Chapter 1
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She looked back at Josh, "What did you do?!" She yelled at him, pissed.

He looked back at her, his eyes furrowed in confusion, "What do you mean what did I do? I brought home your old… boyfriend… Crap. Sally, I am so sorry. I didn't think of you. It's just that he helped me and…"

Sally looked like she was about to try to strangle him using her ghost hands, when I touched her shoulder. I didn't need to go ghost to touch her due to the ectoplasm always being in my blood, making it a part of me. She stopped in her tacks, her mouth opening in surprise.

Josh snuck away while Sally was reveling in the fact that someone could touch her. She took two steps away from me, her head facing down and her hair covering her expressions. "How are you able to touch me, Arthur?", she asked me.

"What, no Art? No hug? No, what have you been doing or how have you been doing?" I said to her, trying to provoke a response other than calm or utter indifference.

"How about why did you leave me?!" She screamed at me, the house shaking as if an earthquake was happening, the pipes creaking in exertion. From the kitchen, I heard a blast of water hit the ceiling. "I haven't seen you in 3 years and the first thing you do is be a smartass! Where were you?! I want to know why it took you 3 years for me to see you again and why you even disappeared in the first place!"

"I didn't want to lose control with you! I would have killed you." I yelled.

She immediately pounced on that, "What do you mean you would have killed me?"

"Do you remember the last time that you saw me, Desmond's party? In the middle of the night, I woke up, needing to pee and I crushed the door handle of the bathroom trying to get inside. I had gone to sleep human and woke up something else. I had no control over my abilities. When I came close to you, to try and wake you up to tell you about what was happening to me, I caught your scent. The luscious, fragrant, mouthwatering smell of your blood. I would have bit down on your neck and drank you dry or ripped you to pieces with my claws. I chose to leave that night to keep you safe."

"It took me a year to gain control of my abilities and another 6 months to make sure that I had control over my bloodlust so that if I came back into your life, I wouldn't stick my fangs into you. I found out that you were engaged and just left you alone. I left for London, telling your parents to call me if they ever needed anything. Then your dad calls me and tells me that you died, falling down a flight of steps. I spent the next few months drinking in London. I only came back to-" I was suddenly interrupted by knocking.

"Who is that?" I heard Josh worriedly ask Aiden. I still don't understand how a vampire and a werewolf could live together without fighting. The vamps that I met hated werewolves and their scents.

Josh went and looked out of the window, "It's Danny!" replied Josh, his heart beating faster in his chest. I flared my nose and immediately went to the door, pissed that Danny even existed. I opened the door and saw a short, skinny man with a blue polo shirt and jeans on. He looked just like a bag of blood to me with how hungry and angry I was.

"What!", I growled out at him.

He looked at me, flashing a look of contempt at me, instantly giving me a bad impression of him. He must recognize me. I glared at him, baring my canines at him in disgust, while he put on a fake expression of nervousness to mask his anger.

"Do you know where Aiden and Josh are? They called me about some issues with the house."

I gave him entrance into the house, hearing Aiden and Josh argue whether or not to let him in, but I wanted to see what made him so special in Sally's eyes to actually want to marry him.

"They're in the kitchen." I told him, still giving him a glare. I watched him and then looked at Sally, she just looked confused. I walked over to her, whispering, "What's wrong?"

She looked at her hands, pulling at the ends of the wool sweater that I had anonymously sent her for her birthday last year. "Every time that he came here before, I felt happy that he was near me or sad that he didn't acknowledge my presence. Now I just feel angry that he is here, that he is even alive."

I began to compile what I knew of her death. She had apparently been walking at night to go to the bathroom, when she took the wrong step and slipped down the stairs, bashing her head on the marble tiles and dying from a head trauma and blood loss. I had always thought that her death was suspicious, but I didn't want to do anything to the man that she loved, in case I was wrong. The me from before did not know about the more intrinsic abilities that came from being an Alpha werewolf, the powers that you needed people to use.

I quietly asked Sally to stand next to Danny, which she felt off about but did anyway.

I waited until she was in position before releasing my claws and my Alpha red eyes. I used my Vamp speed to move behind Sally and Danny before anyone could catch me. I sunk my claws into the back of their necks. "No!" Aiden and Josh scream as I feel my claws touch the brain stem of Sally and Danny.