Chapter 134 & 135 – I Want to See Her
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Ministry, Ninth Floor, Department of Mysteries, Brain Room,

“These are brains,” Tifa looked at the green liquid tank with brains floating inside it. Her first impression of the secret room of the Ministry couldn’t be worse. Well, other than the floating brains, it was the vomiting squad that was behind her.

She didn’t look back, but she did hear Hermione cast a spell, “Scourgify.”

“Brains? What are Brains doing in the Ministry?” Hermione walked next to her, asking.

“I heard…rumors when I asked about Ministry. On the Ninth Floor of the Ministry are rooms, Space Room, Time Room. Remember the Third Year, when you got the Time Turner? It comes from the Time Room. Now it seems they have been studying Mind too.”

“Mind?” Harry and Ginny walked over, “This is to study Mind?”

“Probably,” Tifa muttered, “I wonder…if I could get my hands on the research they have done. How long before you guys can walk?”

“I am fi—” Neville said, and the halfway he lurched, vomiting near one of the tanks, and Hermione used Scourgify.

Luna raised her hand, “I am—”

“Right. It seems I have time,” Tifa nodded, “You three. Spread out this room and find any records if they keep them here.”

“Why! Sirius could be in trouble!”

“Harry, Sirius is at the Headquarters,” Tifa said, shaking her head, “Is that sense of urgency coming through? Push it back, and close your mind. This might be the only chance when we could take whatever we want from the Ministry and get away. Their research on the mind would help Cloud…his telekinetic powers are especially strong.”

[Tifa. Leave it. You will get another chance. Soon.]

“On second thought, let’s go,” Tifa muttered, and when the others could, they went through the door, back to the Room with Doors.

“Flagrate,” Hermione marked the door, hearing the praises from others for quick thinking, and they walked through the next door. This one was different, rectangular, more significant than the last, and hollow at the center. There was a stone archway with a black veil floating.

She felt mesmerized, hearing the voices she almost felt she recognized, but the System started ringing so loud that she couldn’t keep her eyes open.


[Out! Right now! That’s Death, and any trace of it near you, Aerith will realize you are here! You have ten seconds! Eh, too late.]

“Shit, we have to get out of here!” Tifa urgently shouted, but like her, Harry was mesmerized, and so was Luna Lovegood. She opened the door and used gravity to cause everything to get pulled towards her. They tried to hold back but got pulled, and she pulled them out of the room, closing the door, “Aerith knows. We have to hurry.”

“What was that?” Harry held his head as the rooms rotated and stopped in front of him, “I heard voices.”

“That was Death,” Tifa muttered.

“It was? To me, it looked like an arch,” Ron shrugged, not understanding why they looked so severe.

“That’s a good thing,” Tifa nodded, closing her eyes, “Let’s try the next room. Hurry!”

The next room they entered was sparking, filled with shiny clocks, and there was a jar at the far end, from which the light came. There was a bird inside, a hummingbird; when it went up, it became mature, and when it came down, it went back to the egg. There was another door in this room, and Harry remembered it from the dream, “This way!”

He ran in front of them, and they took out their wands, ready for any emergency, and they went through the room, finding crystal balls on the shelves shining with a swirling mist inside them.

“These are…prophecies,” Luna Lovegood muttered, “I had heard of these before from my father.”

“The weapon that Voldemort wants…is a Prophesy?”

Tifa glanced over to Harry, knowing that Cloud didn’t tell him before, and while she struggled that she should tell him, now didn’t seem like the right time.

They looked around at the numbers when Hermione asked, “Harry, you said you saw ninety sever, right?”


“That’s fifty-five; it should be this way,” Hermione started walking forward until they reached the ninety-seventh one.

“Here it is.”

“It says…Voldemort and Harry Potter (?).”

“A prophesy about Voldemort and me?” Harry muttered in shock, and his eyes turned towards Tifa, “You knew?”

Tifa raised her hand to pick it up but froze when Echo warned her that there was a counter jinx on it, and only those for whom the prophecy was made could take it off the shelf, which explained why it took so long for Voldemort to get it.

