14. The Great Escape IV
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The sword completed its path, yet Ulises lived.

He could feel a little bit of sharp pain in his neck, but that was it and nothing more. Ulises tried laughing, but in that instant, his world changed.

He was transformed into a barren wasteland of fire and ash and in front of him was a devil made of fire and blaze. The fire devil punched Ulises, and he reacted by summoning his golden chains to block, "Insolent!"

His chains, however, failed to stop the fist and sent Ulises flying; it was then that Ulises saw the Fire Giant's level.

[Fire Giant King Lv. 2747]

'What is this place?' asked Ulises, slowly getting up. He looked over the Horizon and saw a horde of Giants holding weapons wanting to kill him. Seeing their levels, the oath became ineffective, and a hundred Golden Chains were summoned behind him.

His black hair lifted, and his eyes glowed a golden light, "You think I will fall here?"

[Real World]

Near the edge of town, there was a giant crater spanning a hundred meters. In the middle of it was a human with one arm swimming with a sword.


Isaac swung a reinforced sword in an attempt to behead Ulises, only for it to crumble into pieces, "Tsk, his skin is tougher than a Dragon's."

Even if he had the Sword of Ember's, it wouldn't have amounted to nothing.

He already used some of his Legendary Weapons, and everything else failed.

However, he also tried stealing Ulises' right arm, and it ended the same, to no avail.

Ulises knelt on the floor, paralyzed. Half his body was gray like ash, and the other was normal. On his neck was a choker made of fire. It burns brilliantly, and right above the battlefield, there was a giant eye of pure flames emanating radiating heat.

It had been a minute and a half since Ulises was cursed, and for the last minute, Isaac had tried many times to behead him or even take a limb, all to no avail.

"Isaac, so how is it looking? Can you kill him?" Tari, busily carving runes on the ground using Ulises' blood, asked.

"No. Even without his defenses, his skin is too strong. I used most of my weapons, and it was all to no avail. He's too strong to be damaged." Isaac knew his attacks were only tickling Ulises.

"That so? But why not summon that flame sword again? You cut through his neck, right? Wait, why isn't he beheaded if you cut his head clean?" Tari raised a valid question.

Isaac's sword was unhindered, and Tari saw how his sword moved without so much as a problem. What's more, there was a mark on Ulises' neck of being beheaded, so how is it that he still lives?

"It's because the Hymn is not a physical attack. It's a soul-based attack, but it can still be defended using mana. We didn't know if Ulises had anything protecting him, so we stripped off his defenses. The Hymn is frail, but it is as effective as a Sealing Artifact when used. It sends the afflicted soul to some dimension known as the Dreaded Hell Battlefield, where he's being tested. If he survives and kills the Fire Giant, he'll return. If he falls, he will die. Or so I was told."

"Or so you are told?" Tari raised his brows, "You're not even sure?"

Isaac shrugged his shoulders, "That weapon isn't exactly from a legacy. I looted it from a bunch of cannibals."

The Sword of Embers was an ancient artifact hailed as a sacred artifact of the Red Cannibals from the Jutain Desert. When he was captured, they tried to eat him, but he was saved because of a friend.

During their escape, the sword happened to get his attention, and his first reaction was to steal it from them as compensation. Everything Isaac knew about the sword came from it after he reached level 75 when he unlocked memories from the sword and found out how it was activated.

He found its activation method, two skills, and that sacrificing his arm activated the Hymn. The usage of Hymn was actually only shown to him about two years back.

Also, from the records that came with the sword, he found out that it came from the stars. It crashed into an empty land, and through its heat, everything died, and eventually, a desert was formed in three weeks with it as its center.

The desert stopped expanding when the Sword of Embers lost its initial radiance and when the Red Cannibals, who used to reside in the place where the desert formed, treated it as sacred for it "showed" that to "eat" was to survive.

Isaac's right arm was gone with the Sword of Embers, but he's smiling, for he survived the encounter.

"I sacrificed the sword I have always loved to use." Isaac sighed, "Now I have to find another one to complete my Weapon Set. Ugh, it's always a pain to find a compatible sword to use."

"Why not just reforge the Sword of Embers?"

"Like I said, I just happened to find it. The one who forged it remains unknown, and there is no such thing as Fire Giant Variants back in my world. I'll just find a new one."

"You can do that… or maybe the Fire Giants not existing in your world does not relate to Avalon not having them."

