Chapter 2: Haozaki Kagami – High School Debut
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After that stupid moment yesterday, it was finally the day where Kagami must go to school, regardless to his displeasure it was still his duty as a student to go to school.

He is currently sitting together with his father eating breakfast that was prepared by his mother. His father name is Haozaki Uzuki, he looked like a cool and dignified man with an expressionless face… no, rather than expressionless, it was more of a cold and uncaring one.

But the truth is quite funny actually, Kagami's father is just bad at expressing himself, hence he gave up and just go with a I don't care anymore face.

It was infectious too, his son Haozaki Kagami, has his bad habit too.

"It's your first day at school. Don't mess it up." Said Kagami's father with a cold expression and strict tone.

"Yeah, I got it. Even if I look like this, I'm trying you know…" Exclaimed Kagami with a tired tone. Kagami was feeling nervous much to his distress, even if he tried hard, it would be really bad for him to be too excited and then mess it up, so he was really feeling pressured.

"Well, don't pressure him too much, he just need to be more laid back and bring some anime magazine with him… and he will definitely have some comrades… Pft- Hahahaha…" Kagami's mother said as she laughed cheerfully.

"Good joke…" Kagami replied with an annoyed tone, even his father has a very unnoticeable smile on his lip. If one were not paying attention, they would miss this rare and unbelievable thing and deny that this person could smile.

"That could work too, why don't you try it?"

At this moment, Kagami's annoyed expression were filled with black lines and he could only looking down while feeling frustrated at their suggestion.

True that he liked anime and light novel, but he was by any means not an addict. It was only something that he used to run away from reality and enjoyed as a means to broaden his imagination.

'… Come to think of it, isn't that the same thing? Screw it… I don't care anymore.' Thought Kagami as he got up from his chair.

"I'm going ahead mom, dad." Said Kagami as he rushed off to go to school. He didn't even listen to his parents and just rushed out of the door and ran toward his school which is only 20 minutes of walk from where he was.

His school is called Kazamori Gakuen, although not the best school in that area, but it was a school nonetheless so why should he care about this small detail. As long as he could finish his study and have some connection for his future, then all is well and good.

As he ran toward his school, Kagami could see that there are a lot of people… or rather, students wearing the same kind of uniform like him.

The male were wearing a black blazer with a purple accents over white, long-sleeved button-down shirt with vertical linings, and there is a school crest on the right side of the chest, matching black pants, and a black dress shoes.

While the girl uniforms consist of a white long-sleeved and a black blazer like the male one with the school crest on the right side of the chest, button-down shirt with a vertical linings, a blue ribbon on the collar, and a red skirt with a white accents.

'As much as I want to keep ogling the girls, it would be quite bad if a gloomy looking dude like me to do that in the open.' Thought Kagami as he stealthy staring at the girls tight as he ran pass them.

Feeling that he was near the school, he slowed down and began to walk with a normal pace.

Although he was given a few glance by other, probably being question as to why he was running even though it was still early, he was resuming his poker face of a cold and uninterested face like his father.

After a good 5 minutes of walk, he finally arrived at his school gate, he could see that there are a crowd of student looking at the notice board near a Sakura tree not too far away from the gate.

When he saw the crowd of peoples in front of the notice board is as wide as the blue sea, he was by no means willing to squeeze himself into that annoying situation.

With a frown on his face, he watched the sea of people in front of him without moving his body. He know that there are another notice board inside the school building, but it would be the same like this one without doubt.

So he just walked to the side of the gate and then watched the crowd of people to die down and waited until it was empty.

'…. I regret going this early in the morning… Why the hell did I run from home and just ended up standing on the side while watching people…' Thought Kagami as he let his mind wander around with a scowl.

If not for his long bangs and glasses, his current expression could be mistaken as a glare. It looked cold and there is no light on his onyx black eyes, it was like his soul has leave his body.

Unknown to Kagami, not too far away from where he was standing, there is a pair of light brown eyes that is staring at him with a strong and unrestrained manner.

