Chapter 360 | Moving Forward…
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[Hollywood Paper]

The next day, the media channel Hollywood Paper, which is one of the most influential channels in the world when it comes to Hollywood, released an interview between the chief editor of the channel, Hollywood Paper and Mark Hamill, who starred in Ian's movie in which only the trailer had been released.

The interview was released a day after the shooting took place.

[On the previous day of shooting]

The interviewer looked at Mark Hamill and gave a broad, genuine smile.

The cameras kept rolling as they were about to begin the interview.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to this truly exceptional interview. We have a rare treat for you tonight – Mark Hamill. And apart from how many of you know him now, he had been teaching as a Mathematics teacher for quite some time. Mark, thank you for joining us,” the interviewer’s voice beamed with happiness.

“Thank you for having me. It's quite a surreal experience, I must say,” Mark replied.

One thing about Mark was that Ian had noticed how honest he was—all the time. Especially when it comes to the media or press.

On the other hand, Ian was observing the interview while standing far away from the studio—In the back, but watching thoroughly.

It was because he knew how the interviews would affect the movie premiere and the numbers that they aimed for later on.

“Indeed, it must be. Let's delve into the heart of it. Your transition from teaching math to acting is quite the leap. Can you walk us through that decision? Because this is one question that many fans are extremely curious about. They’ve been asking this question almost everywhere now, Mark,” the interviewer’s face turned serious. He leaned forward and placed his hands in front of him.

“Oh. Teaching was my passion, but deep down, there was always this curiosity about acting that never quite faded. I guess I figured, why not give it a shot? Little did I know, that decision would lead me to something as groundbreaking as "Star Wars." All the credits must go to Mr Renner. Without him, I wouldn’t be seeing the end of my little desires.”

“And speaking of "Star Wars," the teaser trailer for "Episode IV: A New Hope" has just been released. The excitement is palpable. Can you share your thoughts on the experience of seeing yourself on the big screen for the very first time?”

“It's honestly surreal, almost like stepping into a different universe. As a math teacher, I never could have imagined being a part of something like this. Seeing the trailer – even just that glimpse – it's a mix of excitement, nerves, and a pinch of disbelief.

“You're not alone in that sentiment, I'm sure. Now, "A New Hope" is directed by the talented Ian Renner. Can you shed some light on your experience working with him on this project?”

“Working with Ian has been an absolute delight. He has a unique vision for "Star Wars" that blends the familiar with the extraordinary. Ian's guidance and dedication have brought out a new side of me – one I didn't even know existed. He's not just directing a film; he's crafting an experience.”

“That sounds truly captivating. The trailer has already ignited massive anticipation. Can you offer us a glimpse into what viewers can expect from "A New Hope"?” the interview once again questioned. His polite smile kept the interview going, and Mark Hamill was taking every question professionally, answering them with careful words.

“Of course, while I can't give away all the details, I can tell you that "A New Hope" takes us to a galaxy unlike anything we've seen before. The blend of fantasy, adventure, and yes, mathematics, creates a world that feels both thrilling and oddly familiar. And the characters – they're as unique as they come, each with their journey that unfolds throughout the film.”

“You've certainly piqued our interest even more, Mark. Before we wrap up, any message you'd like to share with your fans as they await the movie's release?”

“To the fans out there, your support means the world. We're embarking on a new adventure, and I can promise you, it's going to be an unforgettable one. Hold onto your seats – "A New Hope" is about to take you on a journey you won't soon forget.”

“Thank you so much, Mark, for taking the time to chat with us. We're counting down the days until "A New Hope" graces the silver screen.”

They shook hands.

“Thank you. It's been a pleasure.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it – a fascinating insight into the mind of Mark Hamill as he ventures into the world of acting and prepares to bring "A New Hope" to life. Stay tuned, because the adventure is just beginning.”

The camera faded out as the interview concluded, leaving viewers intrigued and eagerly anticipating the release of "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope."


“Well, that went well,” Ian said as soon as Mark walked outside the studio.

“Yeah, I thought the questions were going to be out of the ordinary. You know things that’ll make me sit at the edge of my seat, or things that I’m not obligated to answer,” Mark’s enthusiasm was uncanny when he met with Ian.