He couldn’t, not without giving it away, “Harry, take it, and you all, prepare yourself.”

Harry felt his face turn white, but he knew this possibility. He took out his wand, much like all his friends did, and with the other hand, he lifted the prophecy from the shelf, feeling the wind in this room.

“Excellent, Potter, now give that to me,” An exciting, familiar voice resounded in his ears, and his blood flow stopped.

Tifa raised her eyes and let out a visibly, audibly relieved voice, “That’s good. Here I thought this might not be a trap.”

Lucius Malfoy stood before her, narrowing his eyes, with a group of Death Eaters surrounding them, pointing their wands at the seven of them, “It has nothing to do with you. Go away, or Dark Lord wouldn’t look favorably at this transgression.”

“Is he here,” Tifa asked, whispered, and the ones standing behind her felt their blood run cold.

“We are here!”

“Yeah, a disappointment,” Tifa dropped her wizard robe since it always got in her way. She looked over her shoulder at Harry, Hermione, and others, “Leave. You’ll get in the way.”

“I can kill her, right?” Bellatrix ran her eyes over Tifa, laughingly, licking the wand she was holding.

“Kill me,” Tifa scoffed, “I see you don’t realize how much trouble you are in.”

She tapped her feet, and they all, including Ginny and others, fell on their knees, much like the Death Eaters. They only saw her punch the floor, and shockwave energy, erasing gravity and sending them all flying backward.

Their bodies slowly hurled backward, and the shockwave garbled Lucius’s shout,


Harry clung to the crystal, barely managing to keep holding onto it. Even while he was falling, his eyes went to the Death Eater, who Ron’s scared eyes were watching the Death Eater’s wand pointed at him, but before he could use a spell, the Death Eater got pulled by his leg and threw like a rag doll.

They all fell to the ground simultaneously, more so the Death Eater that Tifa threw, pulled out her hand, standing in front of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, and Luna, “Go. Give me space.”

“NO!” Ginny shouted, pointing her wand forward.

“Go!!” Tifa shouted back in a battle stance; her right hand spun around, and a wave of gravity came out of it and threw them further back until they stuck against the door. She let them down and put her fingers around the wand, pointing it forward.


“Protego,” Tifa deflected the two magic and cast magic on her, “Reflect.”

While Protego did reflect spells, it was active, while Reflect remained in support without the constant need to keep using it.

Tifa focused on the bunch of spells coming towards her; she couldn’t run over to them without the risk of getting hit by the spell, even with reflect on. It couldn’t reflect the killing curse, and a moment of overreliance on the spell could get her killed, so she was always cautious.

[You have new abilities.]

‘Right,’ Tifa jumped towards the racks carrying the prophecies, coming out from the other side. Her eyes landed on Bellatrix, and the woman met with hers. Both of them raised their wands, “Stupefy!”




Tifa fired the spell, and her body, her molecules came apart as the Cruciatus Curse passed through her body, and she appeared beside a falling Bellatrix, her wand pointed at the woman’s chest, “Stupefy!”

“Sh—” The man about to inform others of the location felt a gust of air, and when he shifted his eyes, he saw a punch connecting his face. His blood spurted, the sharp pain from his broken nose made his mind go blank, and his teeth clattered to the ground.

His feet left the ground, but he got pulled back before hitting the ground. His body got used as a shield against a few of his colleague’s stunning charms. He lost consciousness, but in between, there were times when the spells hit him.

Tifa threw him onto them, but she teleported while they were distracted by him, appearing behind them, “Stupefy!”

She moved up, only to feel a wand on her neck, “Try moving now!”

Tifa froze, “You should have moved to kill.”

“Oh, he can’t.”

Tifa blinked, glancing back, seeing a massive broadsword, its sharp edge touching Lucius Malfoy’s neck. Her eyes followed it to the hilt, meeting with the blue-eyed one, watching her with a smug smile, “You need help.”

Tifa clenched her jaw, swiping her hand to the side, and Lucius Malfoy got flung. She turned, holding his collar, “Why did you come!”

