Chapter 65
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 When they got in the hotel room, Erin approached Andrew and took a hold of his hand.

“We are way overdue for a wedding night,” said Erin huskily, and Andrew grinned. Yes, they were. They left the sacks next to the door and Andrew let Erin lead him to the bed.

“I want you to ride me,” said Erin when he laid down. “Bounce up and down on my dick until we are both breathless.”

“Not ride you, as in, go inside you?” Andrew quirked an eyebrow. All the times they had sex, it had always been Erin that topped. He was more experienced, so it made sense. But, today, Andrew felt daring.

“If that is what you want,” said Erin with a smirk. Andrew figured the brown-haired man thought that Andrew will get embarrassed halfway and let Erin flip them again. Well, Andrew was going to show him.

“Do you need a safe word?” Asked Andrew as he began undressing.

“What could you possibly do that I would need one?” Asked Erin, and then he chuckled. “Tie me up and pull out a whip?”

“Maybe. You don’t know,” Andrew got on the bed, now fully naked, and spread Erin’s legs. “This is the last time I ask. Do you want a safe word?”

“Fine, how about strawberry?” Andrew snapped his finger and a dildo appeared in his hand.

“Strawberry!” Squeaked Erin and Andrew raised an eyebrow.

“Really? You don’t even know what I will do with it,” Erin blushed.

“I do. I read your mind. Andy, how come you have never been this kinky before?” Andrew shrugged and made the dildo disappear. In its place, a long, silk ribbon appeared.

“A bit of bondage won’t hurt you,” and neither would have the dildo, considering it was going to go up Andrew’s ass, not Erin’s.

“Strawberry,” Andrew made the ribbon disappear and plopped down on the bed on top of Erin.



“Butt plug?”

“Strawberry! You are not fucking my mouth while something like that vibrates up my ass!”


“That is playing dirty, Andy. How am I going to say strawberry if you gag me?”

Andrew huffed and hugged Erin.

“I want to try something kinky, Erin. Why are you not letting me?”

“I don’t like kinky,” Erin returned the embrace and took in Andrew’s scent. He still smelt of lilies and mint.

“How about you ride me, then? Bounce up and down on my dick until we are both breathless?” Andrew, in a fit of exasperation, suggested. Erin grinned into Andrew’s neck.

“That sounds like a plan. Only if you return the favor. Or I am saying the word,” Andrew sighed. Erin was going to get what he had originally wanted. That was not fair at all.

“Allow me at least one toy,” begged Andrew. He wanted to run a feather up and down Erin’s stomach as the man rode him. He wanted to spray him with edible spray and lick it off him. Furthermore, he wanted to do so many things he had just heard about and never tried.

“The spray sounds nice. I allow you to spray,” said Erin, and Andrew grinned. He made a spray can appear in his hands and moved lower so that he was eye level with Erin’s dick.

“I better not hear any fruits being called. Or, I am never doing this again,” warned Andrew, and he sprayed Erin’s member. Erin shuddered at the coldness of the spray, but, then, moments later, there was a warm tongue on his tip.

The tongue traveled up the entire length of the member, and then Andrew placed a soft kiss on the base.

“Andrew, I am not an ice cream. You might want to take me in,” suggested Erin as he gripped the sheets.

“So, I don’t get even a blindfold, but you want a blowjob?” Andrew placed another kiss on the base and his tongue began sliding down again, following the sweetness of the spray.

“Isn’t that what you are trying to do?” Whined Erin. Was Andrew just licking the spray off him? Was he not going to suck him off? Erin considered saying the safe word when Andrew huffed and bent even lower so that he could take Erin in his mouth.

Erin arched his back backwards when it happened. Sure, Andrew had no idea what he was doing, and his teeth were dangerously close to Erin’s flesh, but it was pleasant.

Andrew moved up and took the entire member in his mouth. Giving it licks every so often. He released it moments later and stared down at Erin’s dick like it had offended him.

“You are still soft,” complained Andrew, and then turned to Erin. “Am I doing something wrong?”

“You can’t expect me to just get hard after you take me in. You have to work for it,” said Erin, and his hands found Andrew’s hair. He bent the ginger’s head back to his flaccid member.

“I have an idea,” said Andrew, and he kissed the member again. Erin saw stars.

“No magic,” began Erin, the safe word on the tip of his tongue.

“Yes, magic! If you say the safe word now, I will make sure you have a dry spell that lasts for a year!” Snapped, Andrew and Erin whimpered.

“That is extortion. Where did my innocent Andy go?” Andrew rolled his eyes.

“He grew up. Now, be quiet. Unless you want to moan. I welcome only those sounds,” and Andrew kissed Erin’s member again, amplifying the sensitive of it with magic.

He kissed and licked and even took the whole thing in his mouth again. Erin came inside Andrew’s mouth, and Andrew drank up every last drop of come. When Erin’s member was clean, Andrew climbed to his husband and kissed him.

“How do you feel?” Asked Andrew to an out of sorts Erin.

“Like I had a wild night with a cougher. Ok, I have to admit, magic is good when applied correctly. Now, hug me. I need a nap,” Andrew chuckled and waved his finger.

“We are just starting. You need to ride me, both ways, and thereafter, we will see how good your blowjob skills are, husband,” Erin’s eyes snapped open, and he looked at the twinkling eyes of his love.

“I could say the word,” said Erin, mulling over his words.

“You can also sleep alone from now on,” suggested Andrew, and Erin groaned. He swatted at Andrew’s arm until they switched positions, and he stared at Andrew’s weeping member. Well, that just made his job easier.