He removed his beige-coloured jacket and hung it on his hand.

“Well, this is just the first interview. Things will be crucial for you after this step. You’ll be out there more. Today itself you’ve three more shooting and one interview,” Ian chuckled knowing how busy Mark was going to be. “Well, that also means the questions will not be reviewed unless you want them to. You can always ask to review.”

“Oh, no. It won’t be a problem. Anyways, Ian, I’m so glad you could come.”

Ian smiled. “Don’t mention it. The pleasure is mine. And Mark, for the rest of the interview, you’ll be meeting the cast, tell them I wished them luck. I’ll be heading off to the office now, I still have some work left to do there.”

Mark extended his hand and when Ian was about to shake, he pulled in for a hug.

They could hear the cameras fluttering, and the flashlights going on and off.

“See you soon, Mr Renner,” Mark nodded and walked away.


[Renner Studio]

After Ian met with Mark Hamill and a few other actors from the cast of Star Wars, he directly walked into his office knowing his meeting with managers that were related to the newest release was about to begin.

“Are they inside?” Ian asked as he waited outside the door of the conference room.

Murphy nodded as he took his eyes off his tablet. “Well, we can go in now.”

“Gather around, everyone. Now that the trailer for our film has been out for a few days, let's talk about the reach and impact we've managed to achieve. And yes, good evening,” Ian said with a smile as he stood in the middle of the oval-shaped table.

“It's been a whirlwind. Our social media platforms have been buzzing non-stop. The trailer received over 10 million views across UTube, Facebook, and Instagram combined within the first 48 hours. The engagement is through the roof – thousands of comments, shares, and reactions,” the marketing team leader, Kim said while looking at everyone with a positive smile on his face.

“And the press coverage has been impressive too. We've been featured in major entertainment outlets, with some praising the unique approach and hinting at the nostalgia factor that's catching everyone's attention,” It was the public relations manager who had a similar smile, which he covered quickly after with his poker face.

“How about you, Mr Cameron?” Ian asked, looking directly into the digital analyst’s eyes.

He immediately took his eyes off his computer.

“Our hashtag has been trending on Nwitter for three days straight. The sheer numbers of Nweets are staggering, and it's not just fans. Celebrities and influencers have jumped on board, sharing their excitement and speculations about the plot.”

“Good. That’s fantastic. Uh, clearly, the trailer has resonated with the audience exactly as we wanted. So, let’s dig deeper. Talk to me about the breakdown of the audience demographics,” Ian still stood tall in front of them.

The topic led to the market research analyst of Renner Studio.

“Our core audience is in the 18-35 age group, which was expected. However, we're pleasantly surprised to see a substantial number of older viewers engaging too. The nostalgia factor seems to be crossing generational boundaries.”

“The engagement rate is about 8%, which is well above industry standards. People are not just watching and moving on – they're discussing it, analyzing it, and sharing their thoughts. It's generating a lot of conversations and anticipation,” the social media manager added.

Ian nodded.

The next thing he knew, the team was presenting him with the graphics and the statistics that they were discussing.

He took a moment to analyze each and every part.

“This looks good. Just like I expected,” Ian whispered but for how silent the room was, everyone heard what he was talking about. “How about the geographical reach?”

His eyes went to the corner of the table, where a muscular man with a comparatively longer beard sat with his eyes on his laptop.

Jim Timothy, the international marketing specialist, was a middle-aged man.

“We're seeing an international surge as well. The trailer has been viewed in over 150 countries. Europe and Asia are showing strong engagement, especially in key markets. It's evident that the appeal of the film is crossing cultural barriers.”

“Good. That’s what I wanted to hear. So, what more have you got?” Ian asked, clearly impressed by how they were working.

“We have some interactive campaigns lined up. A character quiz, a behind-the-scenes livestream, and a Q&A session with the director are all in the works. These should maintain the buzz and keep fans engaged until the release,” Cameron who was the digital analyst once again spoke up.

“Yeah, Murphy cross-checked the schedule with me. Mr. Cameron, how about the….” Ian started to discuss more about what he had in mind.

Thus, the meeting continued for several more hours.