Chapter 145 & 146 – Struggle
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Sometime before Voldemort’s Army Attacked Riverdale, Secret Prison,


Dumbledore watched the screaming Bellatrix walking out of the dark prison room, closing the enchanted door behind her. He turned to look at Aerith, nodding, “I know where it is.”

“Great,” Aerith raised her hand, creating a portal in front of them to Dumbledore’s Pensive, “Can you show me?”

“Wonderful,” Dumbledore chuckled, “Is that how you got around, Minister Gainsborough?”

“Now we do. Before, we had other ways; now this is more popular,” Aerith stepped over, watching Dumbledore step over, putting his wand on his head.

He took out a white thread, putting it in the Pensive, and the memories from Bellatrix flowed through.

Aerith observed the memories inside of Bellatrix staring at the floor in front of Voldemort, and this was different; this Voldemort was much younger. The next memory showed a cup, then a building, and inside, there was a vault filled with jewels and gold—and atop all that—a cup.



“Let’s go get it,” Aerith opened a portal, inside the vault she saw, right in front of the Helga’s Cup. She dispelled whatever message there was in it and took the Cup, “With this. We have everything. Don’t we?”

Dumbledore took the cup, watching it, “Not really. We still haven’t solved the problem of how to help Harry. Let’s try to delay this a little longer.”

“You and Cloud, both of you are really soft on that boy,” Aerith curled her lips.

Dumbledore raised his eyebrows, tilting his head forward to look at her, “You aren’t?”

“No,” Aerith grinned, making a victory sign, “But I can be hard on him because I know you will protect him.”

Dumbledore laughed, “Haha. Very well. Do that, Minister.”

Aerith opened the portal to her office, walked over to her seat, and sat down, opening her drawer with another Horcrux, “There is one with him. Wherever he is, and…ah, that leaves Harry. You have no idea?”

“Not yet. Give me time,” Dumbledore promised, planning to stay in his office, when they both saw red blocks appear in front of them, forming the shape of a woman.

“Aerith! Voldemort’s attacking!”

“What, what, what?” Aerith blinked fast, and Tifa was standing in front of her with a panicked look.

“I am not kidding! Sephiroth! He helped Voldemort save Bellatrix and others and transfer Army to Riverdale! They must have waited to the last moment possible before saving them!”

Aerith jumped on her feet, “Riverdale? How did he get there? Wait, no, it doesn’t matter.”

She took a deep breath, green swirling energy wrapped around her—her hand. She swiped it forward, “Send a message to everyone. Voldemort’s Attacking, and we will fight back.”

The energy and message passed through the Ministry to spread outwards to the Wizarding World. Every time it waned in energy, more rose from the Earth, and the wind blew it, taking it further.

Grimmauld Palace 12,

Sirius abruptly sat up, the message playing in his head over and over. He jumped off the bed, rushing out to find Lupin and Tonks were also there, and everyone from the Order who was here met in between, “War. It started.”

“Let’s go.”

“Yeah, I have been waiting for this!” Tonks excitedly muttered, “Come on, Lupin. Time to get revenge.”


“Now listen!” Arthur walked out of his room with an angered and worried look, “My wife and children are there! Prepare everyone! Take them all to Ministry! No one lays a finger on them!”

Forbidden Forest,

The Centaurs all rose at once, and their Leader, Magorian, walked to them, “It’s the time! The Saviour calls for us!”



The goblins had all risen from their sleep if they got time to sleep from counting their money. All of them were arguing.

“Why are we helping? This is not our fight!”

“You-Know-Who wouldn’t let us continue! There would be no economy under him! We would have no money! NO GOLD!!!”

The hall was filled with gasps, every Goblin looked toward their leader, shocked, and righteous anger appeared on their faces.

“Yes! We must protect the Wizards from the barbarian kinds like Dementors and Giants!”

“Yes! Yes! We can’t let them win!”

“The Goblins will defeat You-Know-Who!!”


Ancient One opened her eyes and slowly rose to her feet, “I can’t fight in this war, but I can help you get there. That is all I can do.”

She walked out, calling for her Sorcerers, “Do not participate in this fight. Only make sure that they get to it.”

Ministry, Minister of Magic’s Office,

“You can’t!”

“Why! I want to go!” Aerith struggled in Tifa’s arms, trying to get away and open the portal, “Why are you stopping me!”

Tifa pushed her back, forcing her to sit down, “You can’t. You have to be here to lead them; more of them are coming! Many are already there!”

“It’s been an hour,” Aerith looked up with red, teary eyes, “Even if… he’s not tired fighting against the army…then the Jenova Cells would be getting to him by now.”

Tifa gently hugged her head, taking a deep breath, “It’s ok. It’s going to be ok. We’ll be right there to help him.”

‘Echo, how is Cloud doing?’


Mirror World, Riverdale,


“Bombarda Maxima!”

