers stabbing into Erwin. Was she actually right?

"Ho-  how do you know my name?"(Erwin)

"Stop trying to change the subject, you have to face the truth, no one likes Bezwingers, you should know that by now. Well, no one except me. Listen you are like me, unloved, I know how it's like."(girl)


"You're gonna prove your worth? Get to the top? We both know that's not gonna happen, we both know there is a certain someone blocking that path, and unlike you he is loved, he has people who have his back, he has people who will love him no matter what, you don't"(girl)


Erwin was left speechless, unable to think of anyway to object.

"Erwin, they don't have your back, but I will, I can give you unimaginable power, power to beat them, power to show that you are more than just a Bezwinger. I can give you all this, if you shake my hand and join me."(girl)

The girl forwarded her obsidian black hands to Erwin. There was a period of silence, suffocating silence. Swallowing his saliva, Erwin made his decision.

"Pleasure meeting you, Captain Bezwinger, my name is ..."(girl)

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