It was like she was about to pierce a hole through his body and kill him right there and now!

The owner of that gaze is none other than Yamabuki Rika, a second year of Kazamory Gakuen and the number one beauty in the second year division. She is currently walking together with her friends as they joked and laughing on some funny topics.

But noticing that one of their friend stopped walking, and is staring at a gloomy and dark looking guy made them stopped on their track and looked at Rika with a bewildered expression.

One of the four girls were showing a rather interesting expression as she smirked while watching Rika with a hint of mischief on her eyes.

"What's wrong Rika?" Asked one of the girls from Rika's group. She is wearing a red ribbon on her blonde hair.

"…. Can one of you go and search what class is Haozaki Kagami in that notice board?" Said Rika without looking at her friend.

"Do you know him Rika-chan?" The one with a curly black hair and big boobed girl asked Rika while tilting her head in a cute manner.

"Something like that… If you found it, please tell it to him, and don't tell him that I asked you to do this…"

"Hmm~~ Then I will go~ but you have to buy some ice cream after school today!"

"I owe you one, Yuna-chan…" Rika said as she turned her body and continued her walk with a slow and gloomy step. She seemed to be in a daze as she walked while keeping her head low, if not for the three girls that was by her side, she would without a doubt bumped into the students that was crowding in the area.

As for the one who is called Yuna, she is looking at Rika with an excited expression as she smirked playfully.

She has a short black hair styled into a bob cut with a long bangs on both side of her face, her bright blue eyes were filled with playfulness and mischief, paired with her small and thin lips that was raised into a never ending grin, it made her looked like a very troublesome girl that will prank you at any moment.

Yuna then glanced toward Kagami's direction before she ran into the sea of people while shoving everyone to get out of her way.

"Move it, damn it! Get out of the way!" She screamed as she pushed her way in.

Back to Kagami, he was waiting patiently with a dark aura emitted from his body. It was like a personal barrier that keeping him away from people, it could be seen that no one walked near him as he stood beside the school gate.

He was clearly being avoided by the other student.

It was nothing strange actually, for someone to stand beside the school gate and just stood there as he watched the crowd of student trying to find their class is nothing but an antisocial, hard to deal with, and gloomy looking loner would do something like that.

And what a coincident, he looked just like this so called gloomy loner with a dark future ahead of him…

Not long after Yuna was swallowed by the endless students, she finally squeezed her way out and ran toward Kagami with a cheeky grin on her beautiful face.

"Hey~~ You damned loner are so annoying you know that! … Anyway, what's your name? I might have seen your name when I searched for my little sister name in there."

"… Haozaki Kagami. And you don't have to talk to me if it's troublesome." Answered Kagami with a cold tone. He was actually still in a daze and just answered that without thinking first, as such he forgot that his father told him about first impression.

'…. I destroyed my image by standing alone in here… First impression? I don't know what that is…' Thought Kagami as he snapped out of his reverie.

Kagami could see that the girl in front of him give him a very cute pout and punched him on his shoulder.

Although it was not hurt in the slightest, but seeing a cute girl smacked her fist to his shoulder is a first experience to Kagami.

"Lucky for you~ Haozaki Kagami, you are in the same class with my little sister, your class is 1-B, just go left after you wear your indoor shoes. Ah… your locker number is 45 by the way."

"Thank you very much, I owe you one…" Kagami bowed his head as he said his gratitude toward the unknown girl in front of him.

"It's all right, just don't be late to go to your class okay~~ my name is Yuna, call me Yuna-senpai got it?" Said Yuna with a cheerful tone while giving Kagami a wink.

Feeling overwhelmed by the cheerful and beautiful upper classman in front of him, Kagami could only nod his head.

Not wanting to stay longer with the loner, Yuna then turned around and ran toward the school building as fast as she could. Of course, she make sure that her back skirt is not flying too high.

He could feel that there is a cold sweat dripped from his forehead to his cheek. So without thinking anything else, he resolved himself to avoid as many student as he could and get away from this hell hole.