Cloud cut through one of those big spells, teleporting right after to avoid the other blasting spell cast on him. He used the Buster Sword to defend himself; his body got hurled back with little place to land. He swivelled, Apparating midway.

Voldemort flicked his wand to the side of his body, holding it firmly, blocking Cloud’s blow, “Kill him! Now!”

Cloud narrowed his eyes, taking in the surrounding, the Wizards and Witches protecting him. Their eyes followed him when he was in the middle of the jump, and by all expectations, they pointed toward where he was about to land. Though Voldemort was different, he could still react to his speed, and he was sure that Voldemort hadn’t even started to borrow Sephiroth’s power.

He zipped away, leaving behind a blue stream of light, which encompassed Dementors, Death Eaters, even travelled from the Giants’s foot to its head, and when he came to a stop. Every being encompassed by the light barely had the time to react to what had happened. A cut appeared on their bodies, chest, legs, neck, hands, back, stomach, and face. It wasn’t a cut; it wasn’t the blunt side of the sword; it was the sharper side.

The moment he stopped, he was tackled, pushed down to the ground, and kept the Buster Sword between him. He raised it, throwing the person off.

“We meet! Cloud Strife!!!! Destroyer of My Race!!!”

Cloud raised his chin, scrutinising the Werewolf, “Oh goody. And here I was scouring the whole continents for a pet. Who knew you’d come to me.”

“Grrrrrrrrrr—” Fenrir Greyback growled at him, only for his face to meet the ground the instant later with a palm holding him down.

“Now be a good dog and stay put. I’ll check on you later.”

Cloud teleported away with a blue flash, appearing on the other side of the battlefield, in front of the Malfoy Family. This was less of a war and more of a party with everyone waiting to get their turn. Even now, the Malfoy family had separated, much like the other Generals of Voldemort’s Army.

They thought they were ready, despite seeing the devastation caused by one Wizard and yet, they weren’t ready.

“And we find ourselves in such circumstances again, Mr Malfoy.”

“You!!” Draco’s face twisted in sheer anger, remembering all the suffering caused by this man. His father got arrested, and his family was under suspicion and questioned by the Ministry. He had to work for Voldemort, which nearly crushed his soul, and he couldn’t even vent until now. Just the instance, he raised his wand, Cloud cocked his head, and Draco’s felt the full brunt of an invisible punch bigger than his body.

“Draco!!” Narcissa, Draco’s mother, rushed over to his fallen body, holding him, “Draco! Draco!!!”

“Kids, they think they can tackle anything, don’t they,” Cloud commented, bringing Narcissa’s wrath, who pointed her wand at him.

“Avada Kedavra!!!”


Cloud tilted his head, and the green light flashed past him, barely missing him, but Lucius did manage to hit him with a stupefy. Though the shock from the stupefy didn’t even make him budge, he hit the back of Lucius’s neck, causing him to fall over on his knee.

Another spell hit Cloud’s cheek, hitting him much like a mosquito bite, and he looked over to Narcissa, who glared at him, protectively sitting in front of her son, screaming at him, “Stay away from my family!!”

Cloud was about to knock her out too, but seeing her eyes, his body abruptly froze.

“Careful! Cloud!” Zack tried to snap him out of it, but he couldn’t. Or, for that matter, anyone that said anything couldn’t.

Narcissa didn’t know what happened; she could attack him, but she saw something in his eyes, and she put down her hand, saying much more calmly, “Stay away from my family.”

Cloud noticed the distance between him and seven Avada Kedavra spells. He knew he should deflect them; the problem was, the only thing stopping him was a memory playing in his head. He gripped the hilt of his sword, too late to make a move.

“Idiot,” A streak of red light travelled in the air, destroying all those spells before reaching Cloud.

Cloud raised the Buster Sword, stopping the Scarlet Sword from reaching Narcissa, warning, “Don’t.”

Genesis narrowed his eyes, “This is war. Don’t let what happened with your mother Cloud your decision. You can’t hesitate.”

“Go away,” Cloud shot a look over his shoulder, and a mirror-like wall proceeded backwards, hitting Genesis, forcefully teleporting him away. He ran his eyes over Malfoy Family to Pansy, Crabbe, Goyle, and the students from Slytherin, and their families, the ones who fired the Killing Curse at him.

“You do not belong in this war. Go away,” Cloud stepped away from them, and a mirror wall came down from the sky, trapping them under, and they all got teleported to London.

“Now, at a time of war.”

Cloud ignored Roche’s comment, standing in the empty area after forcefully teleporting the students from Hogwarts and their families. He looked up at the black smoke, moving faster than broomsticks in the air, landing around him, surrounding him again.

Death Eaters pointed their wands at him when Voldemort raised his hand, “Cloud Strife, the Strongest Wizard, after me, of course.”

“That’s debatable,” Cloud calmly shrugged.

“You don’t fight like a Wizard,” Voldemort narrowed his eyes, sharp, red, cat-like eyes, his skin paler, sick as one would have near death.

