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/ Series / SOLDIERs in Marvel’s Hogwarts
SOLDIERs in Marvel’s Hogwarts
SOLDIERs in Marvel’s Hogwarts
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4.3 (20 ratings)
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Hey! There are new Tiers on my Pat-reon.
Tier 1 - Next weeks chapters in advance!
Tier 2 - Whole of Volume - Ongoing One. Currently Ongoing is Volume One - Chapter 46 to Chapter 75 - Triwizard Tournament Arc
Tier 3 - Whole of Volume 3 could be read in advance. - Chapter 75 to 109 - Final Year at Hogwarts - Part 1
Tier 4 & 5 - Final Year at Hogwarts - Second Wizarding War - Part 2 & 3 (Till chapter 152)

Link is right here. - Instagram

Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith, they were pulled into a different world by a mysterious voice.
It spoke of a mission, and gave them a system, in return, promised to send them back to their world, at the time of their birth, with the powers and knowledge they possess. To stop the tragedies that befell their parents and others.
But, it came with few problems.
"Why are we eleven again?"
"We don't have materia or weapons either."
"Wait, where did we fall?
"Oh, good. You are awake, you are in Hogwarts, the School of Magic."

And so began their journey in this new world, but wait, there is more to this world than meets the eyes. In the futures, Heroes will rise, and Hammers will fall from the sky. Well, the story title says everything, right?

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It's Harem, for sure, and it's R-18, but don't expect this to one of those (Well, mine mostly) stories where he pokes every hole he find. (That was crass way to put it.)

The girls would be few, like Tifa and Aerith, as for the future ones. It would depend on how the story, characters and character relations develop.

final fantasy Harry Potter Kingdom Hearts Marvel
Fast Learner Female Protagonist Genetic Modifications Magic Male Protagonist Multiple Protagonists Multiple Transported Individuals R-18 Race Change Threesome
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 151 & 152 – rise and shine – end...

    This was such a great story. I love final fantasy 7. It got me into Playstation. I read this on webnovel already. I'm hoping and waiting for volume 4. Hopefully the author continues this story because it was left on a cliffhanger.

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