Chapter 132 & 133 – Heartbreak
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“How is she?” Harry softly whispered, looking at Aerith, drinking a cup of coffee in the morning. There was a cloth around her shoulder, and she blankly stared into the coffee in the cup.

“Fine,” Tifa answered him, taking the toast and butter. They were early, so there was barely anyone here, but things hadn't gotten better now that the exams were over. Ever since she had the dream, she was out of it. There was something that Aerith wanted to remember, but couldn’t, no matter how much she tried.

She would always say, whatever it was…was heartbreakingly sad, and she had to remember it.

Tifa was starting to worry that it might be because Cloud was in danger; while they might be strong, it would only take a hit from the killing curse to kill them.

“How are you,” Hermione sat beside her, worried, “You don’t look much good either.”

“Oh, just the exam,” Tifa shook her head, “Now that they are over...I have more time to rest and think.”

“Yeah…you know,” Tifa blanked out for a moment, hearing Hermione go on about her Arithmetics paper and Harry, who thought he’d get outstanding in DADA. While she heard them, her mind was swimming somewhere else.

She interrupted the two of them, looking at Harry, “Harry…a dream, anything that goes wrong. You are to tell me of it, understand?”

Harry was taken aback, and he nodded, reassuring her, “I don’t get dreams…so there is nothing to worry about.”

“What is Fated will happen…strength alone couldn’t fight against it,” Aerith rose from the seat, walking to them, sitting down beside them, “You will dream again. If…that is Fated.”

Harry felt a shudder down his spine and cold sweat on his back as he gulped; he shook his head, “Fine…if something happens, I will tell you.”

“Are you…ok?”

“Stop asking me if I am ok,” Aerith muttered, “I will be once I have Cloud…another week…and then. I’ll be ok.”

Tifa patted her head, “It seems you are already feeling better.”

With a tiny bit of brightness in her eyes, Aerith looked up, wrapping her hands around Tifa, smelling her, “Tifa~~!”

Tifa gripped Aerith’s face, pushing her away with a blush, “Stay away! Why do you always do this!”

Aerith grinned, “I like seeing you squirm.”

Harry looked away, realizing that Ron had woken up and was standing there, stunned. While Hermione shot a look at Ron, “Close your mouth.”

Tifa folded the bread, shoving it in her mouth, “Eat! I don’t get where you get all this energy without eating!”

She kept Aerith at a distance, watching her cutely nibble away the crunchy toast, but she wondered if Aerith knew something. If Harry would dream again, and he did, much sooner than she expected.

On the day of Harry’s last exam, he dreamed again, he dreamed again, the dream of Sirius getting injured, being tortured, tortured for something that Voldemort wanted dearly. He woke up screaming, his scar painting, tearing his head apart. He hadn’t felt this in a long time; most times, he was able to stop any dreams or feelings that came his way, but now, he couldn’t. Instead, when he heard Sirius’s voice, he dived into the memory to figure out what was happening.

The teacher worried about him, and there was chaos for a short time then, he had to sit there, waiting for the exam time to be over, but when it did, he ran. He ran to Dumbledore’s office, trying to get a hold of him, and turned to Professor McGonagall’s office when the office wouldn’t open for him.

“Harry, what is it?”

“Professor Dumbledore…I need to…I need to talk to him,” Harry gasped for breath, holding the scar.

“Dumbledore isn’t there, Harry, something urgent came up, so he had to leave. He’d be back in a day or two; what is it?”

“I-I don’t have a day or two!” Harry shouted, and he started running, ignoring Professor McGonagall’s voice. He only stopped when he reached the Common Room and tried to run up the stairs, only for them to turn into a slide, and he fell.

He let out an irritated grunt, but luckily two first years came sliding down, giggling, and they came to a stop beside him, standing up, nearly falling on each other.

“You turned the stairs into a slide?”

“Yeah, sorry…can you call Tifa for me? Or Aerith? Anyone of two you find?”

“Yeah, sure, but turn the stairs back into the slide when we give the signal,” The girls grinned, running up again; he had to wait a few minutes, but they didn’t signal. He thought they couldn’t find her, but the next moment Tifa turned the corner and came into his view, though the two girls he asked were walking behind her, nervous. More, they looked at her with eyes filled with adoration.

“What is it? Something happened,” Tifa asked, and he nodded, “I saw….”

Harry stopped, hesitating, and Tifa whispered to the girls, and they hastily nodded, leaving, turning their heads to look at her a few times. Once they were far enough, Harry said, “I had a dream. Sirius… was in the Department of Ministry…being tortured. About the Prophesy that Voldemort wants.”

“Oh,” Tifa nodded, unsurprised, which made Harry think she wasn’t taking this seriously enough, “Wait here.”

She turned to hasten her steps and, in a fluid motion, jumped to cross seven or eight of them, and then she made a long jump. Barely thirty to forty seconds must have passed when she came back down, landing in front of him.

