Chapter 151 & 152 – Rise and Shine – End of Volume 3
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March 1999, Sokovia,

A young boy barely twenty with shoulder-length silver hair walked through the ruins of a city. The air raid was over, and there were many casualties, but that wasn't why he was here. Once the raid was over, he felt it, magic, one of a kind he had been searching for.

He might have acted mighty during the war, but he was on his last legs, much like Cloud. He wasn't truly alive, not yet. He had two sources of powers to stay alive: Cloud Strife and Voldemort. He planned to kill Voldemort before fully coming to life, but that plan failed.

Now, for the last three years, he had been searching for things that could help him break the connection between the two, and on this day, he felt it—the magic, the slightest hint of it, one that might help him.

He stood in front of the house, raising the stones and rubbles through telekinetic force, letting them float in the air. More and more of those rose in the air, freeing the two buried under them and yet alive.

The girl and the boy under the rubble watched it with wide eyes as the young boy walked over, giving them his hand, "Do you want help?"

The grieving girl looked up with teary eyes, "Who…are you?"

The boy smiled, narrowing his eyes cat-like eyes, "Sephiroth."

That was the first they met, and he had thought, with this girl's magic—things would be smooth, but she hadn't mastered it yet. She didn't even know it was magic, so he let her and her brother tag along with him.

That day was special; not only did he find what he was looking for, but another joyous thing also happened.

"What happened?"

Sephiroth didn't mind the inquiry, having stopped, looking behind him, carrying a smile on his lips, "A friend. A close friend of mine finally woke up from his deep slumber."

"Your close friend? Can we meet him?"

"When the time is right."

Shetland, Upper Floor, Cloud's Bedroom,

[Good morning.]

"Hey," Cloud sat on the bed, his eyes still heavy, closed, "Where are others?"

[I haven't informed them yet. Should I?]

"No," Cloud sat up from the bed, noticing the lack of machines, "No machines?"

[I have been taking care of Life Support. Don't need machines.]

"Oh," Cloud got up from the bed, taking off his hospital gown. He dragged his heavy to the bathroom, standing under the shower, leaning on the wall. He turned the knob, and water droplets fell on him. He breathed in, closing his eyes, "How long?"

[It's the March of 1999.]

"I thought it would have been longer," Cloud muttered, raising his chin, "I mean…I spent so much time there."

[That's your Space-Time.]

Cloud closed his eyes, remembering what happened right after the war, years ago.

After Second Wizarding War, Edge of Creation,

Cloud placed his palm on an invisible wall, trying to return to his body, but couldn't, "Echo, what is going on?"

[Right now, your body is like a Minefield, poisoned by Infinity Stone, and with Harry's and Voldemort's memories rushing in—the System had deemed it unsafe for you to be there.]

"You shut me out of my own body?"


"For how long?"

[As long as it takes for your body to recover.]

"Tifa…Aerith…how are they?"


Cloud scratched his head, turning to lean against the invisible barrier, looking at the distant cosmos, "Can you connect me to them?"

[Not directly. I can connect you indirectly.]


Cloud expected a call, but surprisingly it was a chat that opened in front of him, with options, speak to text, keyboard, mind to text and more, "Too indirect?"

[Best I can do without opening the barrier.]

Cloud typed a message, waiting for a reply, "What will I do here?"

[The Path to Possibilities is Open. You can search the worlds Sephiroth has opened. You can't always be a step behind him.]

"Yeah…I guess," Cloud looked at the reply, the numerous message he got, one after the other, and a smile appeared on his lips.


Cloud stopped reminiscing, opening his eyes when he felt soft arms around his body, soft lips on his shoulder. He was about to turn around when he remembered something, 'Echo…does my mouth smell?'

[Ugh…No. I took good care of you.]

'Hm,' He turned around to face the one behind him. Tifa closed her eyes, feeling the warm water falling on her naked skin. The only reason why she was focusing on the water was so that she didn't meet his gaze. His eyes scrutinised her.

Even with her eyes closed, she could feel him inch closer. Even if she hid every reaction, she couldn't hide how her body reacted involuntarily in his presence. How badly she wanted him.


He stood there in front of her without saying anything. She could sense the warm temperature of the person in front of her, the heat he was radiating. If she just leaned forward, she knew their body would touch. But he didn't move; he didn't say anything. Just the sound of his breathing entered her ears; his breath brushed against hair and ear.

Even after waiting, there was nothing, every time she thought her patience grew thin, his hand would accidentally brush past her skin.

She turned around to get away when he stopped her by placing his palms on her shoulder; she could feel him. So close to her that she could know what was behind her, just from the heat.

Suddenly, air flew past her from the open door, enough for a moan to rise out of her.