Isaac's ears moved, his eyes shining with curiosity, "Hmm. You might actually be onto something. I've never been able to uncover where the Sword of Embers came from, and I've always translated the Sword of Embers being from the stars to mean that it was from another continent that chuck it to where I found it. I checked almost every ancient record and found no flaming sword. I even ordered books from across the ocean - which I had to gut a Kraken to get back - to see if they had any legends about a flaming sword hot enough to create deserts or something close."

Despite being impossibly close to matching the description of a Berserker, Isaac was indeed, in fact, a Scholar. For his books, he would kill anything; for knowledge, he would pay no matter the price. But because of him being a Scholar, he grew to be a rational human being.

He believed the sword came from some Ancient Civilization, but the theory was suddenly challenged.

'What if the sword wasn't actually from Arcadia? What if it was actually from the stars? From a world beyond mine… what if the Sword of Embers actually came from Avalon?' Isaac's mind reached its peak, and suddenly, hundreds of pages appeared around him, 'That's right! What if the Sword was actually from this world? The Desert is said to have appeared close to 900 years ago, and the only one that is the same age as the desert is the Tower that housed God! What if! When God descended with its Tower, what if the Sword of Embers somehow came with it?"


A notification bell rang inside his head.

[World Scholar Class Advancement Quest Confirmed]

[Description: You have pieced together the Lost Past of the Sword of Embers and created a Theory of your own. Confirm your doubts and gain Enlightenment to open the next door of your Class.]

'...that triggered the creation of my Class Advancement Quest? Well, now I know what I'm doing next.'

Scholar: A Class given to those who seek the truth.

This Class' Class Advancement, like any other Class, was unique. Only when the user creates a possibly world-breaking theory does it activate, and only when the theory is confirmed does it get completed. A bonus is given if proven correct.

Isaac had evolved his Class a total of Three times and gained a lot of Passive and Active Skills. Now that he had awakened his next Advancement Quest, he could not wait in anticipation for what was ahead of him.

"Tari, is it ready?"

"Just about finished." A magic circle with a diameter of ten meters glowed a subtle dim gray, "This is a Forbidden Tier-8 Black Cross Spatial Transporter. It eats up a huge amount of mana to a terrifying degree, but I hooked up a "battery" for it to run without a problem. It also sends its user to random places. It's inconvenient, but this is the best I can do considering the time."

"No problem. Then, let's go; the curse will come undone."

"Just stand in the middle. But, what do we do about that guy?" Tari pointed at Davil on the side, lying on the ground with a pool of blood around him, "Do we just leave him? But he helped us despite being strangers, so."

"Let's just take him with us. He'll die here if we leave him." Isaac commented as he picked up Davil from the ground.

The three men stood in the middle of the magic, and right as the spell was about to finish casting, Ulises broke free of the Hymn and exploded into a mighty roar.

The air shook for hundreds of meters and crumbled houses far and wide.

He glared at the three men with seething rage. He was out of breath from the fight he had just been in, and his mana reserves had actually been brought down considerably because of his fight with the Fire Giants, but Ulises could very easily kill them all with a flick of his wrists.

"You three are dead." Ulises saw the three men dare remain in his town after they had done. He was just about to rush them when suddenly a red magic circle appeared on his chest, sapping his mana away.

Ulises had already used up a lot of energy from his earlier fights, and the Forbidden Spell drained him even more. His eyesight grew darker and darker, and then when his feet were heavy as led, Ulises saw Isaac raise his middle finger.

With his middle finger raised high up, Isaac shouted his final words to Ulises, "You and your daughter are assholes. Consider disciplining her with a shoe or a sandals, a stick works as well."

Right before his eyes, Ulises saw three low-level nobodies bring him to his knees. He, a man who could raze the earth if he wanted to, was defeated by people below Level 150!

But what was even more demeaning was the fact that they waited for him to awaken from their trap so that the human could show him the middle finger one last time!

His anger shot up to the roof!

Blood flowed out of his mouth from sheer anger, and then burning his own life, he smashed the ground with his bare hands!


It was this day that would forever be remembered. It took a measly ten days to reach far and wide, and without the people involved even knowing it, a legend was born.

Fun Fact #14

Humans are considered as most destructive of all Races. Demons may cause wanton destruction but that's just nature. Devils may be sinister but they abide to their rules without fail. Humans on the other hand kills and tricks their fellows for power without batting an eye. They are also the only Race who creates multiple Settlements, Kingdoms, and Empires just so they can wage war against one another. They would destroy the world around them for convenience instead of seeing the greater picture.