“Ok. Let’s go.”

“Go, where?”

“To the Ministry Department. Wherever Sirius is,” Tifa said.

“How…how are we going to go? I thought Aerith could take us?”

“Aerith’s with Cloud…which is good. She spends her time away…ever since that dream, and I don’t want to call her.”

“Where are you two going?”

Tifa looked up, finding Ginny and Luna staring at them; although they asked her, they overheard the keywords, Sirius, Mystery. She hesitated, “Nothing. I was going to take him to see Cloud.”

“In Department of Mystery,” Ginny screwed her eyebrows, “Are you lying because it’s dangerous? Did Harry have a dream again?”

“Harry had a dream!” Ron and Hermione, who entered the room, froze, and Tifa pulled them all to the corner before they started announcing it.

“Yes, he had a dream, and likely it was what it was—a dream. Harry and I will check it out while you stay here; keep an eye on things.”

“Why not tell Dumbledore?” Hermione eagerly suggested, but Harry shook his head, “He is out…I tried asking for him.”

“Then it’s a trap!” Hermione raised her voice, “They lured him out somehow, and V-Voldemort used this opportunity to show you the dream. We should make this clear by trying to contact Sirius.”

“How? Ministry might have taken Umbridge back, but they are still policing the fires,” Ron said.

“Stop, stop, stop,” Tifa clapped her hands together, silencing them, taking a deep breath, “Aerith…she had a nightmare too…but it was more likely the future she saw…one that worried her about Cloud. There aren’t many things that could hurt him, and I am afraid…anyway. I will stop this before it happens, so I am going to the Ministry. Harry wants to check if Sirius is there… I am taking him. You all are staying here.”

“No way I am letting you go into danger alone,” Ginny determinedly shook her head, “I am coming with you.”

Before Tifa could reject, Ron did, “You are going nowhere! Harry’s going, so am I; there is no need for you to come!”

“I am coming!”

“Am I?” Luna tilted her head and dreamily said, “And we should take Neville…he is perfect…at magic.”

“Yeah,” Harry muttered, nodding; even though he wasn’t sure how he got that good, it always made him feel like he forgot something, but Hermione and Ron knew; they couldn’t tell Harry or anyone for that matter.

“You are not coming!” Tifa suppressed her voice but stopped, “You know what, fine. Get whatever you want, and we are leaving as soon as possible. I’ll wait for you near Forbidden Forest. Do not forget anything; get everything needed and possible. Understand? Do not hurry…here hurrying could mean death.”

Tifa watched them until they all agreed and went to the Forbidden Forest. While they were preparing, she had to devise a way to travel to Ministry, enter, and all that in the middle of the afternoon.

“Echo, tell me you have a plan.”

[To enter Ministry? Or to enter it without Cloud and Aerith realizing it?]

“Yeah, that one. Do you have any?”

[Not supposed to interfere.]

“You are not…it’s my plan. You are just telling me.”

[Not that simple.]

[I can use emergency options. There is a chance that you might die. Therefore, I will provide you with a plan; make sure you don’t.]

“Yeah. Do that.”

[Opening Profile.

Name – Tifa Lockhart.

Title - None

Physical Strength – D+

Magical Strength – D+

Limit Breaks - ???

Super Powers – Amalgamation, Personal Gravity Manipulation

Unique Magic – None.

Summons – None.]

“What does D+ represent?”


“Hogwarts Grading System?”


“So…Troll, Dreadful, Poor, Acceptable, Exceeded Expirations and Outstanding?”


“I am dreadful?”

[In the big scheme of things. Yes, you are. Voldemort is Dreadful, but Killing Curse might sometimes kill those of far higher ranks. Well, most times, unless the enemy has a particular resistance to magic or death]

“Ok, how did that help me?”

[You can’t do it. It’s not possible. You do not possess the proper ability.]

“Then?” Tifa held her head, pacing around, Cloud and Aerith could use the ability to open a portal anywhere, and in terms of space, they were better. While she could travel at insane speeds, even Apparate, she couldn’t go around the Enchantments. She couldn’t even take Harry with her, let alone anyone else. There was a limit to the guest system, and they would know and realize it.

[Cloud once asked me to give him a mission since he needed Blank Rewards. He does that whenever and keeps a few of them in case.]

Tifa tilted her head, raising her eyebrows, “Doesn’t help me, does it? I can’t invite them to the party as a guest and teleport. Not without Cloud or Aerith realizing anything.”

[You do not wish for a mission?]

Tifa took a deep breath, clearing her mind, and sat down on the grass, leaning against a tree, “Fine. Give it.”

[Mission 1 – Wait for Harry Potter – Reward – Jenova Shell Cell Ver. Ava Starr.]

[Mission 2 – Find Natasha Romanoff (50 meters) – Knowledge on Fusionism.]

