21 – Reality
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People start coming into the hallway and running towards me. This time I can tell they are looking for hidden people as my Intuition tells me not to stab them. I take a deep breath and start. Throw a dagger at the first one, Hit, Down. Magic at the second, Hit, he continues at me. Slash at the same one, Hit, Down. Throw another dagger at the third, Hit, he charges me and knocks me into the wall, I lose my breath and drop my Katana but manage to stab his shoulder with my dagger, while we both recover another slashes me with a sword, Intuition helps me dodge but I left my Katana behind. I don't have enough mass for this many people.


<Water Magic upgraded to Level 2, 1 Point spent, 1 Point remaining>


Water Ball. A ball of water flies towards the two at the front and explodes, pushing the two into the wall. I regain my Katana and throw a knife at one of the downed men. I go to throw another at the other one but another man jumps over them, I don't have both my hands on the Katana so I lightly swing it to ward him off but he slashes with his sword and knocks it out of my hands and leaving a slash on the same shoulder I took the dagger, for some reason it doesn't hurt as much as the dagger. I fire a point blank Water Ball sending both of us away from each other.


After being blown off I spread my wings and put a little magic into them flying towards the blown off man, picking up my Katana on the way I slice him across the neck and continue the motion to hit the guy trying to help him up. I try to continue the flow of the Katana but I run out of steam so I use the last of the Magic in my wings to make some distance.


I put my Katana in the Void Bracelet for now and take out all of the Throwing Daggers I brought. After throwing all I have left I manage to take down only 4 people. The bodies are starting to block the doorway so I channel Magic into my entire body and fire a Water Ball to send the men backwards while I use the Magic channeled to my wings to make a big jump over the pile of bodies. 


<Swordsmanship Skill upgraded to Level 2, 1 Point spent, 0 Points remaining>


I take the Katana back out and make a downward slash at one of the men, using the momentum to spin and make another attack. I keep spinning, slashing and firing Magic, spin, splash, fire, slash, spin, slash, fire, spin, slash and fire. I keep going until I get sent flying backwards. I extend my wings to stop the movement and make a move to step forward but I finally hear something after all this time.


“Yui!! Stop! It's us!” Huh? I exit combat mode and look at who hit me back. It's the Captain and Talou. Along with a few other knights who look terrified. 


“Oh. Sorry.” I must have stopped Analyzing them at some point.


“Yea yea. You about took my damn head off! Thank god the Captain saved me.” The Captain is staying silent but is looking at all the bodies in the hallway. He finally looks up at me and speaks in a stern, heavy voice.


“Did you kill them?” I know what he means.


“No. They are in there still. I was guarding the door.” I point at the door at the end hallway. “3 bigshot and 5 extras from what I figure.” I finally relax a little and end up hitting the ground, everything then quickly goes black…


This book will serve as my confession and also as a way to hand down the knowledge I accumulated in my short life.


As it is next to impossible for me to be killed by the rabble of knights and guards, I can only assume I've been killed by another like me. Evil, good or otherwise.


I was just another street urchin who people hated because of my sharp features, they all thought I was some nobles abandoned kid so even the other urchins stayed away from me. I had a normal life until I turned about ten years old when I managed to find an abandoned Appraisal Crystal. I took it to sell it but was told it was pointless since it had only one charge in it. I couldn't even sell it for scrap food. I decided to use it on myself anyway since it was useless either way. Little did anyone know it was the famed Skill Crystal. It was popular even in my circles as it is a way to gain instant power.


Upon checking my Status I saw that the Crystal had granted me Level 5 Stealth. I almost passed out. I was so happy to be rid of my terrible life. Being the child I was, I decided to join the Adventurers Guild and train to become a Hero. Level 5 skills are near the top of the Guild Ranks so I did request after request solo until the guild figured out my abilities. 


Finally I was promoted up to B-Rank and the Guild sent me on mission after mission, I was happy for the longest time until I took an injury. Even with a damaged leg they kept non-stop sending me on missions, my state growing worse and worse from never having time to rest. Eventually when the political situation worsened and Assassins started coming into the Kingdom. I was interrogated for hours. Not even getting the miniscule rest I got when I returned from a mission. Every single time I returned from a mission that was forced upon me I was subjected to interrogations that grew worse and worse. My rank stopped rising since ‘they couldn't trust me.’ 


After everything I did. After all the blood, sweat and tears I poured into helping people. Becoming a Hero started seeming impossible and I lost hope. I stayed in the situation for years hoping that I would build my trust since the interrogators never found anything on me. Eventually I was tortured by the Kingdom and Guild Officials. Trying to find out who I Assassinated. I only ever bloody did what I was supposed to. Those fucking bastards. I complained directly to the Guildmaster who told me to just fall in line and do what I'm told. I snapped. I robbed the Guild of all the money they had on hand and left the Town I was stationed in.


I wandered for a while until I found a noble dying in the slums. He offered me a platinum coin to get him safely to the noble district so I did just that. Once he saw my skills he asked me to get information for him so I did. I eventually became a Spy for pay. They all tried getting me to Assassinate people but I could never give the Guild and those Kingdom bastards the satisfaction.


That's my pitiful story. Even when I accepted the Evil Job, I never hurt anyone personally, just gave people information. I suppose you could call it my weakness. Even after giving up hope I still wanted to be stronger so I mastered Dark Magic and eventually became a Darkness Scout. Genius of my time. I tried leaving the Evil side several times but nobody on the Good side would accept my abilities and if they did they just tried to use me the same as before so I gave up again.


I don't know if I am the wrong one or this world is the one that is wrong.


I tried to use my powers for Good but I was never Good enough. My powers were never Good enough.


Don't take this story as a ploy for pity, I never wanted anyone to pity me. I just want my story read by someone. I am tired of everything. I have been taking more and more dangerous jobs hoping for everything to end one day. I hope you killing me doesn't affect your conscience. Thank you.

The rest of this book is basically a guide on how to use Stealth and other related abilities along with my experiences with such things. It is only shown to someone who I have deemed worthy beforehand so I must have seen something in you before my passing. I hope you can use these powers properly.




Good luck my one and only disciple.

I am glad that your powers and beauty were the last things I ever saw.


After seeing the words written in blood on the last page I put the book down. After passing out for almost 2 days after the Operation, I woke up at the Knights building I was in before. Made to rest by Talou I spent the day reading the book the Scout left me.


I don't know how to feel but I lose my time to process it as Talou knocks on the door and with a heavy voice he says,


“The Captain is ready to see you.”