Chapter 135 & 136 – Partyyyy!!!
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“It’s over…it’s over,” Aerith muttered, holding a graduation certificate in her hands, surrounded by her friends on the boat.

“I feel a bit sad,” Tifa muttered, leaning on Angelina’s shoulder, patting her back, “Sorry about that championship.”

“Eh, it’s fine,” Angelina grinned, “I am more surprised those two managed to make it through. I guess that’s better than any joy a championship would have given me.”

Tifa giggled, looking over her shoulder at the fireworks that Fred and George were shooting off in the sky from the rocking boat at the back, “That is a surprise.”

Aerith took a deep breath, enjoying the scenery as a cool breeze ran through her hair, “I’ll remember this…forever.”

She stood up, watching the boat hit the shore, and she would have nearly fallen if Tifa hadn’t helped her up.

She stuck out her tongue, “Thank you.”

Angelina stretched her body, “Do you guys have any idea what we do now?”

“Take the train, I guess?” Tifa blinked.

“Oh, I know!! It’s time to party!!” Aerith clapped her hands, excited enough to even jump.

“Yesss!!!! Partyyy!!!!!” Jordon jumped down from the boat, raising his hand, cheering. With his shout, more and more people started cheering, moving toward the train.

“Party it is,” Angelina grinned, watching Aerith march in front of the crowd. She stayed behind, whispering to Tifa, “Is Cloud coming? Or are they still fighting?”

“Not fighting really,” Tifa whispered, “But he feels too ashamed to come since he didn’t pass.”

“He was our teacher. He didn’t feel any shame then,” Angelina rolled her eyes, “Can you go get him?”

Tifa chuckled, “Give me a while.”

“Drag him over,” Angelina laughingly said, watching Tifa break apart into reddish cubes, disappearing without a moment’s notice, “Freaky still.”


“Cloud?! Are you there?”

“Miss Tifa?” Winky appeared behind her, “Master is not here. Master is at the company.”

“Oh, right, what time is it here?”

“About four,” Winky excitedly looked at Tifa with big eyes, “Miss, did you graduate?”

Tifa grinned, showing her the graduation certificate, “Yeah. Anyway, there is a party on the train, so I am going to attend that. I came here to take Cloud with me.”

“Let me take yo—” Winky blinked, seeing Tifa teleport away before she even got the chance to properly offer. Soon, tears filled her eyes, and she ran to the kitchen, “Nooo!!! Not even Miss Tifa needs Winky anymore!!!!”

Avalanche Inc.

[You made Winky cry.]

“Oh shit, I forgot,” Tifa stuck out her tongue, looking around Cloud’s office, only to find it empty. She raised her eyebrows and walked out of the office, looking over to his black-haired secretary with glasses, wearing bright red lipsticks, “Louise, where is he?”

Louise, the young secretary with an air of calm office woman, jumped on her feet, answering, “Yes. On a job.”

“Job? Him?”

“Yes. He has been taking them for the past few weeks. He spends most of the time on the job.”

“Whose running the company then,” Tifa asked with a confused expression, wanting to laugh but couldn’t.

“I, Ma’am.”

“Oh, thank you so much,” Tifa held back her laugh, “You wouldn’t know where is he right this instant, would you?”

“No, Ma’am.”

“I see; use the office,” Tifa smiled at her, closed the door, and went to the attached bathroom before using the Fast Travel function to teleport next to him.

Louise, a.k.a Victoria Louise Hand, a member of SHIELD and here on an undercover mission, was left stunned. For many reasons, one being that she couldn’t figure out who these people were, giving away tens of millions of dollars worth of the company to anyone to run. Even her boss, th one she was supposed to keep an eye on, took jobs for chump change when he should be billing the highest, and the other boss wore clothes as she came out of a comic con.

Victoria Hand walked into the office, looking for any signs of Tifa, and then for the next half an hour, “What is taking her so long?”

Until Tifa was there, she couldn’t sit still, especially since she wanted to ask how did Tifa enter the office without her knowing. She knocked on the door, only to get no reply, and then after another ten minutes, she had the courage, “Are you ok?! I am coming in!”

She opened the door, apologising, “Sorry!!”

Victoria hastily looked around, apologising, and then she stopped in the middle of the sentence, “How did she leave? Damn it! Is there a secret door around here?!”

Forty Minutes Earlier,

Tifa wanted to teleport next to Cloud, but Echo warned her that there were people around him, so she had to change her dress and then got teleported to a blind spot. She assumed there were only a few people, but when she got there, she realised this was a train.


[One compartment to your left.]

‘Thanks,’ Tifa hastily weaved through the people, looking around, until she saw a young man with spiky blonde hair, sitting with a little girl, who wore a round-rimmed hat, and a folded newspaper, peeking around.

‘Ok?’ Tifa slowly walked over, leaning against the pole, “Hey.”

Cloud waved at her, not at all surprised, but Yelena panicked, hiding her face behind the paper, putting her fingers on her lips, “Shhh!! Shh!!!”