"Mmmmm..." With her face burning red from embarrassment, she wanted to get out. Only his solid arms wrapped around her waist. His body, his naked skin that touched, brushed, rubbed against her back, his lips, and his breath against her neck. His hands started exploring her body, wondering what had changed in three years.

Feeling his hands after so long, his breath and his wanting desire all made her legs tremble, just like the first time they were together. She couldn't hide anything from him, her racing heart, the hardness of her nipples, the wetness of her body that had been waiting for his touch.

She could only lean back as her body slowly fell in his control, his lips took hers, and his tongue pried open her mouth and dived deep inside. The finger of his hand rhythmically rubbed and reached inside her body while the others played with her breasts.

His tongue and lips muffled the sound that involuntarily came out of her throat. The hardness she felt on her back, the throbbing, the desire that he was emitting for her body. Above all, he controlled hers to the point that she couldn't even resist.

She couldn't express what was happening to her; her moans only became louder, and her desire for more grew. She couldn't take it anymore...she wanted more. But, the more she realised Cloud was in the mood to tease her, that he wouldn't fulfil her desire without her asking.

But, somehow, the thought only made her stomach churn with more desire. Just thought of begging Cloud for it only made her want to do it more.

The shame of it only made her wetter.

She leaned forward, pasting her upper body on the wall. Her face got hidden by her reddish-black hair as she bent forward, begging, "Cloud….please…don't tease me."


She couldn't help but let out a gasp and moan when it touched against her. Its tip slowly opened up a path for itself to reach within her. But, Cloud stopped, staying at the entrance. Her breathing hastened; her heart almost was beating so hard when she realised that this was not enough for him. His hand slowly removed the hairs covering her face. His mouth nibbled on her ear, his hand slowly grazing over her back, moving down to her thighs, spreading them further.

She glanced at him, pleading with her eyes, "Cloud…."

He removed his other hand from stimulating her, and his wet, washed by the shower thumb touched her lips, "Yes..." His deep, expecting voice and unwavering eyes filled with lust and passion were waiting for her.

Her eyes shook as her stomach churned more and more, "Cloud...please…I…." She whimpered softly. She twitched when he moved his hips back; she couldn't feel it anymore. His hand slowly left her body, yet, his body was leaning on hers. His presence was on hers, covering her. It only left her wanting more; the shame made her throat fill up. But she couldn't go against it; Cloud wanted her to say even more so when she was close.

She wanted it more than anything, "Cloud…please…I want you…."

As if praising her, he moved forward. She could feel the heat of his body again, slowly making its way inside her body, "Please?"

She looked at him with tears of shame building in her eyes; this was the last thing she wanted to say first after being seen by him again, after three years, "Cloud…fuck me…."

His lips turned into a smile, undoubtedly enjoying her humiliation, and yet, she felt a shiver go down her spine when he whispered, "One more time."

She shut her eyes tightly as she spoke with all her strength, her breasts heaving, suffocating, "Cloud…please fuck me."

"Good girl!"


He thrust inside her with all his strength. She felt the rush covering all her body, the shame, the pleasure, the way he looked at her, the thrust of his hips... it opened all the gates in her body. She gushed out with a single thrust. Even with her eyes closed, she could see his smiling face. His eyes watched her face, his body feeling hers tremble, his arms draped around her body, holding it in place. His thrusting didn't stop there; without giving her the time to rest, he kept pulling back and thrusting with the same force.

She didn't even realise when her body had started moving on its own, sucking on his fingers. Her mind slowly went numb whenever she came, losing control of her body. She didn't try to stop him, no matter how or what he did to her body.

He grabbed her body and took her out of the bathroom. He put her wet body on the bed and took a hand towel; he wiped every inch of her body. He started from her arms, neck, breasts, stomach, and thighs. Once he was done with the front, he turned her body over and wiped her body again. Every time he wiped the water, his hands would touch her skin and fingers all over her body. Her face turned red again, just sensing him drawing closer. She knew he would realise it, that she was wet. She hid her face in the bed as his fingers stroked past her thighs.

"You are beautiful."

Tifa clutched the bedsheets after hearing it. He picked her ass up in the air, his hands spreading it out as he slid inside her.


He slowly slid deep inside her, filling her up. Her nipples slowly dragged against the silk of the bedsheet. He slowly slid out of her and again when he slid deep back inside. He slowly stimulated her desire for him; between, he would thrust much harder, completely catching her off guard.

He slowly moved back and took it out; she could feel the emptiness inside her. She didn't want that; she wanted him to fill her more. He raised her body, turning her towards the side, lifting her thigh with one hand. He filled her up again, and his hand moved from her stomach to her breast, "Tifa...look at me."