Cloud turned the sword between his fingers, putting it on his back, “Because you were in trouble.”


“Just try moving; give me a reason,” Harry pointed his wand at Lucius’s head, gripping tightly to it, and Lucius had to stop.

Tifa heard something falling and jerked her head to the side, seeing Neville and Luna Lovegood holding a Death Eater down. Neville looked up, trembling, in happiness, maybe, “We have him! We have him!!”

“I told you to run,” Tifa sighed, she felt palms on her waist and their noses nuzzled together. She gripped onto his clothes, “Why are you here?”

“You decide to invade the Ministry of Magic in Mid Afternoon. Who do you think is holding back those Aurors?” He tapped her cheek, “Come on. We must get out of here and let them find these Death Eaters.

Tifa sighed, resting her head on his shoulder, “I want to draw Voldemort out…finish this once and for all.”

“If that’s what you need,” Cloud rested his hand on her back, the keychain turned into what looked like an invisibility cloak with a wand etched on it, and a wizard robe appeared on his Soldier Uniform. The Buster sword disappeared, turning into a wand that he used to pull all six Death Eaters to the center, turning one of the stands (fallen on the floor) into ropes and wrapping it around them.

He collected their wands, and orange sparks appeared in front of them, opening a portal, and he put the wands through it. He closed it, opening another one in Hogwarts, “Ok. All of you, get in.”

“Yes, sir!” Neville abruptly said, realizing that he wasn’t in one of the lessons, and his face turned red. He stepped inside the portal, and others followed after him one after the other.

Harry stopped briefly, looking at the prophecy, “What…do I do about it?”

“Keep it,” Tifa hastily said before Cloud could get the chance. She ran up, pushing Harry into the portal, waving her hand to Cloud, “Ok, thanks. Bye.”

Cloud raised his eyebrows but didn’t say anything, only nodded and closed the portal once she was on the other side. He opened another one to back home and stepped inside. His illusion finally disappeared, and the Aurors came bursting into the room.

“Death Eaters!! Here?!”

“Is that Lucius Malfoy?” Kingsley walked over when one of the other Aurors noticed, “That’s Bellatrix!!!”

“Why are they here?”

“For the Prophecy, why else!”

“But…where is the Prophecy?”

“Was You-Know-Who here?”


“Is she ok? Tell me she’s.”

“She’s ok,” Cloud nodded, “She’s still not picking up your call?”

Aerith let out a breath of relief, looking at the Ring, Locket, Dairy, and Diadem, “Two more…only two more to go.”

“One is on him,” Cloud sat down on the bed, removing the transformation. He usually wore casuals, a white t-shirt, and black pants.

“How are you so sure?”

“Shelke did a Profile on him. She thinks that since he believes he is all-powerful, the safest place is himself. He has one on him for sure, and the others he spread around, just in case Dumbledore manages to kill him.”

“Then only one…as long as we find that, we could end this,” Aerith muttered, “Tifa’s in a hurry too…all because of my dream. If only I could remember what it is.”

Cloud hesitated, “Don’t worry about it. It’s a good thing what happened…that Prophecy will be good bait. All we need to do is figure out where the last one is.”

“How are you going to do that?”


Aerith leaned over, putting her arms around his neck, and the blanket that covered her body slid off. She kissed the nape of his neck, “I’ll think of something too. Let’s go see Tifa?”

“Not yet,” Cloud placed his palm on her head, “The news should spread fast, and they’d come to check on Harry for sure and see who could have been there. Let’s act as if nothing happened a bit longer.”

“Does Harry know that? He has the Prophecy?” When realization dawned on her, Aerith pulled away for a moment, “He has the Prophecy? Right?”

Cloud raised his right hand until it was in front of her eyes, his fingers curled, and he spread them outward, and the prophecy crystal appeared in his palm, “Not currently.”

“Cloud…it’s time that Harry knows,” Aerith gently hugged him, burying her face in his neck.

“Yeah,” Cloud muttered, keeping on the side table, “I want to see her.”

“I know…me too.”


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