“You mean like idiots that have been doing the same thing over the thousand years? Yeah. I don’t feel like it.”

“How dare you insult—aghhhhh!!!!!!!!!” Bellatrix shouted out loud before falling to her knees, screaming in pain, “Forgive me!!! My Lord!! Forgive me!!”

Voldemort swiped his hand dramatically, taking a deep breath, calming himself down, “Your beloved Dumbledore is one of these idiots.”

“Well, he is a part of the Last Generation of Wizards. He did well enough for himself.”

“The Last Generation?” Voldemort seemed intrigued for a moment, waiting before attacking.

“In the 1940s, the Muggle created something called Super Soldier Serum. Two of them, Super Soldier, with a higher Supernatural Strength, Reflexes, Speed, and Stamina than any of the Werewolves, much more control than them, and an army at their beck and call. A Serum and you will possess strength better than most Wizards, barring Dumbledore, you…and Grindelwald.”

Voldemort raised his chin, “Can they use magic?”

“No. Not them.”

“Then they are of no threat.”

“Probably,” Cloud shrugged, “But then again, that was nearly 60 years. After 60 years, the research has made progress, and now, there are more. Like me…a Super Solider with the ability to use Magic. Like Natasha and Yelena in the future.”

“Three of you,” Voldemort narrowed his eyes, curving his thin lips, “Wonderful. Then all I have to do is rule over those Muggles and make them make these Serums for me.”

“Probably,” Cloud shrugged, “Go attack them; what are you waiting for.”

“You,” Voldemort confidently said, “I have watched you fight, and I must say, you are better than even Dumbledore. You are also worthy to serve me.”

Cloud smiled, looking downwards, then back up, “I see. Should I kneel, My Lord?”

Voldemort’s cheeks twitched as he glared at Cloud, ordering, “Kneel.”

“You know…I wanted to buy time till Aerith’s Army arrived,” Cloud kept the Buster Sword on his back, and his clothes changed, transforming into a black suit with a turtleneck and gloves with silver studs covering his palm. The only difference was a silver beaded chain around his neck, and the Space Stone attached.

“Now, I’ll finish this before they arrive,” Cloud massaged his neck, ‘Tell me you are ready before I get killed?’

“Yeah, we are ready,” Angeal appeared over his shoulder, and so did Zack with a grin that reassured him. He didn’t have to look to know Genesis, Roche, Nero, and Weiss, but mainly, the centre of this strategy, Shelke, was here.


“Sir, I am ready.”

Voldemort was confused, seeing his confidence, but he was unyielding, “Attack!”

“Avada Kedavra!!” “Avada Kedavra!!”





“Avada Kedavra!”



Cloud closed his eyes, judging the attacks that were coming. They must have planned this, or they wouldn’t have used Killing Curse in a place where it wouldn’t hit them if he managed to dodge it. He would have liked it if all of them had used the killing curse.


The ones behind Cloud disappeared, and the Space Stone rose a little, falling back on his chest, causing it to submerge, and vines spread out in all directions, all over his hand, on the top of his fingers.

The time for him started moving again, and numerous portals appeared before him, swallowing the magic simultaneously. These portals appeared behind the Death Eaters, causing the spells to hit them. Three fell permanently, while the others only got pushed away or lost their wands. The only one that came out of it without a scratch was Voldemort.

Voldemort glared at Cloud, “Impossible!”

“You thought you were the only one with new tricks,” Portals randomly appeared around Cloud, disappearing the next instant, “I have more.”

Voldemort floated in the air, raising his voice, ordering the Giants and Dementors to attack Cloud, “You! You! Go!”

He couldn’t use magic with the portals randomly appearing, but the giants and Dementors were a different story.

Cloud looked at the giants and dementors and then to Voldemort, smiling at him, “Don’t worry. Suppose I wanted to kill you. I would have. I will save you for the last.”

“Ugh,” Genesis’s visage appeared behind Cloud for a moment, vocalising his displeasure at Zack’s comment.

“What, that was a good line!” Zack’s visage flashed past.

“No, it wasn’t,” Roche commented, yawning.

“It wasn’t,” Shelke seconded it.

“Wasn’t,” Lucrecia chuckled.

“You embarrass us.”

“If brother says that, then I agree.”

“Cloud! Shut them out! They are bullying me!”

Cloud’s visage flashed past in front of his body, shrugging, “It just wasn’t.”

“No!!! Not you too!”

[Warning! Warning! The Jenova Cells Encroachment Has Risen to 1%]

[At 3%, Damages to Cloud Strife’s Psyche will become Irrevocably Damaged.]

[Warning! Jenova Cells Encroachments have reached 1.1%]

Cloud slowly closed his eyes, and tens of voices came out of his mouth, spreading out, “Firaga Maxima.”

Tens of human head-sized fireballs appeared on Cloud’s back, “This war will be over before they even get here.”

“You are wrong about that, Cloud.”