Tifa took a sharp intake of breath; it wasn't a bargain or a request. It was an order that she couldn't refuse. She opened her eyes, the shadow of Cloud's body towering over her. Lifting and holding her thigh, he had spread her legs out. She was in front of him, completely exposed to him, for him to appreciate and use as he wished.

"Good girl!"

He thrust inside her, moving all the way in, burying his cock completely inside her; he thrust in her with a slow, powerful pace, wanting her to enjoy every bit of it, amplifying the sensation she felt when he spread her walls apart.

She bit her finger to keep her voice in, enjoying the sensation she was feeling. He gave long, slow thrusts, grinding her insides, and it didn't take long before he started hitting the same spot, the one that made her go crazy. His shaft dragged against her wet, sloppy skin, making her moan with every thrust. He withdrew completely with each stroke. As her desire grew, he went more and more slowly until he was barely moving. He gently rolled his pelvic bone over her clit, and then abruptly started thrusting harder and faster until she exploded into an orgasm.

She arched her back, breathing deeply, digging her nails in his shoulders, breathing out as her whole body convulsed. She pushed him away, gasping for breath, taking deep ones until she caught her breath. She turned her head to the side, watching his blonde hair and blue eyes. She turned to her side, stroking his cheek, "Are you…real?"

"Yeah," Cloud muttered, resting his palm on hers, "Sorry…I overslept."

Tifa softly laughed, "That's an understatement."

"How did you know?"

Tifa leaned in, planting a kiss on his lips, "Few people possess access to your room…Winky came to me, panicked, saying that someone managed to enter your room without permission."

"Oh," Cloud gently kissed her lips, leaning over her, stroking her waist, "You look so grown up."

"Have you seen yourself?" Tifa ran her fingers through his wet hair that was strangely, still spiky, "I had to keep giving you haircuts."

"Huh, what else did you do to my body while I was asleep?"

Tifa parted her lips in offence, pulling his cheek, "I didn't do anything weird…well, can't say about Aerith. She might have."

"Right," Cloud smiled, closing his eyes, "Did you tell her?"

"Not yet," Tifa muttered. She sat up, staring at him, "I'll tell her, but I have to know something first."


"Why the hell were you the one teasing me when you were the one who slept for three years?! That makes no sense!"

Cloud sat up, cocking his head with a smile, locking his lips with hers, whispering, "Just wanted to make sure that you remember…you are mine."

Tifa blinked, her mouth agape, watching as he passed by her with a shy/smug smile on his lips as black pants, suits, and turtleneck, "What happened to you? Where were you? Actually, why didn't you reply?"

Cloud used the Scourgify spell on her, flicking his finger towards her clothes which rose, finding their way back to her body, "Long story. Right now, I am starving."

Tifa raised her eyebrows as she pulled on her top, adjusting the jacket. She rushed to him, holding Cloud's hand, stopping him from leaving the room. She turned him over, pushing him against the door, closing the door he opened in the process.

"What are you doing?" Cloud asked Tifa, who was peering into his eyes, unmoving.

"To check if you are Cloud."

"Who else would I be?" Cloud tilted his head, shaking his head, "Shouldn't have asked that. Tifa…it is me."

"Yeah? Using Scourgify on me? Forcing my clothes on me? I know you just woke up…but…what the hell were you thinking?"

"Oh," Cloud breathed out, gently hugging her in his arms, closing his eyes, "Um…the place I was in…I had complete control over everything."

"Well…you are back; get a hold of yourself," Tifa rested her head on his shoulder, "Where were you?"

She looked up when he didn't reply, nodding, "How about…we stop for a moment. Ok? Let's talk…make me understand what happened?"

Cloud took a deep breath, closing his eyes. He opened them, cupping her cheek, looking into her ruby eyes, and a relieved smile appeared on his lips. Tifa gazed back at him, stroking his jaw, breathing slowly. She tilted her head, gently asking, "You aren't going to tell me?"

"No," Cloud slid down, stroking her arm, sitting on the floor, and she followed, sitting down with him, resting her body in his arms.

"Ok, how about I tell you what happened since you slept?"

"That would be good."

"After the war was finally over, Sephiroth had disappeared; there was no trace of him. We searched for him, using the resources of the International Wizarding Community and even our growing companies, but we found nothing. So that matter was put to rest."

"Oh," Cloud held her palm, stroking her fingers, resting his head on hers as he stroked her back, "I doubt it would be easy to find him. Did you ask Genesis for help?"

"He? He has been living an easy life ever since you disappeared," Tifa chuckled, "He has been in a few movies, and I think he has started to like the lifestyle. But…there also the fact that he made many contacts among the Celebrities, and the yearly revenue he generated is more than any other branch has made."

