Chapter 20
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There, in front of the cave, was something that made all four of the dungeon's occupants stay inside in a barrier and look on fearfully. There was a giant ball of snakes outside, all as big, some even bigger, than Onyx. They were writhing in the ball, and Aurora was breathing blue flames to keep the ball away from her. Not that the snakes were paying her any attention.

"I can't see Onyx," this was all Adam's fault. He had created more black mambas and had made each one the potion. Then, he had set them out to guard the entrance. There were twenty male ones and just one Onyx. And he couldn't see her in the ball. "Are they eating her?"

"No, Adam. I believe this is a mating ball," supplied Samuel, looking disturbed at the giant snakes. "The males will all die at the end and Onyx will lay eggs."

Adam looked disturbed at that. He hadn't created the male snakes so that they could die in a day after they were created. He wanted long-term guardians. 

"I am not watching them kill themselves," said Adam, and he slithered inside the dungeon. The barrier would keep the snakes for coming inside, and Aurora's flames would keep her safe. 

"Maybe you shouldn't evolve Onyx further. I mean, it might raise your class," said Nathaniel. Such big snakes resulted in S class dungeon status. Heck, Aurora herself might have resulted in the class change, if Adam had been the one to control the dragon.

"So, I am listed down as peaceful," Adam wondered if he should feed the stone golem the same potion, but then thought better of it. Then, the stone golem wouldn't fit in the dungeon. And, besides, it didn't need to eat or drink, so he didn't even think that he could give it any of the potion anyway.

"Yes, but people who would want to challenge me might come here to cause trouble. And, if people see you evolving mobs into giant monsters, they might argue that you are way overdue for a class and status change," Nathaniel explained. Adam nodded. That sounded probable. But, maybe he could feed insects from now on?

"What if I feed the potion to insects? And sprinkle it on plants?" Adam would benefit from having bigger patches of back pain curing moss. It was always in demand.

"That would be better, yes," Constantine said next to him. Nathaniel also nodded, and Samuel shuddered. Imagining giant plant stalks and leaves as big as his head.

"Adam, do you need me to revise what you did wrong with the potion?" Asked Constantine. Because bone hardeners didn't cause the animal to grow as big as a small hill.

"I wrote it down in my notebook. With all the steps and stirring. I think I placed too much of Onyx in the potion," they headed down the tunnel and into the laboratory, and Adam handed Constantine the notebook.

"I see," hummed Constantine after reading all of the notes. "You waited for the water to go to a boil before adding the milk. The milk is added first, with the part of the recipient."

Adam opened the potion book and flipped to the instructions. He sighed when it was indeed as Constantine said.

"You are lucky you didn't turn Onyx's bones to jelly," continued Constantine as he read that Adam had placed the turmeric early on. "Had you not waited to place the milk at the end. That was what would have happened."

Adam sucked in a breath. He hadn't tried to experiment, and yet, he had ended up risking Onyx's life.

"Mistakes happen," Samuel was looking around. The laboratory was massive and there was a ventilation grate on the ceiling. "By the way, how did you make that?"

Samuel pointed at the grate and Adam pulled out his menu.

"Do you see this?" He pointed at something called material reshape and placement. "If I have what I need, for small things like pipes and the like, I can use this. It costs one mana point per item, and half that for placement. I get one point every three minutes."

"So, why can't you make furniture?" Asked Constantine. He had always thought that Adam summoned the pipes and the grates from somewhere else. Not that he created them himself.

"I don't have the schemas for that or the class carpenter. I just have engineer and metalworker," Adam showed two tabs that had timers on them.

"What is that," Samuel pointed at the timer. It said 25:45:26.

"That is my cooldown timer. I had to make some more vials, so now I have to wait longer because it was a bulk order," Constantine got an alarmed look at that.

"You placed potions in iron vials?" He said, eyes wide.

"Steel, actually. What is the problem?" Constantine went and uncorked the nearest vial.  The smell of rot assaulted his nostrils.

"Please tell me you haven't given that to Onyx," Constantine shook the vial and a black smoke rose from it.

"No. This is a black spot removal potion. Onyx's vials are all the glass ones you gave me," that got Constantine more alarmed, if anything.

"You haven't used it either, have you?" Adam shook his head.

"I was going to, tonight, after I took my bath," Constantine breathed a sigh of relief and corked the vial.

"Your cauldron is made out of cooper, which is a neutral element. Iron, and worse, steel, had impurities in it that react to the potions' mana residue. Never use metal vials again, unless they are made of cooper," instructed Constantine, and then he began to bag all the vials that he could see were made of steel.

"So, what did I manage to make?" Adam was curious. Constantine was piling all the vials in protective cases. Not like they could be easily broken, but still.

"Curses in a vial," said Constantine as he took the last vial, and he placed it in the case. "I will need to see what they do. But, usually, necromancers feed their mobs with them to strengthen them. All those are probably going to end up down Aurora's gullet."

Adam nodded. Well, at least, the ingredients weren't going to go to waste.