Tifa sucked in her lower lip to hold back her laughter. She saw the guy sitting beside Cloud hold back his laughter too, and he gave up his seat so she could sit.

‘Thank you,’ Tifa mouthed, sitting down, and pulled Yelena over, making Yelena sit on her thighs, whispering, “What are you up to now?”

Yelena put the newspaper in front of Tifa’s face, shooting a look at the man who gave his seat to Tifa and was still watching. She curled her lips, placing her hand on Tifa’s ear, whispering in her ear, “That guy…uh…purple shirt?”

Tifa glanced to her right, and Yelena hastily corrected, “On the right. Right.”

“Right…oh, my left,” Tifa turned to face in the opposite direction, searching through the crowd until her eyes fell on a middle-aged man with a moustache, wearing a shiny purple shirt, which made her ask, “Why that shirt? What about him, dear?”

“Cloud’s got a job to follow him…he might be selling drugs.”

“Drugs,” Tifa raised her eyebrow, “That guy? He looks like a….”

“Teacher, that’s acting out?” Cloud kept an eye on the man, glancing towards Tifa, “If you were going to say that, then you’d be right. Chemistry Professor.”

“Why is she on the job? Rather, why are you talking assignments?”


Two Weeks Ago,

Cloud found himself sitting on the office chair after fighting with Aerith over the fact he would become the Minister. He had been working towards it for years since he left Hogwarts, even managing to cure Crouch Sr, Longbottoms, and more than a few people from the after-effects of Cruciatus Curse and Imperius Curse.

It was going well until Aerith came along, convincing other Being Races to support her, making an army, which was more tempting to the Ministry. She had the guts to say that she would convince him to offer everything he was offering (which wasn’t a lie, since she could, quickly), and that was it. It was decided that she would be the next Minister of Magic. He knew it, she knew it, and everyone else who gave a damn knew it.

Now, the question was, how would they even become Minister of Magic? Not through voting. The good thing about Ministry was when there was a crisis, the Strongest and Wisest of Magicians were asked to take command. In this case, it was Dumbledore, though, with his recommendation, there was someone else who could take the post. Right now, that was him or Aerith, and after she told them what she could bring to the table, it was her. Once she graduated, which was soon.

It wasn’t Ministry’s condition—graduation was her condition, and soon that would be done as well. The only reason he wanted to become the Minister was to be the bait since Voldemort was bound to come after the next Minister, and now that was going to be Aerith. He would have fought, but Tifa was with Aerith because of the dream, and he knew it was a losing battle, so he had to give up.

Though now, he was sitting here, blank, with a year’s worth of hard work and goals down the drains, and he felt…anything but like him. When his computer screen lit up, he was unsure what to do next, and a job came through. He watched it; his job was to review it.

He didn’t know how long he watched it; his focus was only broken when May entered the room, “Boss, my job? It came through, right?”

“Yeah,” Cloud printed it, waiting for the page to print, looking at May as blankly as he was looking at the screen.

May furrowed her brows, observing him, and asked, “Are you good, Boss?”

Cloud waited until the paper printed, lifting it, watching, “Right. I am taking this job.”


“I am taking it. Here, take my seat; the next one is yours.”

“Sorry!” May exasperated asked, only to see him storm off and leave the office. She stood there as blankly as Cloud was sitting a while ago. Soon, a woman walked in, another undercover, though at a higher level than her in the organisation.

“What just happened? He told me to handle the company!”

“I don’t know! Where does that guy buy his confidence from? One of these days, someone is going to rob him blind!” May held her head.

“Hey, you aren’t getting attached, right?” Victoria narrowed her eyes, “Maybe it’s time for a change?”

“Sure. I know more about him than any other agent we have invested in the company and its branches. If you can pull me out, then do so.”

“Well, sooner or later, someone would be capable enough.”

“Unless they somehow manage to get in his bed. I doubt it,” May sat down on Cloud’s chair, “Don’t try to copy anything, or you’d be in trouble.”

“Why? He’ll know?”

“She’ll know.”


“The Invisible One.”

Around the next corner,

Cloud narrowed his eyes, leaning against the wall, looking at the paper, “Hm. I guess I won’t have to worry about them trying to sneak out privileged information. Now, the job.”

One week before meeting Tifa on Subway,

Cloud entered the house after midnight from a job, and he was about to go to bed after checking on Yelena. He suppressed the sound of his feet, taking a shortcut by jumping over to the upper floor rather than walking. He soundlessly landed on the first floor, walking over to Yelena’s room. He raised his eyebrow, seeing the light coming from under the door’s seam.

He opened the door, wondering if she was awake, when the noise of her singing assaulted his ear.

“—Were the best days of my life!!”

Cloud rubbed his eyes for a moment, looking back at her, watching her jump on the bed, playing an invisible guitar with a Walkman on her waist, headphones on her ears, singing at the top of her voice.