"Other branch? Did you open more?"

"Uh…we only have two Headquarters, in LA and New York, but we have opened other offices. Four are in other Boroughs of New York, and more around the L.A. and London."


"Nah. We decided not to bring much attention to ourselves since we have been pouring more money into 2R. Aunt Peggy is doing the real work."

Cloud brushed his lips against her head, whispering, "What is it?"


"You are holding back on me? You don't have to baby me," Cloud muttered.

Tifa took a deep breath, looking up, "Melina…she's working for Peggy."

"Huh," Cloud gently nodded, tilting his head, "You had to hide that from me because?"

"I don't know," Tifa shrugged, closing her eyes, "Moving on…Aerith is still the Minister of Magic. The Wizarding World is more careful about everything with Muggles, though there have been a few skirmishes with SHIELD."

Tifa expectantly opened her eyes, wanting him to ask why they fought with Shield, but he only shrugged, spoiling half the fun, "Won't ask?"

"I already know. It's the faction in Shield; they are probably scared that with Wizards in their mix, they would be able to read memories and realise that many of them aren't Shied?"

Tifa chuckled, "Yeah. We think so too. We made contact with Fury, but he's not ready for it. He did borrow a Special Auror Squad which Harry leads, and they are tasked with separating who is who. In secret, of course."

"Ah, that's good… Hermione?"

"She…um…you should talk to her in person. Otherwise, she is doing good."

"Hm," Cloud closed his eyes, lovingly hugging her, "And you?"

Tifa gently smiled, "I am running the Company. Howard and Maria returned to stay for a year, and then they went back on the trip. Hank finally came back, and he started working on Quantum Tunnel. He said it should be done in a year or two. I helped him with the knowledge I got from the System. Other stuff you can catch on to…there is one essential thing that you should know about."

"What?" Cloud thought it seemed a bit serious, asking when he heard a banging on the door. For some reason, the one banging wasn't tall, maybe reaching his head when sitting on the floor. He moved forward, kneeling on the ground with Tifa as he opened the door.

On the other side was a beautiful little kid; her hands were covered by cute cotton gloves and a cotton hat with stripes that she held onto. Her long blonde hair was still visible, and she blinked her big ruby eyes, tilting her head to look at Tifa behind Cloud, "Mama?"

Cloud felt his breath stop, dumbstruck when Tifa leaned on his back, whispering, "Cloud…meet Claudia Lockhart Strife."

The first thought that Cloud had was to close the door, to take it all in, but then again, he realised how that might impact the child. He closed his eyes, "You named her Claudia?"

"The other one is named Zack," Tifa grinningly whispered, loving his reaction. She couldn't help but give him another shock.

"There is another?"

"Oh, Cloud," Tifa nuzzled her lips against his ear, watching Claudia, "You really should have used a condom."

"I…" Cloud shut his mouth, nodding as a sparkle appeared in his eyes, "No…I couldn't be happier that I didn't."

He let out a breath, kneeling in front of the little girl, "Hey."

Claudia nervously looked at him, meeting his gaze, tightly holding onto the braided stripes. She glanced towards her mother, who gently nodded, and the little girl parted her lips to say something. Though before she said it, she ran to Tifa's arms, hugging her, burying her face in Tifa's breasts, "Mama!"

Cloud smiled, glancing back at Tifa, who shrugged, lovingly hugging the girl in her arms, pampering her.

"Dia!! Diaaaa!!"

"Hm?" Cloud looked towards the stairs, hearing the shout, and his eyes met with kids. He had blue eyes, though they had a noticeable mako glow. The kid also had spiky brown hair, much like his, though, unlike Claudia, who was shy after seeing him, he jumped up the stairs, stepping on Cloud's knee, jumping further up to encircle Cloud's neck. He rotated, stopping on Cloud's back, sticking to him, shouting excitedly, "Mama! Papa is awake!! Look, look! Papa is awake!!"

Cloud covered his ear, looking over to chuckling Tifa, pulling the boy off his back, who was still shouting to his half-sister, "Claudia! Look! Papa is awake!!"

Cloud watched the boy hanging in the air, held more by his telekinetic powers than his collar, smiling, "Hm. Definitely Aerith's."

Tifa burst into a laugh which she suppressed, grinning, "Yeah. Yours too."

"I know," Cloud put his palm over the kid's mouth even as the little one struggled, hugging him. The kid struggled for a moment and quietened, "My children…huh…which one is…older?"

"Claudia…" Tifa gently said.

"Aerith knew…didn't she?"


"So she…?"


"You should have told me."

"Would you have let us fight in the war if we did?"

Cloud lovingly smiled, tilting his head, "Not in a thousand years."