[Mission 3 – Wait for Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley – Reward – Book on How to become Intangible]

[Mission 4 – Wait for Ginevra Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom – Reward – Book on Quantum Tunneling.]

[Will you sacrifice Reward for Mission 3 to Enhance Mission 4’s Reward.]

‘Natasha’s here?’ Tifa calmed down, raising her eyes, ‘Libra.’

A field spread out, taking in everything inside hundred meters, and she didn’t see anything out of usual, and then she raised her eyes, realizing that there was someone on top of the tree, “Natasha, come down.”

She didn’t get any reply, and she sighed, “I used Libra. I can see you as if you are standing before me.”

She heard a click of the tongue, and the girl jumped down, from branch to branch, landing in front of her with an annoyed look, “What the hell is that magic? I can’t use it no matter how much I try.”

“Right, why are you here?”

“A little birdie told me…that Harry had a dream, and another one told me that you were towards Forbidden Forest. It doesn’t take long putting two and two together, right?”

“Wait,” Tifa raised her palm, “You put spies on Harry and me?”

“You won’t tell me anything,” Natasha looked away, “And I didn’t ask them to spy. I only asked them to keep me in the loop if they see something.”

“You, go back. I will deal with you later.”

“I…” Natasha watched her, “I am not a kid.”

“That is exactly what you are.”

“I have training! I grew up in the Red Room; even though my magic arsenal might not be as great as theirs, I still have enough. I mastered the necessary ones and have Cloud’s blood, his strength! I can fight!”

Tifa let out a breath, and Natasha fell on her hands and knees, feeling the gravity under her become unbearable. She barely raised her eyes, watching Tifa lean forward, with a soft smile on her lips, “Sorry…you are a kid. Nevertheless, I know you are strong. Cloud will never forgive me if I took you anywhere near the danger. Sleep.”

Natasha felt the gravity disappear, but it was too late; she lost consciousness, falling to the ground.

Tifa pulled her up in a hug, stroking her head, “Blood…huh? I thought you couldn’t give abilities?”

[Resources are shared between three users. Providing you with the blood that Cloud collected isn’t giving you ability.]

“Oh, loopholes,” Tifa breathed in, “This feels surreal.”

[Do you wish to sacrifice for Mission 3 and Enhance Reward for Mission 4?]

“Enhance to what?”

[Mission 2 completed. Providing reward. Knowledge on Fusionism.]

Tifa felt a swirl in her eyes, feeling a certain amount of knowledge entering her head, these lines floating in front of her eyes, even when she closed them, and she could read quickly, and it barely took a moment for her to understand.

“Ok, give me the blood.”

[Can’t. Not until you have the reward of 4th Mission.]

“Dangerous to me…oh well. Fine,” She waited, and Harry was the first to come, much like the mission said, and she got the box, but it didn’t open.

“What is that?” Harry caught his breath, and Hermione and Ron appeared by then. He looked at the box, asking.

“Our way to Ministry.”

“That box, is that how you go in and out?” Ginny walked over from behind a tree with Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom.

Abruptly she jumped back, “Oh Merlin!! Why is she here?! You asked about the box and not Natasha?!”

“She’s asleep,” Harry scratched his cheek, “And there is something about that box.”

He couldn’t tell her that it looked like something you would find on Kree’s Home Planet, Hala.

[Missions have been completed. Providing Knowledge of Quantum Tunneling; Unlocking Jenova Shell Cell – Containing Ava Starr’s Power.]

Tifa took the box, placing the glitching blood drop on her palm, and it sunk into her body. She made a fist, and it fused inside her body, in her blood, and then, an empty drop of blood came out of her, and she dropped it inside the box, closed it, and left it beside Natasha.

‘Open it again.’

[Opening Profile.

Name – Tifa Lockhart.

Title - None

Physical Strength – D+

Magical Strength – D+

Limit Breaks - ???

Super Powers – Amalgamation, Personal Gravity Manipulation, Quantum Tunneling.

Unique Magic – None.

Summons – None.]

“Ok, I am new to this, so I can only transfer one at a time,” Tifa wasn’t sure, though the knowledge was forced in her head, and she understood—that was it; it was knowledge.

“Then I’ll be first,” Ginny took her hand, “Who knows if you took Harry and didn’t come back for us?”

“Oh, fine,” Tifa didn’t fight with her; she already had a plan, so she closed her eyes, ignoring the gasps she heard. Her body came apart at the sub-atomic level and entered the quantum world… traveling through it, and she came out, reforming, with Ginny beside her.

“W-What did you do?” Ginny’s leg trembled; she was sure she’d be dead, “Did you…you did…what?”

“Wait here. I am going to bring them, and then we’d Apparate,” Tifa observed her hand since she was slightly surprised. It was like she had used this a thousand times and knew all the risks and how to avoid them. The next time she brought two over and then the three. She was confident that she could bring more, and a good thing since it would be necessary when invading the Ministry of Magic.

‘Cloud…this time…I’ll protect you.’


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