He watched her with a speechless expression until she finally noticed him, and her voice disappeared, stolen away by the shock apparently.

“I won’t even ask. Good night.”

Cloud closed the door, and it opened soon after. She came running, hugging his leg, “Don’t! Cloud! It’s not what you think!”

“Pretty sure it’s what I think.”

“I was bored! You didn’t come home!”

“Don’t put it on me,” Cloud held her, picking her up in his arms, “How bored?”

Yelena curled her lips, “Very, there was nothing better to do. I even did my homework. Whole weeks’ worth!”

“Right, and why did you have whole weeks’ worth of homework to do?”

“Uh…shut up, Cloud.”

Cloud sat down on the stairs, tapping her head, “You don’t talk to me like that young lady.”

“Sorry,” Yelena looked down, “Did you have fun today?”

“Not sure if I can call it fun.”

“You are happier than usual,” Yelena looked up, blinking, “You must have had fun.”


“I’ll come too.”


“Tomorrow. I’ll come too!”

Cloud kissed her head, “Ok.”


“Take the yes.”


Back to Present,

“And so, she has been tagging along with me to all the jobs I have taken.”

“No!!” Yelena tried to push his palm back; she wanted to shut his mouth, but she failed.

“Awww,” Tifa grinned, “Dancing to music is nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“I do not! I am a big girl!”

“Well, I am a big girl too, and I still dance to music,” Tifa winked.

“Oh, you are not as cool as Cloud,” Yelena curled her lips.

“Haha, you are kidding,” Tifa put her fingers in front of her lips, grinning, “Even Cloud dances to music.”

“What?” Cloud raised his eyebrows, and Tifa curled her lips.

“I remembered someone getting make-up done, getting dressed, and dancing,” She watched him with a wide grin.

“Oh, god. You still remember that?” Cloud covered his face.

“It’s barely been seven years, Cloud. I’ll remember that my whole life.”

“You danced?” Yelena watched him with shining eyes, only to see him look away, and she gasped in amazement.

The train came to a stop, and the crowd started thinning out. He stood up, picking her up, “That guy is leaving. Let’s go.”

“Yes!” Yelena adjusted her hat, “Let’s go!”

Cloud took a step forward and stopped. He looked over his shoulder, “Hey. Why are you here?”


“Don’t worry. I remember that you have a graduation ceremony this evening. I’ll be there.”

Tifa softly smiled, “Ha, I’ll see you there, Cloud.”

She watched him walk away, pressing her lips in a smile, “He forgot the difference in time, didn’t he?”

[Want me to remind him?]

“Do you think he’s happier?”

[I think he found his calling.]

‘His calling…huh,’ Tifa smiled, ‘That’s good enough for me. I wonder if Aerith has found her calling as well?’

[Do you want me to calculate that possibility?]

‘You can do that?’ Tifa found a blind spot, teleporting to a corner of the train.


‘Tell me.’

[The chances of Aerith Gainsborough finding her calling are currently at 97%. They increase to 99.99% once she becomes the Ministry of Magic.]

‘Oh, such a big difference Tifa rolled her eyes, leaving the empty compartment, and the sound of cheering entered her ear. She was about to turn when she got pulled back into the compartment. She was scared for a moment, but the scent put her at ease.

“Echo told you?”

“Lucrecia reminded me.”

“Your job?”

“It can wait,” Cloud turned her over, cupping her cheek, planting a kiss on her lips, “You should have reminded me.”

“And upset Yelena? Not in a thousand years.”

“She’s fine,” Cloud looked away.

Tifa was about to kiss him when she backed away, “Where is she exactly?”

“Yelena’s here!!!!”

Tifa put a finger up, taking a few steps back to look at the crowd, and Yelena was raised at the top. She walked back in, “Ah, I see now.”

Cloud scratched his head, and Tifa put her hands around his neck, tilting her head, kissing his lips.

“You’ll make up with Aerith?”




“Good,” She kissed the nape of his neck, cupping his neck, stroking his hair, “Oh, and can you help me out with Natasha?”

“She still angry?”


Cloud kissed her neck, her cleavage, making her arch on the back, and he stroked her thighs, raising her legs, holding her up.

“We need to stop doing this every time we meet,” Tifa muttered, closing her eyes.

“Should I stop now?”

“Mm…just try.”

Cloud raised his chin, planting a kiss on her lips, squeezing her thighs, “I don’t want to.”

Tifa grinned, raising his face, kissing his lips, pushing her tongue against his, wrapping her legs around his waist. She leaned back, gasping, “Hah…we shouldn’t.”

“Right, we shouldn’t,” Cloud gazed into her eyes. He turned his head to the side, letting out a breath that fogged up the glasses in the compartment. He swiped his finger across, removing the fog that reappeared and covering the glass.

“Now we can,” Cloud didn’t give them the chance to reply, putting her down on the seat, raising her short skirt, and pulling down her boxers and underwear. She put her hand against the window, arching her back, “Oh fuck yess!!”