Chapter 27
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Adam woke to tons of iron ore being delivered in front of his dungeon's entrance. The smell of pancakes was waffling around the dungeon, and Constantine was sitting by him, watching him.

"The other two are working hard to capture your heart," Adam closed his menu, after making sure he had absorbed all the ore into his storage.  The Naga shifted his tail so that he could bring his torso closer to the necromancer.

"And you?" Adam knew it was childish, but he was excited about what type of surprise Constantine had in store for him.

"Is it not mine already?" Teased the blonde and Adam huffed. Yes, it was. But that didn't mean that the necromancer had to take that for granted.  "I am just joking, Adam. Here."

Constantine handed a vial to Adam, who turned it around in his hand.

"What is this?" Adam uncorked the vial and took a whiff of its scent. It smelled like roses.

"Rose syrup. For your pancakes," Constantine stood up and Adam reached out to him, already missing his warmth.

"No, honestly, what is it? I mean, if it were syrup, you wouldn't have placed it in a vial," Constantine chuckled at that. Adam got him there.

"Eat it with the pancakes, and you will find out," Constantine left then, and Adam corked the vial again. He placed it in an empty basket and went to grab some fresh clothes from his wardrobe.

The Naga enjoyed sleeping on the dragon cluster covered floor in the pool cavern. The leaves gave out warmth and kept his body temperature in the normal ranges.

Sure, Adam had long since gotten used to the cold of the cave, but he enjoyed the warmth of the dragon cluster all the same.  After he laid out his clothes by the edge of the pool, he undressed, threw his old robes to be washed, and got inside the pool with a bar of soap.

Adam washed quickly and got dressed in record time. He wanted to see what the potion would do. It smelled of roses, so it must be a nice potion, surely.

The Naga slithered to the dining cavern and saw plates piled with pancakes on the table. He went and sat on his usual chair, with Constantine sitting on his right, Nathaniel on his left and Samuel opposite him.

"Don't forget the potion I gave you," Constantine reminded him with a teasing smile. Adam uncorked it and poured it over his pancakes. Then, he took a knife and fork and began to eat.

The more of the potion he ate, the lighter he felt. He flicked his tail and found that it was longer, somehow. Looking down on it, he measured to where it could now reach and found that it was going out of the room.

"Tine, what have you given me?" Adam looked worried. Why had his tail grown longer?

"Aeliel told me about the potion. Normally, Naga have long tails, longer than the size of your own. I figured that, next time you meet a Naga, you can fit in better," Adam turned to look at Constantine with a soft look in his eyes.

"You wanted me to belong?" His eyes teared up. Constantine didn't want to make Adam more human. He accepted him as he was.

"I always have. If I had known about that potion, I would have brewed it for you long ago," Adam clomped Constantine, eyes watery. His tail wrapped a couple of times around the necromancer's chair, and he felt a hand rub his back.

"So, it is not natural for Naga to have such large tails?" Samuel looked thoughtful. When he had seen Aeliel, he had thought that, by the virtue of Adam being a dungeon core, his growth was stunted. While, during all this time, the Naga had grown their tails artificially.

"For some, it is. Different Naga come from different snake species. Adam is a grass snake variant, so, his tail was on the short side, or at least that was what Aeliel told me," supplied Constantine.

"What is Aeliel?" Nathaniel played with his pancakes, suddenly put down about the fact that his gift had not been as well received.

"An anaconda," Constantine answered, and he heard a chuckle from Adam. 

"So, he is strong? Maybe stronger than you?" Constantine got out of the embrace enough, so he could flick Adam on the nose.

"Just because he could trip me, doesn't mean that he is stronger. He is the Plague Bringer, yes, but he is just SS rank," Constantine heard a snort and turned to look at Samuel.

"If you think that SS is nothing, what do you think about my B rank, I wonder?" Constantine chuckled; a bit put out about the implication that he didn't respect Samuel's prowess.

"You have an eternity to become SSS," Nathaniel spoke, his pancakes forgotten. "I will make it happen."

"You don't have an eternity," Samuel's words fell like a stone in the room. Adam untangled himself from Constantine to look at Nathaniel.

"We can't have that," Adam pulled out his menu and generated another contract. But, this was not for a boss mob, rather, it was for the dungeon master position.

"I can't accept that," Nathaniel stared at the contract bundle in shock. Honestly, if anyone deserved the spot, it was Constantine.

"Sure, you can," Constantine smirked down at Nathaniel, who glared. "Unless you are scared about the commitment involved?"

"I am not afraid to spend eternity with Adam, and the two of you, but," what about you was left unsaid. Adam pulled out another contract and handed it to Constantine.

"I will hear no arguments," the Naga had his lips in a pout and Constantine looked down at the contract's title.

Co-dungeon core of the Dungeon of Herbs.

Constantine chuckled and took out a pen from his bottomless pouch.

"Adam, you do realize that this is a marriage proposal?" Adam blushed. Yes, he was well aware. Most dungeon cores elevated their boss mob to the position. Because, honestly, they could have feelings only for the one who protected them the most.

And for Adam, it was the same. He wanted to make sure that Constantine was always with him. As long as one of them was alive, the other would be, too.

"I am the first husband, though," bragged Samuel, and both Constantine and Nathaniel send him annoyed looks. Adam sighed. Well, in Samuel's case, it wasn't quite like that. But he supposed that he wouldn't argue. Just to keep the man happy.